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makeuo brushes set review

These Cute Glitter Makeup Brushes Are Just Under 300 Bucks!

Find all the details on this stunning and glittery makeup brushes below:

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Mishry Rating

Overall Experience
4.5 / 5


This set of makeup brushes has 12 diverse makeup brushes and is super affordable.

Makeup brushes are a necessity. Each step in your makeup routine needs a separate brush. With various shapes and bristles, they make applying makeup easy, giving you a flawless look.

If you are looking for a makeup brush set that is also pocket-friendly, we found one on Nykaa for you.

In our review, we spill all the deets about the look, feel, and more of these brushes. Check out the article below to see if this SUPER budget-friendly cute set is worth trying for your everyday routine.

The table holds key information on this makeup brushes set:

Makeup Brushes Set  Product Details 
Price Rs 300
Special Feature  Complete set 
Mishry Rating  4.5
Buy Now  On Nykaa

Highlights of Makeup Brushes Set


Beautiful color and glitter finish

What’s Included?

12 makeup brushes and 1 glitter container 

Special Feature

Extremely soft bristles

Mishry’s Experience

We appreciate this makeup brush set’s sturdy design and attractive, sparkly appearance. It has outstanding utility and comes with 12 different makeup brushes.

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makeup brushes outer pack
The outer pack of the makeup brushes set.
makeup brushes set contents
This set includes 12 makeup brushes.

Design & Appearance 

This makeup brush kit has around 12 makeup brushes placed in a glitter container. The look and feel is very beautiful and modern. It includes brushes meant for applying highlighter, eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, mascara, foundation and grooming eyebrows. 

Design & Appearance - 4.5/5


In terms of the quality, this makeup brush set is pretty decent. Both the makeup brushes and the container showcase excellent quality. The bristles are soft and apply the makeup smoothly. 

Design & Appearance - 4.5/5

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on makeup brushes set:

A typical makeup brush set comprises essential brushes such as the foundation brush, powder brush, blush brush, eyeshadow brush, eyeliner brush, lip brush, fan brush, and more.

Cleaning your makeup brushes on a regular basis is advised, ideally once a week. Frequent cleaning ensures a better application and longer brush life by preventing the accumulation of bacteria, oil, and makeup residue.

A makeup brush set’s fan brush is intended to apply items gently and diffusely. It is usually used for things like sweeping away extra powder for a smoother finish or applying highlighter to create a gentle, soft glow.

Team Mishry’s Verdict

Thumbs up! We recommend buying this makeup brush set for its reasonable pricing, attractive design, sturdy build and multifunctionality. It comes in a compact container which makes it easy to carry while traveling.

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