Orika Italian Seasoning Review - Mishry (2024)
orika italian seasoning review

Orika Italian Seasoning Review – Perfect For Homemade Italian Food (2024)

Inviting aroma and flavors that we would go back for. Mishry gives the Orika Italian Seasoning a full 5!

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Mishry Rating

5 / 5
5 / 5


We love how well Orika's Italian Seasoning is packed. The aroma is inviting and the flavors intense. The seasoning has the ability to uplift even the simplest of dishes. Thumbs up from Team Mishry!

With the market aisles flooded with unending varieties of spice and seasoning mixes, choosing a versatile blend is key to flavorful meals. Italian seasoning is one such blend that comprises some earthy flavors laced with a sweet warmth and finally some peppery heat. Not just over a cheesy pizza slice or pasta base, from homemade dips to fresh leafy salads, a good quality Italian seasoning would evoke the aromas of Italy in your kitchen!

One of the relatively new entrants in this range is Orika by Paras Spices. From ground and whole spices to seasonings and mixes, Orika offers an extensive range. Since Italian seasoning tempted us the most, that is what we ordered. 

Here’s our Orika Italian seasoning review with crucial details on flavors, aroma, packaging, and other related aspects. 

More details on how we tried this below. 

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Orika Italian Seasoning – Everything You Need To Know

orika italian seasoning bottle

All you need to know about Orika Italian seasoning is discussed here.

1. Packaging

One 40-gram jar holds 50 sachets of the seasoning. Each sachet is 0.8 grams. We liked that the jar has a wide mouth, which makes it easy to procure the sachets with ease. The fact that these are individually packed in sachets, helps preserve the fresh aroma and taste as well.

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Thumbs up for this individual packaging.

2. Main Ingredients

The ingredients used are – Dehydrated garlic, Iodised salt, Herbs (oregano, basil), Black pepper, Red chili, Edible Vegetable oil (soy), Anticaking agent (INS 551).

3. Taste

Oregano, garlic, red chili and basil are the key ingredients that form an aromatic blend. Were we able to taste these individually and how harmoniously do all of these ingredients come together to make one flavorful blend? How beautifully does it uplift a plain dish of pasta/pizza?

4. Texture

Dried herbs have a crisp texture. Was this blend a fine powder or a granular mix? 

5. Appearance

Dried, crushed oregano leaves, dehydrated garlic bits, and specs of black pepper powder could be identified. 

6. Aroma

Intense, inviting, and reminiscent of a freshly prepared slice of pizza- this best describes the aroma of Italian seasoning. 

Does Orika bring this authentic aroma?

7. Price

A 40-gram jar is priced at Rs 99/-.

8. Shelf Life

The shelf life is 12 months.

Orika Italian Seasoning – Detailed Review

Orika Italian Seasoning Product Details
Price Rs 99
Net Quantity 40 grams
Main Ingredients Dehydrated garlic, Iodised salt, Herbs, Black pepper, Red chili
Shelf Life 12 months
Amazon Rating 4.6/5
How to purchase Buy now


We tested Orika’s Italian Seasoning with pasta. In 210 grams of boiled penne pasta we added 2 sachets of Orika Italian Seasoning and used olive oil to saute it. No fresh garlic, cream, veggies, salt or any other herb or spice were added. Our dish was sauceless and this helped us gauge the flavor of the seasoning on its own. The seasoning coats the pasta very nicely.

Before taste, the aroma indicates how fragrant a spice blend will be. And Orika doesn’t disappoint. The robust aroma of garlic and mixed herbs is inviting.

The pleasing pungency that dehydrated garlic offers, combined with the herby flavor of dried oregano and mild pepper kick is superb. For people with low-moderate salt tolerance, our bowl of pasta did not require any extra salt. Make sure you add this seasoning cautiously as it already contains salt and pepper. 

Something as basic as boiled pasta was also elevated, thanks to this well-rounded seasoning.

orika italian seasoning packaging
We liked the packaging of Orika Italian Seasoning.
orika italian seasoning on a spoon
Orika’s Seasoning has bits of dehydrated garlic and herbs like oregano.
closer look at orika italian seasoning
Closer look at the seasoning.
orika italian seasoning added to pasta in a pan
We tested the seasoning with olive oil and penne pasta. No other spices or herbs were added.
overhead look at orika italian seasoning in pasta
The seasoning coats the pasta very well.
closer look at orika italian seasoning added in pasta
Closer look at the pasta dish we prepared using Orika Italian Seasoning.


  • A 40-gram jar is priced at Rs 99
  • It has a shelf life of 12 months. 
  • Main Ingredients- Dehydrated Garlic, Iodised Salt, Herbs (Oregano, Basil), Black Pepper, Red Chili, Edible Vegetable Oil (Soy), Anticaking Agent (INS 551)


  • The single-serve packaging adds convenience, retains aroma and flavors. Full points for packaging.
  • This is a well-balanced seasoning which has the ability to enhance the flavor of a simple dish as well.
  • We love the intense, inviting flavor of garlic and oregano.


  • There is no con.

Best Suited For

While fresh herbs and garlic have a special, irreplaceable place in the kitchen while cooking Italian meals, the convenience a seasoning or a spice blend provides is always appreciated by those in a hurry. Orika Italian Seasoning is meant to enhance the taste of homemade pizzas, pastas, salads and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Orika Italian Seasoning.

1. Is this Italian seasoning good for health?

Seasoning and spice mixes are generally used in minute quantities. Therefore, they do not have a significant impact on health. That said, please check the sodium levels if you have blood pressure issues.

2. How many pouches are there in this 40gm pack?

There are 50 sachets, each holding 0.8 grams of content. 

3. Is the jar made of plastic or glass?

The sachets are stacked in a PET jar. 

4. Can this seasoning be used in pastas and pizzas?

Yes. Additionally, the brand also recommends using this mix over fruit salads, sauteed veggies, leafy salads, in dips and scrambled eggs, etc. 

5. Does this seasoning contain any preservatives?

This Italian seasoning is devoid of any preservatives. 

Final Words

Would we make this a pantry staple? Absolutely yes! We love the well-balanced blend of spices and herbs in this seasoning. Orika’s Italian Seasoning is a must-buy.

Have you tried Italian seasoning yet? Which brand do you use? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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