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betty crocker pancake mix review

Betty Crocker Complete Pancake Mix Review- Original & Buttermilk

Will our quest to make a stack of fluffy pancakes be fulfilled by Betty Crocker’s Complete Pancake Mix? Let’s find out.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


Betty Crocker Pancake mixes are commendable. Considering these mixes are eggless, the fluffy texture was a delightful surprise. These are unflavored which means you can top them as you like.

Some like it with a drizzle of maple syrup, others prefer chocolate spread or even berries. That’s right, we’re talking about pancakes.

Betty Crocker offers ready-to-use pancake mixes that are 100% vegetarian as they are prepared without eggs. In our Betty Crocker Pancake mix review, we decode whether an eggless mix can yield the same fluffy texture.

Original or Buttermilk, which one should you pick?

Key details of both Betty Crocker Pancakes are listed in the following table.

Betty Crocker Pancake Mix Buy Now Mishry Rating
Original On Amazon 4
Buttermilk On Amazon 4

Our Review Factors

What were we looking for in our Betty Crocker Pancake mix review?

The taste, texture, and overall convenience were our prime review factors. We also checked and highlighted the key differences between the two variants.

1. Flavor

Balanced sweetness and a fresh, non-synthetic flavor is what we were looking for. 

How did the Original variant taste? Was the Buttermilk one sour? Did the pancakes need toppings, or was the taste pleasing as is?

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2. Texture

Pancakes must have a soft, fluffy bite. They should be a bit heightened, thick and when pressed, the surface should bounce back up. 

Could Betty Crocker eggless pancake mixes recreate this?

3. Ease of Preparation

How many ingredients does this call for from the pantry? Is the preparation beginner-friendly? Are the pancakes quick-cooking? How did we rate this on mixability?

4. Other Parameters

The price, packaging, shelf life, and nutritional values were gauged in this section.

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Betty Crocker Pancake Mix – Detailed Review

For our Betty Crocker Pancake mix review, we ordered two variants- Original and Buttermilk. 

The Original variant was initially reviewed in 2018.

1. Original

Price & Packaging

The pancake mix is sealed in a pouch which is placed inside the carton. These are not resealable. The 500-gram carton is priced at Rs 225/- and has a shelf life of 

Main Ingredients

Refined wheat flour, sugar, rice flour, soya flour, edible vegetable oil (palm), baking powder, dextrose, iodized salt, raising agents (INS 500 (II), INS 341 (I), milk solids, anticaking agent (INS 170 (I)). 

The powder was sealed in a pouch and further in a carton.

How we made it

Batter- According to the instructions given on the pack, to make the batter, we added water to the dry mix and stirred continuously till it was completely lump-free. We used 250 grams of pancake mix and added 325 ml of water to it to make a thick batter.

Pancakes- We used a stainless steel pan and added oil to it. We added one ladle full of batter to the pan and covered it with a lid for 1-2 minutes. It was a bit difficult to toss it as it was sticking to the pan. So, we switched the pan to a non-stick one. We added 1 tsp of oil and once the pan was hot, we added a ladle full of batter. This time, the pancakes made on the non-stick pan were easy to flip and turned out to be very fluffy.

betty crocker-pancake mix
The batter-making process.

Taste & Texture

250 grams of the pancake mix + 325 ml water yielded nine medium-sized pancakes. 

The pancakes were soft and fluffy. They had a tender yet slightly chewy bite. Taste-wise, the pancakes were fresh but bland. This offers the liberty to add your preferred toppings like chocolate spread, cream, fruits, nuts, maple syrup, honey, etc. 

betty crocker pancake mix 4
The mixability was fairly effortless.
Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
  • The instructions are spot-on, no adjustments needed.
  • This is a fairly economical option.
  • The mixability is quite effortless.
  • The pancakes were fresh-tasting.
  • We LOVED the texture.

Baking soda too little? Too much? Pancakes turning flat? Dense? 

You may want to try a ready-to-use mix like Betty Crocker’s Original Pancake mix. 

