Mishry Mums Review: Veeba Truly Tomato Ketchup

Mishry Mums Review: Veeba Truly Tomato Ketchup

Mishry Mum Deepika Mehta tried and tasted Veeba’s Truly Tomato Ketchup, and here’s what she thinks about it.

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Check out what our Mishry Mum Deepika Mehta has to say about the Veeba Truly Tomato Ketchup.

Quick Review: Veeba Truly Tomato Ketchup

The tomato ketchup comes in a plastic bottle. The 360-gram bottle is priced at Rs. 89. The ketchup has no added preservatives. My family and I loved the product; probably this could be the best tomato ketchup I have ever tasted. The ingredient list also looks neat and clean, which I absolutely love.

The taste of fresh tomatoes and the sweetness of the ketchup, all add up to make a delicious condiment.

You will love the fresh and strong aroma of the tomato ketchup as soon as you open the bottle. What I loved the most is that it has a very thick consistency, and the flavor is really good. The thickness of the ketchup allows my kids to doodle on their favorite snacks, which becomes a fun exercise for them. Overall, I loved this product and would definitely recommend it to everyone. You will not be disappointed with it. I would give it 4.5 mishrys out of 5.

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