How To Eat Oats: 7 Best Ways To Eat Oats

How To Eat Oats: 7 Best Ways To Eat Oats

One of the most common ways of consuming oats is as oatmeal. But there are other ways in which you could enjoy this healthy cereal and not worry about its taste! We list down a few easy-to-make and simple ideas to bring this healthy food item to use for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Oats have long been in demand for its beneficial nature, and also, in some ways, caused distress for those who find it bland and unappetizing. While most do want to include this healthy cereal into their diet, often they don’t know how to eat oats. Of course, one of the most common ways of consuming oats is as oatmeal. However, not liking the taste of oats is nothing but a modern problem, and modern problems require modern solutions.

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Now, since the demand for oats has skyrocketed in the last decade, many innovative recipes for consuming oats have emerged to improve their consumption. Some of these are:

1. Cooking Oats With Vegetables For Breakfast or Light Dinner

Oats can be eaten for lunch and dinner when cooked alongside vegetables. Oats upma is one of the most common examples in which oats are cooked separately with spices such as green chilies, mustard seeds, and curry leaves, and then it is added to the mixture of vegetables before being adding water and bringing it to a boil. This way of consuming oats increases the beneficial nature of oat and provides the body with the required nutrients.

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2. Oats Based Smoothie For Breakfast

Oats can be easily mixed with other ingredients such as water by using a blender, which when mixed well, would produce nutritional nut-free oat milk, with all the benefits of oat. The amount of water added is based on how much thick you want your oat milk to be, And, apart from the blending techniques, you can add fruit such as bananas to add more taste and nutrients to it. This is a great quick and easy breakfast option that is healthy and loaded with nutrition.

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How To Eat Oats in 7 ways
When mixed well, would produce nutritional nut-free oat milk, with all the benefits of oat.

3. Oats Chocolate Bar For Snacking

One of the most common oats based desserts that are available in the market is the oats filled chocolate bar. Due to the recent increase in the demand for oat-based products, many manufacturers have introduced chocolate bars filled with oats. However, making an oat filled chocolate bar is quite a lengthy process, and it can take you up to an hour to make one.

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4. Baking With Oats For Desserts

Loaves of bread and cookies made with oats as one of the base ingredients have become quite popular, and in demand for the last decade. For this, oats are first mixed in the batter and after carefully stirring the batter, it is baked in an oven to produce healthy oat-based bread or cookie.

5. Eaten Alongside Fruits As Snack

If you are looking for a snack that is friendly for both adults and kids, then nothing can be better than a fruit salad mixed with oats.

How to Eat Oats in 7 ways
Snack that is friendly for both adults and kids.

6. Oats Based Cereals For Breakfast

Many oat based kinds of cereal such as Muesli and Granola are available in the market, or can also be prepared at home. Consumption of these helps in the raw consumption of oats, which is said to be more beneficial.

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7. Oats flour For Chapattis

Oats flour is formed by grinding the oats until it turns to powder. These powdered oats are then mixed with water to make the dough that will be used to make chapatis or pancakes.  

But, no matter in what way we consume oats, they will always be responsible for increasing the nutritional value of our breakfast, lunch or dinner. So, if you hope to include oats in your diet in a way that suits your taste, you can never go wrong with your choice, as a choice that has oats in its recipe can only be healthy!

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