Haldiram's Fatafat Bhel Review

Haldiram’s Fatafat Bhel Review

Bhelpuri on-the-go is a dream come true for anyone who loves Indian street food. Let’s see how does Haldiram’s Fatafat Bhel fare on the flavor front.

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The crunch of peanuts, bits of crispy papdi, a mix of zesty green chutney, a tangy tamarind sauce and some sev on top. Okay, our mouth is watering! Yours too? If there is one thing any average Indian cannot resist – it’s bhelpuri. Bhelpuri is one Indian street snack that almost no one can ever say no to. And what if that street snack comes to you in a convenient box packing that can be enjoyed anytime-anywhere? Well, Haldiram’s does just that. Here is our #FirstImpression of Haldiram’s Fatafat Bhel.

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What you need to know about Haldiram’s Fatafat Bhel

*As per information given on the pack

  • Contains gluten and peanuts.
  • It provides 526 Kcal per 100 grams of serving.
  • It comes with a spoon inside.

Haldiram’s Fatafat Bhel

Haldiram’s Fatafat Bhel is a tangy treat for those on-the-go hunger pangs.

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#FirstImpression of Haldiram’s Fatafat Bhel

Packaging: The Haldiram’s Fatafat bhel comes in a green box packing. It has a plastic spoon inside to avoid the fuss of finding one when you are traveling.

The bhel has flaked rice which is very light. The presence of sev, peanuts and papdi make it a crunchy and enjoyable snack. The spice quotient is high but bearable. The papadis are super yummy. They are not dry and brittle, but are thick and flavorful little discs that we thoroughly enjoyed in our tasting session.

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Flavor-wise, it is just the perfect salt fix that you sometimes need between meals. It is quite masaledaar and every piece of each ingredient is well coated from all sides, which makes your bhel experience richer and enjoyable.

The good part about the Fatafat Bhel is that it is tasty even without adding onions, tomatoes, and potatoes. The Fatafat Bhel certainly gives you the convenience of enjoying bhel puri flavors in a cup, even if you don’t have access to the usual addition of veggies and chilies.

Don’t confuse the Fatafat bhel with its low-calorie counterparts (we meant the diet bhels). Each box has over 400 calories, which is a full meal in itself. Plus, it uses palm oil which is definitely not a healthy form of fat. But, this is not to meant be a snacking option for someone trying to shed weight. This is meant as an occasional indulgence and in that, Haldiram’s Fatafat Bhel scores high.

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