Mum's Review On Dr.Oetker's Funfoods Choco Lava Eggless Bake Mix
Jyoti Kaplish - Dr. Oetker Eggless Cake Mix Choco Lava review

Mum’s Review On Dr.Oetker’s Funfoods Choco Lava Eggless Bake Mix

Here is a quick overview about the experience shared by Mishry Mum Jyoti Kaplish regarding Dr. Oetker’s Eggless Cake Mix (Choco Lava).

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A newbie to baking or a professional baker, everyone requires the right proportion of ingredients while baking. If you feel too lazy to arrange different ingredients, a pack of ready cake mix will come as a savior. 

Recently, Mishry Mum Jyoti Kaplish got her hands on Dr. Oetker Eggless Cake Mix (Choco Lava). She was quite excited to try this choco lava cake mix. Starting with the packaging, this cake mix is well packed in a box.

Dr. Oetker choco lava cake mix packaging
The overall packaging of the Dr. Oetker Eggless Cake Mix

All the details on how to use this cake mix are explained thoroughly on the pack. You can easily get around 6 choco lava cakes from this mix.  This cake mix also includes 6 aluminum molds and a measuring cup.

dr. oetker cake mix preparations
The preparation process of the choco lava cake

It took me around 25 mins starting with the mixing to the baking of these choco lava cakes. Post-baking, the texture of these choco lava cakes turned out to be fudgy. The center of these cakes is slightly 

choco lava mix placed in aluminum cups
The choco lava cake ready to bake!
dr.oetker choco lava cake ready to eat
The choco lava cake turned out to be super delicious post baking!
dr.oetker choco lava cake placed in a plate
These choco lava cakes had a fudgy texture

Overall, I found this cake mix to be a value for money option. I loved the flavor of this choco lava cake better than the ones available at bakeries.

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