Best Butterscotch Ice Cream Bricks in India - Mishry (2023)
butterscotch ice cream brick

Best Butterscotch Ice Cream Bricks in India – Mishry (2024)

Not just fresh but creamy, not just milky but with the highest butterscotch content- Havmor featured the best taste and texture.

Summer nights, some family time and MASSIVE bowls of ice creams – this is what heaven feels like.

Butterscotch ice cream, just like chocolate and vanilla, is a classic flavor that is relished across the globe. In an attempt to find the tastiest, the creamiest, we reviewed four contenders in our best butterscotch ice cream brick brands. Why bricks? Butterscotch isn’t a flavor you would pick to have as is on a stick anyway. Bricks define gatherings, which is why we chose to review this in large family-packs.

Of the 4 brands we reviewed, Havmor was unanimously chosen as a Top Pick. Details down below.

Key details on the contenders have been mentioned in the table below. 

Butterscotch Ice Cream Bricks Mishry Rating Buy Now
HavmorMishry Top Pick 4.5 On Amazon
Mother Dairy  – Also Recommended 4.25 On Amazon
Cream Bell 3.5
Kwality Walls 3 On Amazon
butterscotch ice cream brick contenders

Our Review Process

The process of reviewing was quite practical. We compared the ingredients of the contenders, followed by a visual assessment to check the formation of icy surfaces, if any, and ended this with a taste test.

Our review initially included contenders like Vadilal and Amul, but after days of searching for the ice cream cart/flavor in different parts of Delhi NCR, we had to drop them due to unavailability. Though we do not rate contenders on this aspect, it is crucial when viewed with a macro vision. 

Our Review Factors

How did we form the best butterscotch ice cream brick review? What were we looking for, what were our parameters, other similar questions have been answered. 

Taste and texture, being the primary review-forming parameters, we also took into account certain nutritional facts. 

1. Taste

Many are of the opinion that butterscotch is essentially the same flavor as toffee or caramel. While the ingredients used are similar, it’s the heating process and proportions that give these three a distinct flavor.

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Despite being used interchangeably, butterscotch has a salty edge that mellows out the sugar-butter combination while eliminating any bitterness. 

For this review, we looked for ice cream devoid of synthetic flavors and rancid aftertastes. With a rounded sweetness, we looked for an intense butterscotch flavor. 

2. Texture

Any well-churned ice cream is rich, creamy, and has a uniform texture. An absence of an icy layer is key. We’d appreciate that contender with a substantial quantity of butterscotch bits, instead of being completely smooth. 

3. Non Taste-Based Parameters

Here, the price, packaging, shelf life, ingredients, overall quality were assessed.

Do note that while we appreciate clean labels, butterscotch ice creams usually contain food color and artificial flavorings. Which is why we did not consider them as negative markers. We did look at the main ingredients, percentage of vegetable fat/milk solids used and if they are labeled correctly as frozen desserts/ice creams.

Butterscotch Ice cream Brands – Detailed Review

Our experience with each contender has been explained in the following section. Brand-offered details like price, ingredients, shelf life have also been listed. 

1. Havmor – Mishry Top Pick

Our Experience

This butterscotch ice cream had the best flavor. The sweetness was well-balanced with a desirable flavor of butterscotch. We also tasted a pleasing, fresh milky flavor.

Next, the texture and mouthfeel. It was smooth with the maximum quantity of butterscotch bits. We appreciate how there was no icy layer formed at the top.

butterscotch ice cream brick havmor
Our top pick was smooth and creamy with a substantial quantity of butterscotch bits.

Product Details

This is made using Added water, Milk solids, Sugar, Chikki (9.6% – Sugar, cashew, liquid glucose, Milk solids), Emulsifiers (INS471, INS 433) and stabilizers (INS466, INS412, INS407a, INS415, INS410), Artificial  butterscotch flavoring substances, Synthetic and natural food colors (INS102, INS150d). 

100 ml of this ice cream offers 125 Kcal with 15 grams of sugar. 

This 700-ml carton is priced at Rs 200/- and has a shelf life of one year. 

Taste- 4.5/5
Texture- 4.5/5
  • No icy layer
  • Balanced sweetness
  • Bold butterscotch flavor
  • Ample butterscotch bits
  • Fresh milkiness
  • Creamy mouthfeel

From a simple scoop to an elaborate milkshake, we recommend Havmor’s ice cream for all things butterscotch.

2. Mother Dairy

Our Experience

With a comparable sweetness to that of our Top Pick, the butterscotch flavor intensity in Mother Dairy was slightly lower. This is to say that the vanilla-like floral sweetness was more pronounced here. The milky flavor and freshness were on point.