2. Buttermilk

Price & Packaging

The overall packaging is almost identical except the flavor tag is pink as compared to Original’s blue. A 500-gram carton is priced at Rs 250/- and has a shelf life of nine months.

One serving is approximately 21.7 grams of the dry mix. 

betty crocker pancake mix buttermilk packing
The outer carton held clear instructions and labels.
betty crocker pancake mix raw
This was a fine powder.

Main Ingredients

Refined wheat flour, sugar, rice flour, soy flour, edible vegetable oil (palm), baking powder, dextrose, natural flavoring substances (butter and cream), iodized salt, milk solids, raising agents (INS 341 (I), INS 500 (II), anticaking agent (INS 170 (I)). 

How we made it

For the Buttermilk variant, we also made crepes and waffles, in addition to pancakes. The process of preparing pancakes was the same. 

For making crepes, we took 140 grams of the pancake mix and added 300 ml of milk, the ratio was 1:2. The wet and dry ingredients were mixed until the batter developed a smooth consistency. 


After the pan was heated and greased using Amul butter, we poured two tablespoons of the batter and rotated the pan in such a manner that the batter would cover the entire surface. Once both sides turned golden brown, we folded the crepe into a quarter and served it warm. This made six crepes.


280 grams of the pancake mix with 350 ml milk makes six waffles and these are the quantities we added. 

Once the batter was ready, we heated and greased the waffle maker. The batter was poured right in the center, and we waited for approximately five minutes after shutting the lid. 

betty crocker pancake mix preparing the batter
We mixed milk in the pancaked mix to make a batter.
betty crocker pancake mix crepe
We used the Buttermilk variant to prepare crepes, pancakes, and waffles.

Taste & Texture


The pancakes were soft and spongy. They developed a fluffy bite, a pillowy softness. Taste-wise, the sweetness was barely there. The pancakes taste fresh but need some toppings to turn appetizing. A commendable point was these did not have the slightest tang. As they are labeled Buttermilk, we anticipated some tanginess/sourness but were delighted to find out it was missing. The taste was quite identical to the Original variant.

We tried the pancakes with Hershey’s chocolate sauce and some honey and these tasted heavenly.

Buttermilk in my pancake batter, why?

Buttermilk is acidic in nature and this property helps break down the gluten resulting in soft and fluffy pancakes. When buttermilk reacts with baking soda, it makes the batter light. 


The crepes were soft and moist, like they usually are. They had browned well in under five minutes. The taste was fresh and natural but just like pancakes, the crepes too need some toppings. 


The waffles had cooked through quite well and had a soft bite. We drizzled some butter and maple syrup on the waffles. 

betty crocker pancake mix ready to eat buttermilk
These were served with maple syrup and Hershey's chocolate sauce.
Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
  • Considering this is an eggless mix, the texture was remarkable, soft and fluffy. 
  • The versatility is commendable (pancakes, crepes, waffles)
  • These are priced appropriately.
  • There was no undesirable aftertaste.
  • The instructions were easy to follow. 

Need a headstart for breakfast? Craving a Western breakfast? Here’s a shortcut- Betty Crocker Buttermilk pancake mix. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Betty Crocker Pancake Mix

The pancakes mixes are made of refined flour, sugar, rice flour, edible vegetable oil, and other ingredients. 

You are required to add milk to the pancake mix to turn it into a batter. 

However, the pancakes can be made with water too. Just add an egg to reduce the quantity of milk/water required and achieve the same consistency.

500 grams of the pancake mix would yield 22-24 medium-sized pancakes. 

Yes, the pancake mix (Buttermilk) contains natural flavoring substances like butter and cream. 

You must store the leftover pancake mix in an airtight container, in a cool and dry place. 

Final Words

Easily one of the tastiest breakfast we’ve had in our HQ. Betty Crocker Pancake mixes are not only easy to prepare but also offer the perfect texture and mouthfeel with a pretty great taste. The customization options are endless!

Pancakes, crepes, or waffles, what’s your pick?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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