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catch shahi garam masala review

Catch Shahi Garam Masala Review – Aromatic & Flavorful

How flavorful can Catch Shahi Garam Masala make a humble aloo sabzi? Team Mishry tests it out!

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


Catch Shahi Garam Masala is a flavorful mix of aromatic spices. All you need is a pinch of this to elevate the taste of everyday sabzis.

Prepared with a blend of warm and aromatic spices, garam masala takes an everyday sabzi/gravy from zero to ten with just a pinch. 

Shahi garam masala, made with ‘royal’ spices, uses more such aromatics that impart a deeper, richer aroma and flavor. Owing to the convenience it may add, we tried a ready-to-use masala. In Mishry’s Catch Shahi Garam Masala review, we decode the ingredient list, shed light on the aroma and flavor it adds, and a quick recipe on how we tested it.

Added flavors or natural ingredients, what does this masala contain?

All you need to know is in the following table.

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Catch Shahi Garam Masala Product Parameters
Price Rs 5/- (3-gram pack)
Main Ingredients cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, cumin, chillies, and capsicum.
Shelf Life 12 months
Mishry Rating (on 5) 4

Our Review Factors

We reviewed this Shahi Garam Masala over the intensity of its flavor and aroma. The following section highlights the most prominent spice, the texture, and whether or not this would add convenience. 

1. Aroma

Roasting spices doesn’t just make them easier to grind but also intensifies the aroma as natural oils are released. Roasted or raw, is this masala warm, appetizing, and exotic?

2. Flavor

Is a favorable balance maintained? Or is this masala dominant on a single spice? Did this Shahi masala uplift our sabzi? Can this be added to gravies?

3. Ingredients

Every region has a unique blend when it comes to garam masala. Since Catch Shahi Garam Masala is ‘expertly curated for Bengali cuisine’, we looked for the classics like cloves, cinnamon, cardamom (green and black), pepper and mace.

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4. Other Parameters 


Zip lock pouch, resealable, or must the contents be transferred to another jar?

Shelf Life

Typically masalas have a long shelf life of one-two years. This masala would keep well for…


Is this a value-for-money option?

Catch Shahi Garam Masala Review – Detailed Review

Price & Packaging- A 3-gram non-resealable pack is priced at Rs 5/-. It features an attractive graphic of whole spices. 

This is a sample-sized pack which was part of our MOJO Box. The box was ordered and paid for by us. Larger packs of Catch’s Shahi Garam Masala are available online.

catch shahi garam masala packing
Here's a look at the packing and texture of the garam masala.

Ingredients – This is made using whole cloves, large cardamom, whole cinnamon, whole cardamom, whole black pepper, whole cumin, chillies, and whole capsicum.

Shahi Garam Masala is a blend of royal, aromatic spices that typically lists mace in its preparation, in addition to the ones mentioned above. Since Catch does not have mace, which is an essential part of a shahi garam masala, we rated it four on five for the ingredients.

How did we test this? We tested this Shahi Garam Masala in an aloo sabzi. The sabzi followed a simple preparation, boiled, chopped potatoes were cooked in a basic onion-tomato base, with salt and turmeric.  We used mustard oil for cooking. Catch Shahi Masala was added when the sabzi was almost completely cooked. After adding the masala, we let the vegetable saute for two minutes, till it turned aromatic, and turned off the flame.

catch shahi garam masala in sabzi
We added the masala when the sabzi was almost ready.

Aroma- Initially, the first and most prominent ingredient was clove. This had a strong, warm aroma. There were some sweet undertones too. Since whole cloves are the first ingredient, we anticipated this spice to have the prime presence. 

Once cooked, the aroma intensified and was prominent on cinnamon and cloves.

Moreover, this masala added a tinge of brown to our dish. 

sabzi ready catch shahi garam masala
The masala lent an appetizing color to the final dish.

Flavor – Just like aroma, the taste was evidently that of cinnamon and cloves as well. The potatoes had absorbed the masala quite well and the final dish reflected balanced, inviting flavors. Fragrant and flavorful, this masala did not add a bold spice kick and had a subtly bitter aftertaste. No complaints here as this is a characteristic of Shahi Garam Masala. 

We liked how the overall flavor captured the essence of each ingredient. Whether it was the warm sweetness of cinnamon, warmth of nutmeg, or the subtle heat of black pepper, we think Catch Shahi Garam Masala would lend a toothsome flavor to gravies too.

  • Thumbs up on the ingredient list.
  • The aroma indicated that roasted spices were used.
  • Overall inviting aroma and flavor. 
  • Would work for both, dry and gravy-based dishes.
  • Reasonably priced.

Catch Shahi Garam Masala amps up dishes with just a pinch. If you’ve just commenced your culinary journey and finding the right balance of spices seems like rocket science, this masala is sure to help you out.

Flavor- 4/5
Aroma- 4/5
Ingredients- 4.5/5

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Catch Shahi Garam Masala.

The brand recommends after opening, transfer the contents to an air-tight container and store in a cool, dry place.

No, this imparts a lovely balance of flavors.

No, this contains no preservatives.

Catch Shahi Garam masala uses spices ground at a low temperature which ensures the spices retain their original taste. 

Final Words

That’s a wrap on how a humble aloo sabzi turned into a dish that had us licking our fingers. Catch Shahi Garam Masala is a flavorful blend of aromatic spices, in the right proportions, that lends impeccable aroma and flavor. 

What do you prefer- adding each spice individually or a pinch of Garam Masala?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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