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Baidyanath Premium Pure Cow Ghee Review – Aromatic & Flavorful

Baidyanath Premium Pure Cow Ghee is prepared from pure milk of Indian-bred cows. After five elaborate testing stages, here’s the detailed review.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5


Subtly fresh and flavorful! Baidyanath Premium Pure Cow Ghee lends the signature desi ghee flavor that mingles well with an extensive range of ingredients. The gritty (danedaar) texture is commendable.

In addition to being an EXCELLENT source of fat, desi ghee elevates the aroma and flavors like no other. But would packaged ghee lend its signature rich, buttery notes like homemade ghee does?

We ordered the 1 kg pack of Baidyanath Cow Ghee to find out if a store-bought variant can give a tough fight to homemade ones. Our parameters, how we tested the product, and details on our findings are covered in Baidyanath Premium Pure Cow Ghee review. 

Baidyanath Premium Pure Cow Ghee  Parameters
Price Rs 625/-
Net Quantity 1 L
Mishry Rating 4
Buy Now On Amazon
Shelf Life Nine months

Our Review Factors

Here’s what we set out to find- Is Baidyanath Premium Pure Cow Ghee something you should add to your pantry?

1. Aroma

Ghee is known for the robust, rich aroma. Fresh and milky, or sour and off-putting? What was our initial observation? Does the aroma intensify when used during cooking? What about when we added dollops over dal rice?

2. Taste

Flavor – Does this ghee lend that appetizing, buttery richness? When added to a dish or smeared on some hot roti, does it help enhance the flavor or does it add nothing? 

Freshness – Did the ghee taste fresh and milky? Or were there some rancid flavors that tasted unpleasent?

3. Appearance – Texture, Color & Consistency

Texture – Desi ghee can be grainy (danedaar), creamy, or liquid. How was our experience with this packaged ghee?

Consistency – The consistency of ghee changes with the change in temperature. This fat solidifies during winters, softer or liquidy during summer. Soft when stored at room temperature and hard when refrigerated. Keeping the temperature in mind, when we opened the pack was the ghee solidified, liquid or a mix of both.

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Color – Yellow, gold, brown, or white? Baidyanath Premium Ghee was…

4. Main Ingredients 

Ghee is typically churned out of milk/butter that has a minimum of 80% fat content. What type of milk is this ghee made of and does it contain any unnatural ingredients like preservatives or colors? 

5. Other Parameters

Price – A 1 L container is priced at Rs 625/-. Is this priced competitively? 

Shelf Life – This ghee has a shelf life of nine months. 

Nutritional Information – 100 grams offers 897 Kcal of which 99.7 grams of fat, with 0 grams of carbohydrates or proteins. Fat is divided into 63 grams of saturated fat, 24.73 grams of MUFA, and 2.17 grams of PUFA. 


What is ghee good for? Find out here.

Baidyanath Premium Pure Cow Ghee – Detailed Review

baidyanath ghee packaging
The ghee is packed in a silver foil placed inside the carton.

How did we review this? How was our experience? 

Our review consisted of five stages. Stage one was analyzing the labels and packaging. Stages two-five were cooking and tasting.

Stage 1- The ghee is packed in a carton and further in silver foil and must be transferred to a container. The ingredient list only mentions cow milk fat. It does not specify the fat content. We would have appreciated it if this piece of information was provided. The ghee has a yellow appearance and is partially melted, partially in blobs. It looks creamy but has a grainy (danedaar) texture. It emits the distinct desi ghee aroma. It’s fresh and doesn’t smell rancid.

Stage 2 – Cooking Dosas

We used the Cello Dosa Tawa and iD Dosa Batter to test the ghee. The dosa had browned well and was quite crisp. It took on the flavor of ghee very well, although subtly, and uplifted the flavor as we added another blob post-cooking. 

Stage 3- Chapati + Jaggery + Ghee

Baidyanath ghee marries the flavor of jaggery quite well. Similarly, we also tried the ghee with plain chapati and found the nostalgic aroma of homemade ghee on our plates. Best of all, no bite feels greasy or undesirably oily. That said, the flavor is a bit subtle. 

Stage 4- Steamed Rice

Rice was cooked with Baidyanath Premium Pure ghee and salt for flavor. Later, excess water was drained and a teaspoon was added when served. The rice had taken on the desi ghee flavor beautifully. We used Kohinoor Dubar Basmati rice for this step.

Stage 5- Khichdi

A teaspoon of Baidyanath ghee was added over Fortune Gujarati Khichdi. The characteristic ghee flavor was too subtle.

This was a common observation in all testing stages. The characteristic rich flavor of ghee is a little lower. For a richer, more intense flavor, you would need to add a larger quantity of ghee. 

We have no complaints about the way this ghee smells or looks. In fact, it tastes fresh.

baidyanath ghee texture appearance
baidyanath ghee tasting 1
We prepared some dosas and added dollops over khichdi.
baidyanath ghee tasting 2
Here, we added a generous spoonful of ghee over steamed rice and gud roti.
Aroma - 4/5
Flavor - 4/5
Appearance - 4/5
Main Ingredients - 4/5
  • The aroma is fresh and milky, just like desi ghee should be.
  • It looks delectable.
  • We liked the grainy texture.
  • The ghee is fresh tasting and has that rich butteriness.
  • This is priced competitively. A kilo of ghee is priced between Rs 450-650/-.
  • You would require an additional container for storage.
  • Ingredient details are incomplete.
  • While the ghee is tasty, you require a larger quantity to impart a robust flavor. So the value for money aspect is a little low.

Preparing ghee from scratch seems taxing? Love the lingering flavors of desi ghee? Baidyanath Premium Pure Cow Ghee is a product Mishry recommends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Baidyanath Premium Pure Cow Ghee.

Ghee supports the gut-friendly bacteria, helps flush the digestive tract, and fight inflammation. It detoxifies the gut. 

You are recommended to transfer the contents to an air-tight container.

No, there are no preservatives. It is made using cow milk fat.

Yes, antioxidants are naturally present in this ghee.

This ghee has a shelf life of nine months.

To Conclude

Exceptionally aromatic, Baidyanath Premium Pure Cow Ghee has a creamy gold appearance and features a bold, lingering aroma. The flavor of the ghee is fresh, rich, and buttery, but you will require a larger quantity of ghee to impart that bold flavor. 

Roti, rice, dosa, this elevates almost every dish instantly.

How do you consume ghee? First thing in the morning or with meals?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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