Mini Travel Sewing Kit Review - Mishry Finds
Mini travel sewing kit

This Mini Sewing Kit Is Just For 200 Bucks And…

This sewing kit packs all the necessary sewing essentials in one place. Team Mishry recommends!

Mishry Rating

Overall Experience
4.5 / 5


A perfect sewing kit to carry while traveling. It's so handy and will conveniently fit in anywhere.

Traveling often? Need a handy sewing kit that doesn’t take up too much space in the bag? We’ve got you!

A compact sewing kit with all of the sewing essentials will come in handy when you need to a quick button, tighten a thread, or do any other minor repair. We found this tiny, little sewing kit from Amazon that is your perfect travel companion.

Below is a quick summary of the product, including information about its pricing, packaging, and other aspects.


Perfect to carry while traveling



Complete sewing set

What’s Unique? 

It will easily fit in any handbag without occupying much space

Mini Sewing Kit – Quick Glance

A quick view at the product details of the mini sewing kit : 

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Mini Traveling Sewing Kit  Product Details 
Price  Rs. 200 ( at the time of review)
Special Feature Super Compact 
Buy Now  On Amazon 
Mishry Rating  4.5

Mishry’s Experience

It’s a charming little sewing kit with the necessary sewing tools. The kit includes: scissors, needles, a strip of buttons, and thread. All of the elements located within are conveniently accessible.

A small scissor, a sturdy tweezer, a set of buttons, a few colorful threads, and other objects are included. Because of its small size, this will easily fit in your carry bag. If you are on a long trip, going on a hike, or camping at night, this could be a must-have item.

the outer look of the sewing kit
Macro shot of the sewing kit from outside.
the contents of the mini sewing kit
A quick look at all the elements of the sewing kit.


On first looks, the sewing kit has a cute pink color and is extremely handy. All elements are well placed in the kit and easy to access.

Appearance - 4/5


All the elements included in this sewing kit are of good quality. The tweezer showcases excellent durability, thanks to its sturdy design.

Quality - 4/5


In terms of the convenience, it is a mini-sized sewing kit holding all the essentials comfortably. Carrying this kit with you is the perfect choice if you need a quick fix for your clothing and other accessories while traveling.

Convenience - 4/5

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on mini travel sewing kit

This mini sewing kit has the following items – one positioning needle, a scissor, a threader, a pin, tweezers, a snap button, one button, a hand sewing needle, and lastly a six color thread board.

Yes. This mini sewing kit is available in two different colors – pink and white. However, pls note that depending upon the location the availability of colors will vary.

The primary purpose of a sewing kit is to quickly repair clothing and other accessories. It is required to conduct simple sewing tasks especially in an emergency while traveling as these are extremely portable and easy to carry.

Summing Up

This was a quick overview of this travel-friendly sewing kit. We loved this mini-sized sewing kit that conveniently holds all the sewing tools. It is inexpensive, simple to use, and adaptable to any size bag.

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