Nestle Milky Bar Moosha Chocolates Review - Mishry
nestle milky bar moosha chocolates review

Nestle Milky Bar Moosha Chocolates Review – Mishry

We tried two variants of Milky Bar Moosha chocolates. One is chewy and the other has a crunchy element. Which one will you pick?

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A favorite amongst kids, Milky Bar Moosha has two variants. One is fudgy and chewy with caramel and nougat. The other has crunchy bites of cocoa crispies

Ask any child from the 90’s and they will tell you all the fond memories attached to the Milky Bar. Wolfed down within seconds, Milky Bar has always been the go-to ‘white chocolate’ in India.

While the classic remains a favorite, we picked up two new Milky Bar variants under the name of Moosha. We tried the Milky Bar Moosha with wheat cocoa crispies and one with caramel and nougat.

In our Nestle Milky Bar Moosha Chocolates review, the taste, texture, price and ingredients used are discussed. Do we have a new favorite or will the classic remain at the top?

Milky Bar Moosha Chocolates – Everything You Need To Know

Creamy and milky white, we tried two variants of the Milky Bar Moosha Chocolate – Caramel+Nougat and Wheat Crispy Cocoa. Let’s discuss the price, packaging, availability and more. 

1. Available Variants

Two types of Milky Bar Moosha are available in the market – 

  • Milky Bar Moosha Caramel+Nougat 
  • Milky Bar Moosha Wheat Crispy Cocoa

2. Available Sizes

The Wheat Crispy Cocoa variant is available in a 45 gm pack. The Caramel and Nougat variant is available in a 40 gm pack.

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3. Packaging

Both the bars come in the standard light yellow, blue and white packs. While the caramel and nougat moosha comes packed straight in a wrapper, the cocoa crispies variant is packed inside a carton.

4. Price Range

The price is as follows –

  • Milky Bar Moosha Caramel+Nougat Chocolate (40 gm) – Rs 20/-
  • Milky Bar Moosha Wheat Crispy Cocoa Chocolate (45 gm) – Rs 45/-

5. Availability

The Milky Bar Moosha is available online and offline. You can pick them up from local grocery stores as well as order them online on grocery shopping portals.

Milky Bar Moosha Chocolates – Our Review Factors

To review the Milky bar Moosha Chocolates, we considered three broad parameters –

1. Taste

Rightly named as ‘milky bar’, these are primarily made using milk solids. Through our review we wanted to see if the signature taste of Milky Bar remained intact or did the essence of a ‘milky bar’ fizzled out with the flavor experiment. How tasty is the chocolate bar? Is it oversweet or balanced? 

2. Texture

Both the variants have vastly different textures. For the caramel and nougat version, we wanted to check for the fudginess and how well the textures seem in a layered form. 

For the cocoa crispies variant, we wanted to see how crispy the cocoa balls are and if this layer of texture is desirable or not.

3. Price

Is the bar of chocolate value for money? Is it competitively priced?

Milky Bar Moosha Chocolates – Detailed Review

Milky Bar Moosha Caramel + Nougat Wheat Cocoa Crispies
Price (MRP) Rs 20/- Rs 45/-
Net weight 40 gm 45 gm
Main Ingredients Nougat + Caramel (70%), Milkybar coating (30%) Milk solids (32.6%), Sugar, Hydrogenated fats, Wheat Cocoa Crispy Balls (8%)
Shelf life 8 months 9 months

1. Nestle Milkybar Moosha Caramel + Nougat Bar

The 40 gm Nestle Milkybar Moosha Caramel+Nougat is priced at Rs 20/-. Inside the pack are two 20 gm bars. This is a white colored bar with a plain top and netted design on the bottom. 

