Footlong Sandwich For A Fun Breakfast!
Footlong Sandwich Using Harvest Gold Subz Footlong Bun

Footlong Sandwich For A Fun Breakfast!

Boring breakfast no more, try this sandwich recipe prepared using Harvest Gold’s footlong bun.

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As we are going to the unlocking stage, I still feel precautions need to be followed. But how to unlock junk food cravings?

Snack time cravings are for real, guys! But delicious food can be prepared at home too. 

Let me show you one such yummy nashta recipe full of flavors. I am using Harvest Gold Subz Footlong bun that contains mozzarella cheese and oregano. 

Just unpack and add your choice of veggies, paneer, mayonnaise, and toppings to make a delicious footlong sub sandwich at home, in your own style! 

Each bite has the goodness of a balanced and healthy snack made at home. So this is my version of a cafe-style footlong made at home. 

Remember, it’s your snack, so use your creativity and make something yummy!

Mishry Mum Nadia Kohli tries out a delicious new recipe of a cafe-style footlong sandwich with the Harvest Gold Subz Footlong Bun in the Cheese Oregano variant.

Here’s how she made it!

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