Mishry Mums Review: Cadbury Dark Milk Chocolate.

Mishry Mums Review: Cadbury Dark Milk Chocolate.

Mishry Mum Kanika Maini Tiwari tried the new Cadbury Dark Milk Chocolate bar and here’s what she said about it.

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Mishry Mum and chocolate fanatic, Kanika Maini Tiwari tried the Cadbury’s Cadbury Dark Milk Chocolate. Being a chocolate lover, she shared in detail about how the chocolate bar taste. Is it worth to try it? Check out what she had to say about Cadbury Dark Milk Chocolate here.

WATCH: Mishry Mum Kanika Maini Tiwari tries the Cadbury Dark Milk Chocolate (Video)

First Impressions of Cadbury Dark Milk Chocolate

The Cadbury Dark Milk Chocolate comes in a packaging of signature Cadbury purple color. The multiple layered packaging ensures the chocolate stays fresh. The bar costs Rs.99 which, I believe, is very reasonable.

This is a perfect blend of rich cocoa with the classic Cadbury milk chocolate that gives a bittersweet bar of deliciousness.

Tasting Session

I loved the taste of this chocolate bar. It was the perfect blend of bitter and sweet. It had a rich and decadent mouth-feel. Even my children enjoyed the taste of this bar which is uncommon since children prefer sweeter chocolates.

mishry mum kanika maini tiwari reviews dark chocolate
Mishry Mum Kanika Maini Tiwari Reviews Cadbury Dairy Milk Dark Milk Chocolate

As a chocolate lover, I would definitely recommend this to others. It is the perfect chocolate bar for adults and children alike.

About Mishry Mum Kanika Maini Tiwari

A One-woman army as she defines herself, Kanika Maini Tiwari is our next Mishry Mum. Vivacious and vibrant with an effervescent smile, she’s the mom of 3 & the founder of a kids’ ethnic clothing brand called Amaira. A Successful Mompreneur with many accolades under her brand name, her mantra is to build long-lasting relationships with happy and satisfied customers who are also moms. 

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