Mishry Mums Review: Sri Sri Tattva Mango Pickle
sri sri tattva mango pickle review

Mishry Mums Review: Sri Sri Tattva Mango Pickle

Mango pickles can spruce up your boring meals, our Mishry Mum Richa Vatsala thinks so too. She reviews Sri Sri Tattva Mango Pickle and shares her thoughts about it.

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Who doesn’t love aam ka achaar? Aam ka achaar with a hot paratha, or a bowl of dal rice, or khichdi is match made in heaven. In our article here, we have shared details by Mishry Mum Richa Vatsala. Here she discusses here overall experience of trying Sri Sri Tattva’s Mango Pickle.

Find out what she has to say about this mango pickle in our Sri Sri Tattva Pickles review.

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First Impressions: Sri Sri Tattva Mango Pickle

The bottle may look small in size but it is a 300-gram pack and is priced at Rs. 70, which I think is an amazing price for such a good product. There is a lot of oil in it. The mangoes are mashed and you wouldn’t get the raw chunky piece that you get in other brands. The mangoes are of very fine quality. The achaar has an orangish and brownish tone to it, which I really like. I like the packaging too.


Tasting Session

The mango pickles are really tasty; in fact, I finished almost half the bottle while tasting it. You can mostly taste hing in this, which is a dominant ingredient in it. I love how all the flavors come together to make a tasty mango achaar. Overall, it’s a delicious pickle, value for money and is surely going to spice up your entire meal.

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Final Words

Here was a very valuable review shared by our Mishry Mum Richa Vatsala about Sri Sri Tattva Pickle. Sri Sri Tattva’s Mango Pickle can be had alongside theplas, parathas or a simple bowl of dal khichdi.

About Mishry Mum Richa Vatsala

Richa Vatsala’s each day is anything but mundane. She has aced the art of juggling her corporate life with various creative endeavours. She paints, makes handmade soaps, has a very well established brand through which she is designing and supplying eco friendly roti wraps, so that every household can cut down on the use of foil. Also, a mother to two- her son & her dog, Richa has a terrace garden which she has lovingly put together and it’s a sight to admire.

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