10 Reasons Why Curd is Best for Weight Loss: Mishry
spoonful of curd

10 Reasons Why Curd is Best for Weight Loss: Mishry

Curd is great for weight loss and can be quite beneficial when added to one’s diet. It is full of nutrients, and its probiotic nature help in tackling various digestive issues.

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A bowl of curd is everything that one needs in order to eat a complete meal. Whether it is for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, a bowl of curd will always remain a beneficial choice for a healthy diet. Curd, a dairy product formed due to the fermentation of milk, as we know is loaded with calcium. But it curd good for weight loss? To simply put, include regular consumption of curd for weight loss. Apart from its varying health and beauty benefits, it can be quite effective in helping you shed some kilos.

curd served with mint leaves
Curd can help in weight loss if consumed daily in proper proportions.

Curd is a probiotic that contains live bacteria called Lactobacillus bulgaricus, which are responsible for a healthy digestive system and is further credited with the benefit of relieving you from an upset stomach.

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Curd For Weight Loss: How It Works

The benefits of curd for weight loss are many. If you are wondering how curd can help you lose some of that extra weight that you have been gaining, then here are a few important qualities of curd that you should note:

1. Improves Digestion

The primary benefit of curd while on weight loss is that it helps improve digestion. The live bacteria present in curd help in improving digestion. One of the main reasons behind weight gain is the irregular elimination of waste from our body, which can be the result of indigestion, or an upset stomach. Lactobacillus bulgaricus, the bacteria present in curd is responsible for reducing the intestinal transit time, with the help of which the waste is eliminated quickly, thus relieving an upset stomach and promoting digestion.

2. Rich In Protein

Unlike milk, the curd is formed by fermentation, due to which the milk solids are isolated from the liquid (called whey) making it more concentrated with a high quantity of protein as compared to milk itself. The high protein content in curd is responsible for slowing down the digestion process, as proteins are harder to digest.

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buttermilk in a glass bottle and glass

Due to the slow digestion, it keeps you filled for a longer time and prevents you from over-eating that might lead to weight gain.

3. Rich in Calcium

Just like any other dairy product, the curd is also rich in calcium. The high quantity of calcium present in a bowl of curd is responsible for healthy bones, but, apart from its mainstream benefit, dietary calcium is also important for keeping you from gaining weight. If you have lost some healthy amount of weight, then a calcium-rich diet might help you from regaining it.

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4. Low In Lactose

The addition of milk in your diet would end up being beneficial for your low-fat dietary rituals when it comes to weight loss, however, due to the presence of lactose in milk, it makes it hard for it to be a part of a lactose intolerant person’s diet. But, that is not the case with curd, as it is formed by the fermentation of milk, which is done by adding bacteria called Lactobacillus bulgaricus that converts the lactose present in milk into lactic acid, thus making it safe for people who are lactose intolerant to add to their diet.

5. Rich In Minerals

A certain hormone that is related to the rise of your blood pressure, can also lead you to gain weight. However, thanks to the helpful minerals such as potassium and magnesium, it makes it easier for the excess water in the cells to escape and reach the bladder with ease, maintaining blood pressure levels.

maintaining blood pressure levels
Helps in keeping Heart Healthy

And apart from the fact that minerals help in controlling our blood pressure, they are also responsible for boosting our metabolism.

6. Contains Vitamin A

Vitamin A, according to popular belief, will not act directly on your weight problems. However, its consumption might just result in health benefits which can be indirectly linked with maintaining your weight, for example, the addition of vitamin A can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, which is one of the most common reasons for weight gain and high blood pressure.

7. Low Saturated Fat

While curd is known for its numerous health benefits, many people wonder whether curd contains fat? A 100g serving of curd contains about 1.7g of saturated fats, which are single bond fat molecules that are normally found in abundance in meat and oils, and are solid at room temperature. Intake of saturated fats is linked with a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases that might result in weight gain too. Thus, due to the low-fat content, the curd is an appropriate choice for weight loss.

