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Your Quest For The Best Hand Cream Brands in India Ends Here!

Moisturize and nourish your hands with the best hand creams available online. Let’s explore the list in our article.

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We often fail to provide adequate care for our hands. But just like other parts of the body, keeping your hands moisturized and nourished is crucial to ensure overall grooming.

Regular application of hand creams plays a crucial role in preventing dryness and preserving the softness of your hands. This is particularly essential for individuals residing in colder, drier climates and those who frequently wash their hands.

With numerous hand creams available online, finding the best one can be a bit challenging. However, fret not! We are here to assist you in finding the best option. Let us explore the different hand creams category-wise:

Top Hand Creams to Pick From

These are the top brands of hand creams that Team Mishry loves:

Premium Category

To help you in making an informed purchase decision, we have categorized hand creams into different categories. Let’s begin by exploring the premium category.

1. Bath And Body Works: Gingham Hand Cream

bath and body works

The Bath and Body Works hand creams are popular across the globe for a reason! We love this classic moisturizing hand cream that not only smells great but is also travel-friendly.

2. Kama Ayurveda: Tuberose and Vetivier Hand Cream

kama ayurveda

The thick hand cream spreads like butter and is a must-have for dry hands. We love the luxurious fragrance of tuberose, vetiver, and cardamom.

3. L’Occitane: Shea Butter Hand Cream


Just what your hands need this winter! This shea butter hand cream by L’Occitane helps nourish and protect your hands. We appreciate the non-greasy texture.

Everyday Essentials

The second sub-category is Everyday Essentials. These are hand creams that will work well for daily requirements and are pocket-friendly in comparison:

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4. Kimirica Love Story Gardenia & Night Blooming Jasmine Hand Cream


If you love the fragrance of jasmine, you’ll love this hand cream by Kimirica. It spreads over your skin stunningly and the texture is non-greasy!

5. Palmer’s Coconut Oil Hand Cream


Replenish and nourish your hands with the goodness of coconut oil, thanks to Palmer’s hand cream! This cream is deeply hydrating and moisturizes your hands. 

6. Vaseline Intensive Care Hand Cream


Not just hands, but also hydrates and makes your nails stronger! Vaseline’s Hand Cream has a gentle aroma and is meant for those who are also looking for strong nails. 

7. Plum BodyLovin’ Hand Cream: Hawaiian Rumba


Indulge in our ultra-moisturizing hand cream by Plum for silky-soft skin. This is lightweight, non-greasy and contains shea butter, Brazil nut oil, and coconut extract. What’s more? It’s the perfect size for your bag. Beachy fragrance included!

8. mCaffeine Coffee Hand Cream


Coffee lovers, ahoy! If the aroma of coffee haunts your dreams, you will love the hand cream by mCaffeine. Sweet Almond Oil enhances skin suppleness, while Shea Butter relieves and moisturizes dry skin.

9. Khadi Naturals: Milk And Saffron


Khadi’s hand cream is infused with the goodness of milk, saffron and shea butter. It serves as an outstanding choice to prevent chipping, splitting, and dry, rough nails. Moreover, the combination of milk and saffron proves highly effective in getting rid of tan from your hands.

10. The Moms Co. Natural Cocoa Hand Cream

the moms co

This hand cream is a good option to nourish your hands if you have dry rough hands or if you frequently sanitize your hands. The presence of aloe vera helps soothe dry hands whereas cocoa and shea butter provide long-lasting moisturization. 

11. Nat Habit Fresh Whipped Hand Malai: Berry Vanilla Hand Cream

nat habit

Pamper your hands with this creamy and hand cream filled with the goodness of natural berry & vanilla extracts. This hand cream protects everything from your palms, and fingers to your nails. In addition to hydration, it also works towards softening and repairing the skin. 

12. Boroline


How can we ever forget the OG? Boroline will take you back in time, that’s for sure. This is greasier than your new-age hand creams, but we promise that there will be no sign of any dryness.

13. Charmis Hand Cream


This non-sticky and quick-absorbing hand cream by Charmis is for you if you need a pocket-friendly option.


Here we have listed for you the best hand creams available online. Explore the different categories and pick whichever works best for you depending on fragrance, texture, and budget.

Which hand cream are you using currently? How is your experience? Comment below and tell us.

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