These Are The Yummiest, Cloud-Fluffy Kulchas

These Are The Yummiest, Cloud-Fluffy Kulchas

Looking for perfectly seasoned soft kulchas? Here is the tastiest companion for your bowl of chole!

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

The wait. Even waiting for 30 minutes, seems like hours when there’s a creamy bowl of chicken or chana curry waiting for you to relish. The struggle. The struggle of sifting the flour, kneading the dough, shaping it into round pieces of bread, and the 20 minutes of baking.

Presenting the fluffiest packaged kulcha to put you in the fast lane towards that delicious and fulfilling meal. Whether for a light snack or a wholesome meal, kulchas are a great source of carbs. A bowl of rajma or mutton curry along with some well-seasoned and warm kulchas, HEAVEN!

We at Mishry chose and reviewed four brands of readily available kulchas in the market. Fluffiness and taste were our parameters. Our Top Pick was Harvest Gold kulcha. It had the perfect texture and tasted even better after toasting it with Amul butter.


The Harvest Gold Kulchas were the tastiest and remained fluffy even after cooling down.

  • Harvest Gold kulchas stay fresh for longer.
  • Perfect crisp exterior and soft inside. Yum!
  • These are seasoned with coriander, but the taste is not too significant.
  • Harvest Gold nailed the salt to sugar ratio.
  • Premium quality butter paper was used to ensure effortless separation of kulchas.
  • Harvest Gold uses a mix of soybean and palm oil.

How did Harvest Gold kulchas perform? 

Eyes eat first, then the nose, and finally our mouth. Looks-wise, Harvest Gold Kulchas had a mild coriander topping. Though it didn’t bring significant changes in the taste, the presence of the coriander elevates the visual appearance.

The Harvest Gold Kulchas were separated using good quality butter paper that ensured no breakage whatsoever. When removed from the pack, we noticed not only were Harvest Gold kulchas the thickest, but they also maintained consistency till the last piece. For the actual taste test, we slightly toasted the kulchas with some Amul butter. No side dishes were involved in the tasting. By the end of our taste test, the contender kulchas had become flat. However, Harvest Gold maintained it’s fluffiness throughout.

A satiating taste test later, the fluffiest kulcha is by…

Regular round-shaped and made with refined flour, these were the two factors we based our selection of contenders. For a fair and standardized review, we picked Bonn Prime Time, Britannia Kulcha, English Oven Kulcha Bread, and Harvest Gold kulchas.

Since Harvest Gold kulchas are lightly seasoned, eating them with a flavored curry is a safe bet. The thickness and fluffiness of the kulchas were identical throughout. Harvest Gold, hands down, had the softest and well-baked kulchas amongst all.

There you go! The softest, tastiest, and fluffiest kulcha is by Harvest Gold. Based on the review conducted by Team Mishry, the flavor and texture are better than all other contenders. However, if you prefer aloo stuffed kulchas, feel free to skip this review. But, if you’re looking for a quick fix for that bowl of chole, try this and let us know!

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