Beneath the milky bar coating is the caramel layer which is fudgy, chewy and delicious. The sweetness is on a medium level and isn’t overbearing. This bar has a mild vanilla aroma. These are not crunchy bars.

nestle milky bar moosha caramel nougat bar packaging
Nestle Milky Bar Moosha Caramel+Nougat comes in a yellow colored pack.
nestle milky bar moosha caramel nougat bar contents
The Nestle Milky Bar Moosha contains two smaller bars.
inner look at nestle milky bar moosha caramel nougat bar
Cross sectional view of the Milky Bar Moosha Caramel+Nougat


  • The shelf life is 8 months.
  • Ingredients – Nougat plus caramel [70% (Sugar, Liquid glucose, Hydrogenated vegetable fats (contain sesame oil), Malt extract, contain (gluten), Milk solids (3.7%), Emulsifier, Stabilizer, Acidity regulator, Iodized salt] Milky bar coating [30% (Milk solids 10.6%, Sugar, Hydrogenated vegetable fats – contain sesame oil, Edible vegetable fats and Emulsifier.]
  • Contains added flavour – Nature identical and artificial vanilla
  • If a serve is 1 bar (20 gm), then it contains 77 Kcal of energy per serving.


  • The bar is chewy and delicious.
  • The sweetness is not too overpowering.
  • We liked the mild vanilla aroma.

Best Suited For

For people who like chewy, caramel based bars, this variant of the Milky bar Moosha is for them.

2. Nestle Milkybar Moosha Wheat Cocoa Crispies 

The Nestle Milkybar Moosha with Wheat Cocoa Crispies is similar to the plain classic variant apart from the addition of wheat cocoa crispies. The cocoa balls are settled at the bottom mostly and are not visible on the top.

Taste wise, the cocoa balls do not add any character of their own and this seems like the usual Milky Bar. Though these balls add a whole lot of texture.

This Milky Bar has a rich, creamy taste and a mild vanilla aroma. This is definitely creamier than the original Milky Bar. The combination of rich white soft creamy and milky chocolate and the slight crunch of the cocoa is lovely.

nestle milky bar moosha cocoa crispies packaging
Nestle Milky Bar Moosha comes in a blue and yellow carton. It is then wrapped in a foil.
nestle milky bar moosha cocoa crispies content
The Milky Bar Moosha (Cocoa Crispies) is a white in color and has distinct shapes made on top of the bar.
closer look at nestle milky bar moosha cocoa crispies bar
A closer look at the Milky Bar Moosha Cocoa Crispies Bar.


  • The shelf life is 9 months.
  • Ingredients – Milk solids (32.6%), Sugar, Hydrogenated vegetable fats, Wheat cocoa crispy balls (8%), Refined wheat flour, Cocoa solids (0.2%), Stabilizer, Edible vegetable fats, and Emulsifier.
  • Calories per serve is 35 gm. 


  • The cocoa balls add a lovely texture to the bar.
  • The bar is very creamy and milky.


  • The cocoa balls do not have any flavor of their own.

Best Suited For

For people who like a mild crunch in their confectionery bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Nestle Milky Bar Moosha Chocolates.

1. What is the price of Milky Bar Moosha?

Milky Bar Moosha Caramel+Nougat is priced at Rs 20/- for a 40 gm bar. The Milky Bar Moosha Wheat Cocoa Crispies is priced at Rs 45/- for a 45 gm bar. 

2. How many calories is in a Milky Bar Moosha ?

The calories differ in both the variants. A single Caramel+Nougat bar (20 gm) provides 77 Kcal of energy. The Cocoa Crispies Bar provides 35 Kcal of energy per serve.

3. Does Milky Bar Moosha contain salt?

The ingredient list of the  Milky Bar Moosha Caramel+Nougat contains iodised salt.

4. Is there caffeine in Milky Bar?

No. Milky Bar does not contain caffeine.

5. How much milk is in a Milky Bar Moosha ?

The milk solids content in Milky Bar Moosha (Caramel) is 10.6% in the milky bar layer. The content of milk solids in Milky Bar Moosha (Cocoa Crispies) is 32.6%.

Final Verdict – Milky Bar Moosha

We liked both the variants of the Milky Bar Moosha. Both of them have a characteristic vanilla aroma. The chewiness of the caramel variant and the crunchy cocoa balls in the Moosha Milky Bar were both wonderful.

Have you tried the new variants of the Milky Bar Moosha yet? If not, which one will you try?

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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