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Best Father's Day Breakfast Ideas

Surprise Your Father With These Easy Breakfast Recipes!

Presenting quick, easy, yet flavor-loaded dishes to prepare this Father’s Day. From sweet to savory, there’s an option for all preferences.

June is here. With the rains and a day dedicated to daddy dearest, here are ways you can make the day more special by starting it right. And what better start to a great day than a great breakfast?

In this post, you’ll find some quick, nutritious, and most importantly, delicious breakfast recipes for Father’s Day that’ll ensure an energizing start. From spicy to sweet, savory to mild, there’s one for all taste buds. Put on your aprons and chef hats, and let’s begin.

We have a list of both Indian and International breakfast/brunch recipes that you can recreate at home to make your Dad feel like a king.

Indian Breakfast Recipes For Father’s Day

1. Besan Chilla

Packed with flavors and convenience, besan chillas are not just easy to whip up, but make for a filling, wholesome breakfast option on Father’s Day. 

All you need is some Bengal gram flour, water, green chilli, and spices. Veggies and a protein source like paneer or cheese are optional, although highly recommended.

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Serving suggestion: Serve hot with toasted bread, pudina chutney, and a garma garam cup of masala chai.

Mishry’s “Work smart, not hard” Recommendation: You could also try a moong dal chilla premix, we have two recommendations

2. Paneer Paratha

Here’s the tastiest way to express appreciation for your dad, from pushing you to do your best, to keeping you far from troubles of the world.

These protein-packed parathas make a balanced lunch box option too. You will start by kneading some dough. Add some salt and crushed carom seeds while kneading.

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In another bowl or plate, crumble the paneer or grate it. Use spices like red chilli powder, sliced green chillies,cumin and coriander powder. Roll out two thin rotis. Add the stuffing on one and cover it with the second. Roll it again with the rolling pin, and add to a preheated tawa. It is advised to use ghee for a richer flavor and aroma. Cook evenly on both sides until browned.

Serving suggestion: Tamarind and jaggery infused curd or mint chutney.

Mishry’s “Work smart, not hard” Recommendation: These frozen aloo paratha taste homestyle and spell comfort.

3. Rava Idli

Although steamed idlis are fairly nutritious, if you’re looking to upgrade the nutrition value, semolina or rava is a good alternative. These have a lower glycemic index which makes it a diabetic-friendly breakfast idea for Father’s Day. 

Start by dry-roasting semolina until it turns aromatic. Let it cool and mix in water and curd until a thick yet flowy, pancake batter-like consistency is achieved. You can add sauteed carrots and beans at this stage. 

In an idli maker that has water, add the batter to the molds and set it inside the vessel. It takes around 5-7 minutes, based on the strength of the flame, temperature, and other factors. Insert a toothpick in the center of the idli. If it comes out clean, your idlis are ready to be served. 

Serving suggestion: This can be paired with sambhar and coconut chutney  for a favorable nutrition profile. 

Mishry’s “Work smart, not hard” Recommendation: A quick hack to prepare instant rava idli is with Organic Tattva Organic Masala Rava Idli Ready Mix.

For quick chutney preparation, you can use Haldiram’s Instant Coconut Chutney Powder

rava idli

4. Oats Upma

If your dad is one of those who frown at the sight of a plain ol’, milk-cooked porridge, and overnight oats are too sweet for him, we’ve got an alternative. Additionally, if your dad follows a vegan eating pattern, this is bound to excite his taste buds. 

To make this from scratch, take a cup of rolled or steel cut oats with some water. Add salt and chopped veggies and let this cook until the oats turn soft. At this stage, before all the water is soaked up, add seasonings, salt, and spices. Once all the water has dried up, garnish with some coriander leaves and serve hot with peanuts. 

Mishry’s “Work smart, not hard” Recommendation: You can check these instant masala oats we reviewed for a time-efficient option.


5. Uttapam

For this Father’s Day breakfast, you can use store-bought batter or make some at home. Soak rice with urad dal overnight. Cook them, let the mix cool, and blitz it in a blender. 

Right before cooking, add a pinch of baking soda. This will help the dosa or uttapam turn soft and fluffy. Like other recipes, preheat the tawa, add some salted butter, and spread the batter in a circular motion. Once one side is semi-cooked, add a potato-based stuffing or grate some cheese/paneer, and flip the dosa/uttapam. Let it cook from both sides. Serve with some filter coffee, sambar, and chutney. 

