Gulabs Ajwain Khakhra Review - Whole Wheat Snacking
gulabs ajwain khakhra review

Gulabs Ajwain Khakhra Review – Whole Wheat Snacking

Gulabs ajwain khakras are tiny, delicious and crisp. Have you tried these before?

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Gulabs Ajwain Khakhra is seasoned appropriately. The dominant flavor is of whole wheat and carom seeds. These are bite sized khakhras which are very crispy.

Khakras are thin, cracker-like snacks that are extremely popular in India. Usually made using besan and whole wheat flour and a handful of spices, khakras are available in multiple flavors. Some common ones are methi, ajwain, and black pepper. Some brands also offer experimental flavors like pizza seasoning and peri-peri. 

We picked up a pack of Gulabs Tiny Khakhra in ajwain flavor. Gulabs is a brand that offers a wide range of sharbats, masalas, khakras and instant drinks. In our Gulabs ajwain khakhra review we discuss the price, taste, texture and the ingredients used. We tried the tiny ajwain khakhra and here is what you should know before buying it!

Gulabs ajwain khakhra is available in full size and tiny size. These tiny khakras can be turned into small canopy snacks. 

We tried the khakras as it is and with some chilli pickle. Here’s our review –

1. Ingredients 

The ingredients used to make Gulabs Ajwain Khakhra include – Whole wheat flour, Water, Edible vegetable oil (Refined groundnut oil), Ghee, Edible common salt, Carom seeds.

Allergens – Made in a facility that also handles milk and milk products, nuts, wheat flour, tree nuts, black gram, soyabean, mustard seeds, sesame seeds and its products.

This has no preservatives, no artificial flavor and no artificial color.

2. Flavor

These khakras are very light and the dominant flavor is of wheat flour and ajwain. We liked that the carom seed flavor is not overpowering and is very balanced. 

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The salt levels are just perfect and when had with a pickle or any other condiment of your choice, it doesn’t become overbearing.

3. Shape and size

These are small khakhras and come close to our regular marie biscuits, size-wise. None of the pieces were broken.

contents of gulabs ajwain khakhra
One pack of Gulabs Ajwain Khakhra contains 10 tiny pieces. These are small, even shaped khakhras.

4. Texture

Some khakras can end up being too dry and brittle. Gulabs ajwain khakras were neither. While these khakhras are fragile, they are neither too thick, nor too thin.

5. Crispiness

Khakaras are supposed to have papad-like crispiness but are a tad bit thinner than regular dal-based poppadoms.

Gulabs Ajwain Khakhras have a lovely crispiness but are not brittle.

6. Best Enjoyed With

Khakhras are best enjoyed with a zesty pickle or a spicy chutney. Depending on your taste, you can serve khakras with the following – 

  • Nimbu ka achaar
  • Mirchi ka achaar
  • Aam ka achaar
  • Aam ki meethi chutney
  • Lehsun chutney
  • Green coriander chutney
  • Mint chutney
  • Jam
  • Butter
  • Chaat masala

7. Price and packaging

A box of Gulabs Ajwain Khakhra is priced at Rs 135/-. Each pack contains 12 individual pieces. The tiny sized khakras are available at Rs 30/- for a pack of 10. The khakhra is vacuum packed.

gulabs ajwain khakhra packaging
Gulabs Ajwain Khakhra is vacuum packed.

8. Nutritional Information

Nutritional information on the pack is per serving size. The serving size is 25 gms.

25 gms of Gulabs Ajwain Khakhra provides 115 Kcal of energy, 16.1 grams carbohydrates, 2.4 gm protein and 4.5 gm fat. It contains 0 gm sugar.

9. Availability

Gulabs range of khakhra is easily available online on multiple grocery shopping platforms including Amazon and Big Basket. Their products can also be bought directly from their website.

10. Shelf Life

The shelf life of Gulabs Ajwain Khakhra is 6 months from date of manufacturing.

Gulabs Ajwain Khakhra – Detailed Review

Product Information Gulabs Ajwain Khakhra
Gulabs ajwain khakhra price (tiny) Rs 30/-
Number of khakhras 10
Ingredients Whole wheat flour, Water, Refined groundnut oil, Ghee, Salt, Carom seeds
Shelf life 6 months
Calories 115 Kcal (per 25 gms)

Here is a detailed review of Gulabs Ajwain Khakhra. We liked the crunchy bite sized khakhras.

The flavor of whole wheat and carom seeds is very delicious. These aren’t too heavy on the palette and are not oily. You can pair it up with a zingy chutney or an achaar of your choice during tea-time.

gulabs ajwain khakhra with tea
We tried Gulabs Ajwain Khakhra with a cup of masala chai.
gulabs ajwain khakhra crispiness
Gulabs Ajwain Khakhra is well-roasted and crisp.
closer look at gulabs ajwain khakhra
A closer look at Gulabs Ajwain Khakhra.


  • A pack of 10 small khakhras is priced at Rs 30/-.
  • Gulabs khakhra do not contain preservatives or artificial colors. 
  • Fit for consumption by the Jain community. 
  • They are made using whole wheat.
  • Shelf life is 6 months from the date of manufacturing. 


  • These are roasted.
  • They are made using whole wheat. This does not contain any refined flour.
  • The salt level and ajwain flavor is balanced.

Best Suited For

These tiny khakhras can prove to be excellent bases to build snacks on like masala-khakhra. You can add some peanuts, chopped onions and tomatoes. Finish them off with some lemon and chaat masala. They are not deep fried and are made using whole wheat, so definitely a healthier alternative to those deep-fried papdis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Gulabs ajwain khakhra.

1. How many pieces are there in 1 pack of Gulabs Ajwain Khakhra?

The bigger pack (Rs 135/-) holds 12 normal-sized khakhras while the tiny pack contains 10 small khakhras (Rs 30/-).

2. Where can I purchase Gulabs Khakhras from?

Products from Gulabs are available on Amazon, Flipkart and Big basket. You can also buy them directly from their website.

3. Is the Gulabs khakhra fried or roasted?

The Khakhras by Gulabs are roasted.

4. Is khakhra made of maida?

Usually no. Typically, a khakhra is made using besan and whole wheat flour along with other spices like ajwain, jeera, salt, chilli and methi.

Final Verdict – Gulabs Ajwain Khakhra

Gulabs Ajwain Khakhras are available in tiny and regular sizes. These are travel friendly and can be enjoyed with a variety of condiments. These crisp bite-sized khakhras are appetising and Team Mishry gives it a thumbs up.

Which is the most bizarre khakhra flavor you have tried before? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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