Here's What Mishry Mum Garima Shukla Says About Dr. Oetker's Choco Lava Mix
Garima Shukla - Choco Lava Cake Review

Here’s What Mishry Mum Garima Shukla Says About Dr. Oetker’s Choco Lava Mix

Mishry Mum Garima Shukla recently reviewed Dr. Oetker’s Choco Lava Cake Cake Mix. Here we discuss her entire experience.

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Cake mixes have been a boon and save you from the hassles of arranging different ingredients. I got my first review box and I was really excited to try this cake mix by Dr. Oetker. 

It is an eggless cake mix by Dr. Oetker that can easily get you around 6 choco lava cakes. All the instructions to prepare the wet and dry mix were provided on the pack. The box includes 6 aluminum molds and a small measuring cup. 

I followed the same instructions and baked these at 200 degrees for more than 15 mins. When it comes to the taste, these choco lava cakes taste similar to the ones I have tried having at other places. 

For someone who is looking for a quick and easy way to prepare choco lava cakes at home, this product will not disappoint you.

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Overall I loved the convenience that these cake mixes offer for preparing choco lava cakes at home. This cake mix is a value for money option to buy. 

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