Nestle Bar One Chocolate Review - Mishry
nestle bar one chocolate review

Nestle Bar One Chocolate Review – Mishry

Smooth caramel and malt-infused nougat covered in a thick layer of chocolate- is the Bar One chocolate overly sweet?

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Nestle Bar One consists of a layer of malt-infused nougat topped with caramel. It is further covered with a layer of chocolate that makes a well-sweetened treat!

Invented and manufactured in South Africa by Nestle, Bar One is a layered chocolate bar. There is a layer of malted nougat and caramel which is further covered with milk chocolate.

Nestle Bar One ranks among the top five best-selling chocolate bars in India. In South Africa, there are coffee and peanut-flavored variants of the same available. 

For our Nestle Bar One chocolate review, we picked up the same from a few local grocery stores. The taste, texture, chewiness, levels of sweetness, and other parameters have been discussed in Team Mishry’s Nestle Bar One Chocolate review. 

nestle bar one packaging
Nestle Bar One Chocolate has a vibrant golden packaging.

‘Double the Masti, Double the Dhamaka’- this is the tagline of the Nestle Bar One Chocolate. 

This chocolate bar is made by adding a layer of smooth caramel over malt-infused nougat. These layers are then covered with milk chocolate. 

The Nestle Bar One chocolate contains 70% of nougat and caramel. 

Read Team Mishry’s Nestle Bar One chocolate review to determine if this layered chocolate bar can beat your dessert cravings!

1. Ingredients

Nestle Bar One Chocolate ingredients are- nougat + caramel, hydrogenated vegetable fats, malt extract, milk solids, cocoa solids. 

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2. Taste

Bar One chocolate has well-balanced levels of sweetness. The outer layer has a chocolatey taste to it. 

The center filling that is made of nougat and caramel resembles a fudge, taste-wise. 

3. Flavour

Nougat is a sweet, creamy candy ingredient that is characterized by its chewy texture. 

Caramel is prepared by mixing sugar and butter at high temperatures. Typically, caramel has nutty and buttery flavors that are sweet. 

In our Nestle Bar One Chocolate review, we discuss whether or not we could taste these flavors in this chocolate bar. 

4. Price

There are three flavor variants of the Nestle Bar One available. These are regular, peanut, and coffee. 

In India, however, there are a few size variants of the regular Bar One chocolate available. These are- 10 gm, 12 gm, 22 gm, and 44 gm.

The prices are Rs 5, Rs 10, and Rs 25. 

Other chocolate bars from Nestle fall in the same price range. 

5. Nutritional Information

Following are Bar One chocolate calories for the 22 gm bar-

98 kcal, 1.1 gm of protein, 15.6 gm of carbohydrates (out of which 11.6 gm is sugar), 3.4 gm of fat. 

Nestle Bar One Chocolate – Detailed Review

Parameters Nestle Bar One Chocolate
Price INR 10
Ingredients Nougat + Caramel (70%-sugar, liquid glucose, invert syrup, hydrogenated vegetable fat, malt extract, milk solids, cocoa solids, hydrolysed milk  protein), sugar, vegetable fats, milk solids, cocoa solids (1.6%).
Quantity 22 gm
Shelf Life Nine months
Calories 98 kcal
Available Sizes 10 gm, 12 gm, 22 gm, 44 gm

Nestle Bar One chocolate is one of the oldest confectionery brands from the brand. Layers of chewy caramel and malt-infused nougat are covered with a thick layer of chocolate. 

This chocolate bar is available as single servings and a new Nestle Bar One Double variant. The double variant of this chocolate bar has two bars in a pack. 

Natural and artificial vanilla flavors have been added to the Nestle Bar One chocolates.

nestle bar one contents
Overview of Nestle Bar One Chocolate.
inner layers of nestle bar one
Cross sectional view of Nestle Bar One Chocolate


  • Nestle Bar One chocolate has a net-like pattern at the base.
  • The top of this bar has a smooth chocolate coating.
  • Nestle Bar One Chocolate has a shelf life of nine months.
  • You are recommended to store this product in a cool and dry place.
  • The packaging has an eye-catching gold color.
  • This is a vegetarian product.


  • The center has a gooey filling which brings a different texture.
  • The sweetness is well-balanced. 
  • The outer chocolate layer has a sturdy bite to it.
  • The caloric values are pretty decent.

Best Suited For

Since the Nestle Bar One is rich in carbohydrates, this acts as a quick energy booster. 

So, whether it’s a pre-workout snack or something chocolatey to recharge you in the middle of the day, this chocolate-coated caramel bar can be a good option.

Nestle Bar One Double – Double the Masti & Double the Dhamaka

Nestle Bar One Double is a sharable pack that comes with two chocolate bars in one pack. 

One for you, one to share- the Nestle Bar One Double is a caramel and nougat-filled bar of chocolate that is appropriately sweet.

Although the ingredient list mentions the use of three sweet ingredients, to our surprise, the sweetness was not too much. 

nestle bar one double packaging
Nestle Bar One Double packaging.
inner layers of nestle bar one double
Cross sectional view of Nestle Bar One Double.
nestle bar one double contents
Overview of Nestle Bar One Chocolate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Nestle Bar One Chocolate.

1. Is Nestle Bar One Chocolate healthy?

Answer: Like we always say, everything in moderation works well.

2. Does Nestle Bar One Chocolate contain nuts?

Answer: It may contain traces of nuts.

3. How many calories are in Nestle Bar One Chocolate?

Answer: Per serving, Nestle Bar One has 98 kcal.

4. What are the ingredients in Nestle Bar One Chocolate?

Answer: Caramel and nougat are the primary ingredients, along with hydrogenated vegetable fats, sugar, cocoa solids, milk solids. 

5. What is the price of Nestle Bar One Chocolate?

Answer: The 40 gm pack is priced at Rs 20.

Final Verdict – Bar One Chocolate

The Nestle Bar One chocolate is a chewy chocolate bar. The filling has a gooey texture, thanks to the caramel and malt-infused nougat filling. 

Would you try the Nestle Bar One Double or stick to a regular bar of milk chocolate? 

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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