The texture was almost as good as Havmor, there was no layer of ice formed and it had a premium mouthfeel. There was no grittiness. 

butterscotch ice cream brick mother dairy
This featured a good balance of flavors and textures.

Product Details

A tub holds 700 ml of ice cream and is priced at Rs 270/- This has a shelf life of nine months and the ingredients are Water, Milk Solids, Sugar, Butterscotch Crackles (8% (Sugar and Cashew Nuts), Stabilizers & Emulsifiers (412, 410, 407, 471, 466), Natural, Nature-Identical & Artificial Flavouring Substances (Butterscotch) and Food Colour (102).

Per 100 ml this offers 193 Kcal with 25 grams of sugar. 

Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4.5/5
  • Fresh and milky
  • Quite sweet
  • Smooth and creamy mouthfeel
  • Crunchy butterscotch bits
  • Butterscotch flavor is comparatively low

This is a good option if you like a blend of butterscotch and vanilla.

3. Cream Bell

Our Experience

This product by Cream Bell is not labeled an ice cream, it is a frozen dessert. 

The classic butterscotch flavor was barely present. This was primarily only sweet and the creamy texture was average. 

Are frozen desserts and ice creams not the same? How?

To be classified as ice cream, the product must contain a minimum of 10% milk fat. Anything less and it is a frozen dessert. Typically, milk or milk solids would be one of the top three ingredients in ice cream. ‘Water, sugar, palm oil (or some fat)’ is how the ingredient list of a frozen dessert would look like. 

butterscotch ice cream brick cream bell
The butterscotch flavor was barely present.

Product Details

Made using Water, Sugar, Milk Solids, Edible Vegetable Oil (Refined Palm Oil), Chikki (8% – Sugar, Cashew Nut, Wheat Crunch), Maltodextrin, Permitted Emulsifying Agents (INS 433, 471) & Stabilizing Agents (INS 407, 410, 412, 466), Permitted Synthetic Food Colour (INS 102) and Flavour (Nature Identical and Artificial Flavouring Substances (Butterscotch)].

One tub has 840 ml (700 + 140) and is priced at Rs 130/ – The shelf life is of a year. 

Taste- 3.5/5
Texture- 3.5/5
  • Weak butterscotch flavor
  • Not as creamy

4. Kwality Wall’s

Our Experience

Owing to the fact that this is made using 10.2% vegetable oil, this is a frozen dessert as well, not ice cream. While the texture was fairly decent, the taste was a big thumbs down. 

Sadly, the sandy flavor of the carton had seeped into the froze dessert, diminishing the flavor notes. Eventually, this was sweet with a box-like taste. 

As for the texture, the creaminess was okay, not too extraordinary in comaprison.

butterscotch ice cream brick kwality walls
The ice cream absorbed some flavor of the cardboard carton.

Product Details

A 700-ml tub is priced at Rs 150/- with a one-year shelf life. 

The main ingredients are Water, Sugar  butterscotch con dictionary (10.36% – Sugar, Cashew nuts, butter), Palm oil milk solids, liquid glucose, emulsifier E471, Vegetable protein (soy), Stabiliser (E412, 417, 407, 410), Nature identical (cream caramel) and artificial butterscotch flavoring substances Food color (E102)

100 ml offers 123 Kcal with 14.6 grams of sugar. 

Taste- 3/5
Texture- 3/5
  • The flavor of the carton had seeped in.
  • Texture can be improved

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

Of the four contenders, we chose Havmor as our Top Pick.  We recommend Mother Dairy. Why?

It is because these didn’t just showcase balanced sweetness with a prominent butterscotch flavor, but also the texture and mouthfeel were premium. The absence of an icy layer was a bonus.  

butterscotch ice cream brick overview
And our reviewing process went like...

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on best butterscotch ice cream brick brands.

Yes, none of these ice creams or frozen desserts use eggs. 

Yes, you can prepare elaborate milkshakes, smoothie bowls, etc. 

Yes, they contain artificial flavors, food colors, and stabilizers. 

Yes, all contenders contain cashew nuts. 

These have a shelf life of nine to twelve months and must be consumed within that period. 

Final Verdict

Sweet with a hint of salt, our review of the best butterscotch ice cream bricks had us finding not one, but two favorites. Both Havmor and Mother Dairy featured balanced flavors with creamy textures. That said, Havmor was comparatively better which is why we titled it our Top Pick. 

Chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch- which classic is your go-to?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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