Best Masala Brands in India - Mishry
best masala brands in India

Best Masala Brands in India – Mishry

Finding the best masalas just got easier! Here’s a compilation of the best masalas by popular brands tried and tested by Mishry.

Not just aroma and visual appeal, but also flavors- that’s what a good quality masala adds to your dishes.

A pinch is all you need to take the dish from drab to fab. Be it something as common as pizza or as complex as curry, with the right blend of spices, you’re sorted. While nothing comes close to freshly roasted and ground masala, ready-to-use options are a big boon. Let’s learn about the best Masala brands in India that add convenience (among other things) to our culinary journey.

The infusion of masalas in our meals is what uplifts the flavor and gives it a well-rounded taste. We have detailed below the top masala brands in India and the recommended masalas from each brand :

1. Catch

Catch is a well-known brand that offers whole, pure, and blended spices. It began its journey in 1987 with its classic table salt and pepper sprinklers. Since then there has been no stopping. Catch now holds a prominent space in every Indian kitchen.

Their spices are aromatic and fresh and made adhering to the highest quality standards. The brand is continuously striving to adapt to tradition while incorporating innovation at every stage. It exclusively uses the best production, packing, and consumer delivery practices.

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catch best masalas

Recommended Masalas from Catch Brand

During our multi-brand reviews, we found these masalas by Catch outstanding. These are must-haves in your pantry :

Catch Peri Peri Sprinkler

From fries to salads, give that kick of zing to your favorite dishes with Catch’s peri-peri sprinkler. It comes in a sprinkler bottle that makes it convenient to use anytime. The robust garlic and chilli followed by a mild tang is what made Catch’s Peri Peri Masala our Top Pick.

Catch Shahi Garam Masala

A pinch of Catch’s Shahi Garam Masala is all you need to amp up the flavor of your everyday dishes. All the spices are blended in the right proportions and deliver lip-smacking results.

Catch Kitchen King Masala

In our review of the Best Kitchen King Masala in India, Catch was Mishry’s Spicy Top Pick. Why, you ask? It showcases a bold flavor of spices, adds warmth to your dishes, and delivers a delectable spicy kick.

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Catch Pasta Masala

Catch’s pasta masala has a well rounded flavor profile. It has a nice medley of spiciness, saltiness and tanginess. This gives your pasta a very homestyle, desi touch which we loved.

Catch Chicken Masala

This was one of our recommended brands during our review of the Best Chicken Masala Brands in India. It has a well rounded spiciness together with warm notes of khada masala.

Their shahi paneer masala, dal tadka masala and red chilli powder are also a few masalas we recommend.

2. Everest

In its long journey of 52 years, Everest has retained great standards of purity, freshness, and authenticity in every pack. From blended spices to its exotic range, it has a vast product line.

everest best masalas

Recommended Masalas from Everest Brand

Over time we have reviewed numerous masalas by Everest. Everest’s Pav Bhaji Masala was the Top Pick during our review of the Best Pav Bhaji Masala brands in India. It was the winner since it had the correct blend of spices and the intensity of flavors was the best amongst all the contenders. Their Pani Puri masala was one of the recommended brands during our Best Pani Puri Masala review.

3. MDH

MDH is yet another popular brand well known for its range of Indian spices. The brand procures its raw material directly from the centers and assures that uniform taste and quality is maintained across. Not just in India, but these spices are famous around the world including the UK, USA and Japan.

mdh best masalas

Recommended Masalas from MDH Brand

MDH’s Chana Masala was chosen as Mishry’s Top Pick due to its excellent potency and well balanced sourness. During our Best Pani Puri Masala review too, MDH Pani Puri Masala was crowned the winner. It is delicious and has a perfect blend of tanginess and spiciness. Last but not the least, its Kitchen King masala is another excellent spice we recommend. 

4. Orika

Orika by Paras Spices is a relatively new entrant in the market of seasonings and spices. Right from spice mixes to seasonings to marinades, the extensive range of products is unmissable.

orika best masalas

Recommended Masalas from Orika Brand

The recommended masala’s from Orika by Mishry are the Orika Shahi Paneer Masala, red chilli powder, Italian seasoning and Kitchen King Masala.

Their red chilli was the spiciest and packed in the most heat which is why it was our winner in the review. In addition, the Kitchen King Masala by Orika was also titled Mishry’s Top Pick as it had a robust and full-bodied flavor profile. Orika’s Italian Seasoning remains the best out there.

5. Badshah

Since 1958, Badshah has been offering the best spices that are expertly sourced. The brand works towards maintaining the legacy, purity, and quality of its spices in order to serve you the best.

badshah best masalas

Recommended Masalas from Badshah Brand

Badshah’s pav bhaji masala is one of the recommended brands during the Best Pav Bhaji brands in India review. We loved the characteristic flavor of dagad phool and the apt seasoning.

The Chicken Masala is yet another flavorful masala you can use to add depth of flavor to your chicken curry and gravies. This was Mishry’s Top Pick among the six other popular brands chosen for our review of the Best Chicken Masala.

