Keya Pizza Masala Review - Mishry (2023)
keya pizza masala review

Keya Pizza Masala Review – Convenient But Salty (2024)

Sure, it’s high on convenience. But this is also high on salt. Keya Pizza Masala may not work across all dishes.

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Mishry Rating

Taste + Texture
3 / 5
4 / 5


Keya Pizza Seasoning would have made for a pantry staple if the salt levels would have been balanced. The high saltiness was a let-down. However, the garlic and oregano flavors were quite toothsome.

From beginners to pros, a little assistance in the kitchen is always appreciated. And what’s better than a mix that instantly uplifts the flavor profile?

Keya, a renowned herbs, seasonings, and canisters brand, added a new seasoning mix to their range. Their pizza masala is a coarse blend of oregano, dehydrated garlic, basil, and chili. In this Keya Pizza Masala review, we delve into details regarding the price, packaging, taste, texture, and more.

Can this level up a plain cheese pizza?


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Keya Pizza Masala – Quick Glance

Here’s all you need to know about Keya’s seasoning mix.

Keya Pizza Masala Product Details
Price Rs 30/-
Net Quantity 30 grams (5 x 6 grams)
Main Ingredients Iodized salt, dehydrated garlic, mixed spices, and herbs
Mishry Rating 3.5

Our Review Factors

We were looking for a balanced flavor profile, a fresh, herby aroma. In addition to these, we also gauged the convenience a packaged seasoning mix could offer.

1. Flavor

Was a favorable balance maintained? Herby, peppery, salty, spicy- would this seasoning in a sachet enhance a basic pizza, aglio oligo?

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What was the most prominent ingredient, flavor-wise?

2. Texture

Were the herbs and spices ground into a smooth powder? Or were they coarse and lent a unique texture to the bite?

3. Packaging

Canister, non-resealable pouch, or single-use sachets, how is this pizza masala packed?

4. Other Parameters

Under this sub-section, we recorded details of the price, packaging, and shelf life of Keya Pizza Masala. 

Keya Pizza Masala – Detailed Review

Price & Packaging

The outer resealable pack holds six 5-gram sachets. These individual sachets are single-use and cannot be resealed. 

We liked this style of packaging as it retains aroma and flavor for each use. A 30-gram pack is priced at Rs 30/-.

Main Ingredients

Iodized salt, dehydrated garlic, mixed spices and herbs (black pepper, chili, oregano (9%), basil)

keya pizza masala packaging
The larger pack holds six individual sachets.

How we tried it

Keya suggests sprinkling the pizza masala over pizza slices, pasta, garlic bread, and omlette.

We tasted it straight out of the pack and sprinkled some over a slice of cheese pizza, pasta, and even an omlette.

keya pizza masala on pizza
We tried it over a cheese pizza.

Flavor & Texture

Visually, this was a coarse mix of oregano, dehydrated garlic, basil, and some chili. We noticed a bold herby, garlic-dominant aroma. 

We noticed that despite being left open for a couple of hours, the aroma did not diminish.

When tasted dry, the masala was TOO salty, totally undesirable. The soft pungency of garlic was quite pleasing though. Oregano and chilli lent a desirable but balanced heat and herby flavor with some peppery notes. If only the salt level would have been balanced, we’d savor this seasoning with more meals.

Over the slice of pizza too, this tasted extremely salty bringing down the overall experience.

While seasoning our pasta with this, we added a lesser-than-usual quantity of salt which led to a well-seasoned, balanced pasta. We’d recommend using the same principle for an omlette.

keya pizza masala appearance
Super aromatic, this masala looked delicious.
Flavor + Texture- 3/5
Aroma- 4/5
  • The individual sachet packaging makes usage convenient.
  • This was a super aromatic seasoning mix.
  • The flavors of garlic and oregano were inviting.
  • This pizza masala was quite high on salt.

If you’re preparing pizza/pasta from scratch or need something to uplift the flavors of relatively bland meals like oatmeal or steamed vegetables, we’d recommend trying Keya Pizza Masala.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Keya Pizza Masala.

No, the spice is subtle. That said, this masala is high on salt.

Yes, you can use this masala to season pasta.

Yes, this is a 100% vegetarian masala. 

No, the masala is devoid of preservatives.

Final Words

With remarkable warm and herby flavors, Keya Pizza Masala is a convenient purchase. If only the salt levels were well-rounded, we would have liked this packaged seasoning more.

Oregano or chilli flakes, or both, what’s your pick for a slice of pizza?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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