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Multipurpose Electronic Cleaning brush

The 7-in-1 Multipurpose Electronic Cleaning Tool Is A Must-Have!

This cleaning tool from Amazon is a one-stop solution to keep your electronic devices dust-free. All details on the product discussed below:

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Mishry Rating

Overall Experience
4.5 / 5


This multipurpose cleaning tool is compact and extremely user-friendly. We give this a green flag for the ability to effortlessly eliminate dust from your electronic gadgets.

The dirtiest thing in your room is probably your laptop keyboard. Don’t believe us? Take a peak! Greasy keys, multiple crumbs hidden away behind the keys and so much dirt!

What’s the best solution here? Enter: Multipurpose Cleaning Brush. This tool provides a thorough and effective way to keep your electronic devices clean and functioning at their best. It can effectively remove tough smudges, dust, and fingerprints from your screens while also being gentle and precise.

We found a multifunctional cleaning tool on Amazon that comes with 7 different components. More details are covered below.

Quick product details outlined in the table below: 

Electronic Cleaning Tool  Product Details 
Price  Rs. 295 (at the time of review)
Special Feature  User-friendly
Buy Now  On Amazon
Mishry Rating 4.5

Mishry’s Experience

We are impressed with the design of the product. It is compact, easy to carry and fits in perfectly well anywhere. The 7 different elements in this cleaning tool makes cleaning electronic devices a breeze and effortless. Whether it’s keyboards or phone screens, this cleaning tool is versatile and suitable for a variety of devices.

cleaning tool inline 1
cleaning tool inline 3
cleaning tool inline 2


This cleaning tool includes the following 7 items: 

  • A cleaning cloth – To wipe off the moisture
  • Cleaning pen – Double-sided for keyboard crevices and earphones
  • Brush – For removing any extra dirt
  • Spray bottle – To store the water to clean screens
  • Keycap – To remove keys from the laptop/keyboard
  • The holder – To place all of these in a compact setup

Using the cleaning brush is a great technique to remove any dust buildup between the keyboard’s keys. Furthermore, the cleaning pen is intended for use in difficult-to-reach areas where eliminating dust might be a challenging task.

Contents - 4.5/5


Impressive! The product does the job well and gets a huge thumbs up for its usability and functionality. It provides a quick and effective way to protect your electronic gadgets from tiny dust particles to maintain hygiene. 

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Performance - 4.5/5

Features of the Multipurpose Electronic Cleaning Tool  

What’s Included?

Cleaning cloth, cleaning pen, brush, spray bottle, keycap, and the holder



Serves multiple functions



 Ideal for cleaning multiple electronic devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on the multipurpose electronic cleaning tool:

Ideally the primary purpose of this electronic cleaning tool is for cleaning electronic devices including – phone screens, keyboards, earbuds, headphones, among others.

The majority of multifunctional electronic cleaning equipment is designed to be safely used with different types of devices. It is necessary to check specifications to ensure compatibility with a specific device.

A tool designed to keep your laptops, smartphones, keyboards, and other electronic devices dust-free and clean is called a multipurpose electronic cleaning tool. Cleaning supplies including rushes, cloths, spray bottles, and other necessities are usually included.

This is easily available on most e-commerce websites. You can purchase it from the link provided above.

Final Words

We liked this multipurpose electronic cleaning tool. It serves the purpose well and is quite easy to carry too. If you find it challenging to keep your keyboard keys free from dust, consider buying this product.

Get set, clean!

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