8. Excellent Fat Burner

Curd is an excellent fat burner. It can be the go-to food for people who wants to lose stomach fat and get a flat belly. Being rich in minerals especially calcium’s helps to cut the extra fats by increasing the metabolism and helps in losing weight.

Want to be in the healthy BMI range?

Include curd in your daily diet in a proper proportion to lose weight.

9. Curbs Appetite

Curd is rich in protein. Being rich in protein makes curd a perfect snack for the afternoon. You can consume curd in between your meals. It helps to satisfy the hunger with lower calories and stops binge eating.

Research says that “The higher the protein content in curd or yogurt, the greater it helps in appetite control.

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Let’s talk about how nutritious curd is and curd’s calorie content.

Important Things To Note

Though curd might just be the ultimate helping hand for your weight loss needs, it must also be noted that its consumption must be in an orderly fashion, as a more regulated consumption means more efficiency, thus it might just help you lose weight at a much faster rate.

girl checking weight on weighing scale
Curd helps in weight loss by increasing our metabolism, which also increases our body’s rate of burning fat

Here are some things that you must note before you include curd in your diet:

1. Absolute Go-To Food

Curd, unlike any other food item, can be had at any time, be it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Due to its low-fat constituency and high protein content, the curd is a filling item that can help you achieve your desired weight.

2. Excessive Consumption can be Harmful

It is important to note that no matter how beneficial it is for your health, curd can also have side effects associated with its unregulated consumption. In order to avoid its adverse effects, your daily serving of curd must not exceed more than 3.

3. Flavoring Additives

For improving the taste, you can find curd in the market that has additives such as fruit extracts and honey, which might satisfy your taste buds. But, it is also important for you to take note of the calorie content in your packaged good, as a high-calorie intake might just prove to be a tough opponent standing in your path towards weight loss.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eating curd daily improves the overall digestive system. It is good for digestion and is a home cure for few stomach-related issues. In addition, it helps in maintaining bone health.

Curd helps in regulating blood pressure. It reduces cholesterol levels and lowers the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, and hypertension, keeping the heart healthy.

Curd increases metabolism and is an excellent fat burner. It helps to keep healthy BMI levels. Curd contains calcium and protein, which keeps them full for a long time and can avoid binge eating.

Consuming curd daily and following a healthy lifestyle boost the weight loss process and help in burning belly fat.

As per Ayurveda, the combination of curd and sugar is good. It reduces the bile dosha and cools the stomach. This combination is great for activating the digestive system. It reduces irritability and acidity.

Curd and sugar boost energy levels and energize the body. It is a great stress booster. On the other hand, adding sugar to curd gets you extra calories. So, consuming in adequate quantity is the best choice.

As curd is an excellent fat burner, it helps in weight loss.

For weight loss, consume a glass of buttermilk daily. Add a little salt to it. Buttermilk immediately hydrates the body and boosts energy levels. It improves metabolism, which fastens the fat-burning process.

Curd is high in probiotics, which keeps the gut healthy.

Well, having anything excessive is harmful. Curd contains protein which helps in weight loss. Having 100g of curd can’t make you fat. Additionally, it depends on your daily calorie intake and your body weight.

The 100g of curd contains 11.75 g of protein, which is 10% of DV. It provides 98 kcal. 100g of curd won’t make you fat, and it’s a good source of protein intake.

It is essential to consider the daily diary recommendation. Having anything over recommendation value can increase your daily calorie intake and be the potential reason for increased weight gain.

Too much consumption of dairy products can cause stomach sicknesses such as bloating, cramps, or diarrhea.

Another factor to consider here is the size of the bowls. For example, if having 2 bowls of 100 ml, it may be under daily recommendation value. But considering the 2 bowls of 250 ml, it won’t be the right choice.

As per Ayurveda, eating curd after sunset is not recommended as it increases mucus formation in the body. The best time to eat curd for weight loss is daytime during brunch, lunch or before 4 PM.

Final Words

So if you are looking for a superfood item that could also be a force of guidance for weight loss, then curd, if eaten responsibly, can never be a wrong choice. It is healthy, but most importantly, it is natural.

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