6. Keya

Keya is a well-known brand when it comes to herbs and other Italian seasoning. In order to deliver its customers the best spices, it ensures that the

ingredients are handpicked in the right proportions by expert chefs. These premium quality ingredients are blended gently and ground to perfection.

keya best masalas

Recommended Masalas from Keya Brand

Though famous for its herbs and Italian seasoning, Keya also offers a range of everyday masalas. One of the best examples is Keya’s Chaat Masala. This masala will surely add a wonderful kick of flavor to any plain fruit bowls or salad. It is chatpata, spicy and tangy.

Also, the pizza masala by Keya is super aromatic. It has inviting flavors of garlic and oregano which is sure to make any Italian dish taste wonderful.

7. Eastern

Embarking on its journey since 1983, today Eastern offers some of the finest and delicious Indian spices. It has been awarded for the Top Most Exporter of Curry Powder/ Spice Mix in the year 2014-2015.

eastern best masalas

Recommended Masalas from Eastern Brand

Eastern Sambar Masala won the title of Mishry Top Pick as the final dish of sambar made using this masala was the most flavorful among 10 popular brands. The chhole masale by Eastern delivers mild heat and is perfect for those who have low tolerance to chilli.

8. Goldiee

Goldiee was incorporated in the year 1980 and claims to be the largest producer of quality spices and food products in India. Ever since its inception, the company has been growing in leaps and bounds. It offers a range of aromatic and flavorful spices under one roof.

goldiee best masalas

Recommended Masalas from Goldiee Brand

Goldiee Shahi Paneer Masala has a well rounded flavor and natural, subtle sweetness. This was Mishry’s Top Pick during our Best Shahi Paneer Masala Brands in India review.

Another recommended masala from Goldiee is the Chana Masala. Emerged as Mishry’s Top Pick, Goldiee Chana Masala has a spicy and masaledaar taste.

9. Tata Sampann

Tata Sampann, launched by Tata Chemicals under its consumer products business, is aimed to provide food products that fulfill everyday needs of nourishment. From salt & spices to ready to eat, the brand has a lot to offer.

tata sampann best masalas

Recommended Masalas from Tata Sampann Brand

Overtime, we have reviewed a range of masalas from Tata Sampann. We highly recommend trying out Tata Sampann’s Dal Tadka Masala for enhancing the flavor of your everyday dals. It is economically priced, super convenient to use and packed with flavors.

Also, their red chilli powder was the second spiciest amongst all the contenders chosen during our Best Red Chilli Powder review. It has a vibrant deep orange-red color. 

10. Roopak

Made using selected ingredients of the highest grade, Roopak Spices adds a nice touch of natural flavor and aroma to your everyday dishes. Apart from fresh spices, it also offers seasonal special spices that are made using homemade traditional methods.

roopak best masalas

Recommended Masalas from Roopak Brand

The Shahi Paneer Masala by Roopak was one of the runners up during our review of the Best Shahi Paneer Masala brands in India. It adds a beautiful color to the gravy and is free from added colors. Additionally, Roopak’s Fruit Chat Masala has a nice chatpata kick and well balanced salt level. The sync between sourness and spiciness is well maintained.

11. Aachi

The idea to launch Aachi started in 1995. Today, Aachi is a leading FMCG brand in India. It aims to provide its customers with the highest quality and competitively priced spices.

Recommended Masalas from Aachi Brand

Aachi’s sambar masala was a runner up during our Best Sambar Masala Brands in India review. The tanginess coming in from the tamarind adds a pleasing flavor. The final result of the sambar was just perfect.

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

Here’s a consolidated list of our Top Picks And Recommendations

  1. Best Garam Masala – Catch
  2. Best Peri Peri Masala – Catch
  3. Best Chana Masala – Goldiee, MDH
  4. Best Red Chilli Powder – Orika
  5. Best Sambar Masala – Eastern, Aachi
  6. Best Dal Tadka Masala – Catch, Tata Sampann
  7. Best Italian Seasoning – Orika
  8. Best Pav Bhaji Masala – Everest, Badshah
  9. Best Chicken Masala – Badshah, Catch
  10. Best Turmeric – Patanjali, Everest
  11. Best Shahi Paneer Masala – Goldiee, Orika, Roopak
  12. Best Kitchen King Masala – Orika, Catch
  13. Best Pani Puri Masala – MDH, Everest
  14. Best Hing – MDH, Everest
  15. Best Chaat Masala – Roopak, MDH, Keya

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on best masala brands.

Yes. These masalas are suitable for vegetarian cooking.

Yes. There are different packaging sizes that these masala brands offer starting with 7 gm to 1 kg quantity. Infact, a few brands like Catch also provide some masalas in a sprinkler bottle.

Most of the masala brands listed above do provide information on the directions to use the masala.

Yes, most brands are available on multiple online grocery shopping portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Jio Mart, Big Basket, Zepto and BlinkIt.

Final Words

This was a sum up of the most popular, well-known and established masala brands in India.

Which is your go to masala brand?

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