Mishry Mums Review: Wai Wai Hakka Egg Noodles

Mishry Mums Review: Wai Wai Hakka Egg Noodles

Wai Wai Hakka Egg Noodles pack has a tasty seasoning pack inside. Our Mishry Mum Saugat Singh tried a pack and this is what she had to say

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Mishry Mum Saugat Singh tried Wai Wai Hakka Egg Noodles and here’s what she said about it.



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First Impressions:

If I talk about the packaging, it’s an average one. The content inside the pack include noodles and a small packet of Hakka noodles seasoning. There is no particular recipe mentioned on the pack. So, if you have never cooked Hakka noodles, you wouldn’t ever know how to make some for yourself. So, if you know any recipe for Hakka noodles, you can buy this pack. Wai Wai Hakka Egg Noodles is priced at Rs. 35, which I think is quite reasonable.


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Wai Wai Hakka Noodles are made with superfine wheat flour and egg powder. It also includes a seasoning pack.

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Tasting Session:

When you cook these noodles, you don’t really get an essence of eggs. I feel the seasoning is too less for the quantity of noodles given. You wouldn’t really know what the seasoning really tastes like, so the noodles taste bland. Looking at the huge quantity of the noodles, I would suggest that you either use half the pack or cook it when you have a company to share it with.


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