PS- you could add some chipotle sauce, schezwan chutney, hot and sweet sauce to jazz up the flavors. 

Serving suggestion: A piping hot bowl of sambar and some well-seasoned chutney would pair beautifully. 

Mishry’s “Work smart, not hard” Recommendation : You can either use a ready dosa or chilla mix. Haldiram’s Chutney Powder is a quick hack to prepare instant chutney at home. 


6. Veg Poha

This is a basic, everyday recipe. Rinse a cup of flattened rice for five minutes. Meanwhile, caramelized chopped onions until they turn translucent. At this point, add cubed potatoes with cumin seeds. Add in the flattened rice/poha, some roasted peanuts, with salt, spice, and turmeric. 

Garnish with some fine sev for that added crunch.

Serving suggestion: A cup of chai, as this snack has all elements- sugar, spice, crunch. 

Mishry’s “Work smart, not hard” Recommendation : We recommend trying MTR’s 3 Minute Poha if you are looking for a convenient way to prepare poha. 

poha breakfast

7. Aloo Poori

Best followed by a hearty nap, aloo poori is one of the most satisfying meals, making it one of the recommended Father’s Day brunch recipes. 

Preparing the sabzi is fairly simple. Cube potatoes and cook them with mustard, salt, and spices. You can add chopped green chillies, and garnish with curry leaves.

For the puri, knead some dough, roll it into thin, small rounds. Fry in hot oil until it fluffs up, and develops a golden surface. 

Serve this with a cup of chai and a big smile. 

Serving suggestion: some pickles, raita, papad, poori, sabji.

Mishry’s “Work smart, not hard” Recommendation : Add a tadkedaar flavor to your aloo ki sabji with Catch’s Shahi Garam Masala

aloo puri

8. Egg Bhurji

Another diabetic-friendly, healthy, and tasty Father’s Day breakfast is egg bhurji.

PS- vegetarian option can be made with paneer, and a vegan one with tofu. 

Add three eggs with yolk, turmeric, and salt to a bowl and beat until frothy, and set aside. Heat some cumin seeds in a pan with oil. Once it starts crackling, sautee onions with some ginger-garlic paste, and tomatoes. Once these have combined, add the egg yolk mix, scramble and cook until they are almost done. 

To take it up a notch, you could add this between two slices of bread and grill it. 

Serving suggestion: If serving as a sandwich, you can serve it alongside some mint chutney. 

egg bhurji

International Breakfast Recipes For Father’s Day

If you plan to add some international breakfast recipes for Father’s Day, we have listed few best options below :

9. Pancakes

Pancakes are synonymous to a hearty and fulfilling breakfast. Typically prepared using refined wheat flour, there are many ready pancake mixes available today in different flavors. For preparing this recipe, you can get store bought pancake mixes that will ease the preparation process. All you need to do is take the premix, mix in milk (as required), eggs/ butter and mix everything together. 

Serving Suggestion : Fresh berries, bananas, maple syrup, chocolate spread. 

Mishry’s “Work smart, not hard” Recommendation : Try making pancakes with this instant pancake mix by Betty Crocker


10. Bagel & Cream Cheese

Finding its roots in American cuisine, bagel and cream cheese makes for another excellent breakfast dish. It is easy to make and tastes delicious. Start by applying some cream cheese on a fresh bagel and you are all done. Toast it or serve it as is, the choice is yours! Top it with sliced avo,  cherry tomatoes or caramelized onions.

Serving suggestions – scrambled eggs, egg salad, tuna salad, jam or cooked bacon. 

Mishry’s “Work smart, not hard” Recommendation : We recommend using Crèmeitalia’s Cream Cheese for its fresh flavors.

cream cheese bagel

11. Smoothies

You can never go wrong with a glass of smoothie for breakfast. If your dad loves a quick and nutritious breakfast, smoothies are the best way that can come to your rescue. Ridiculously easy to make, these have the goodness of fruits, and get ready in a matter of seconds. 

Mishry’s “Work smart, not hard” Recommendation : Prepare a lip-smacking smoothie without any efforts with these instant smoothies mixes from Frugease.


The End

And that’s a wrap on Father’s Day breakfast ideas. From high-protein to diabetic-friendly to vegan, we have shared flavorful recipes for one and all. With our list of recipes. you are surely going to find something interesting that your dad will definitely love. 

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