Anveshan Raw Multi-Floral Honey Review
anveshan raw organic multi-floral honey review

Anveshan Raw Multi-Floral Honey Review

Anveshan’s honey is raw and multi-floral. More on color, clarity and taste in our article.

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Anveshan Honey has a dark golden color. It is thick but is easy to drizzle on pancakes and toast. This is a sweet-tasting honey with a warm, fresh aroma.

This golden liquid is a goldmine of benefits. Used as a sure shot remedy for cold and cough, honey has re-emerged as one of the most sought-after alternatives to refined sugar.

As promising as this deliciousness sounds, the market is saturated. While this may seem like a good thing as you get hundreds of different options to choose from, ensuring your honey is not loaded with sugar is essential. We all know, not all honey is created equally. There’s organic, flavored, raw/unprocessed, unfiltered to name a few. Confused? 

Well, don’t be. We have been reviewing several new and old honey brands so you can buy better. This review goes through the 100% raw, unfiltered, unprocessed, and chemical-free honey by Anveshan. Learn more about this immunity booster in our Anveshan Raw Multi-floral Honey review.

anveshan raw organic multi-floral honey bottle and contents
This multi-floral honey has a rich golden color.

Anveshan Multi-Floral Honey is sourced directly from beekeepers. This sourcing method ensures purity and nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes remain intact. In addition, their honey is FSSAI certified. 

1. Packaging

This unprocessed honey comes in glass jars. The glass jar is first placed in a thermocol box and further packed in a cardboard box for maximum safety. 

2. Container Quality

The jar is made of glass. It is recommended to pack and store honey in glass jars because they do a better job of keeping the moisture at bay.

3. Ingredients 

Natural honey is the only ingredient used by the brand. 

4. Color, Clarity, and Consistency

The three C’s of honey – Color, Clarity, and Consistency.

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The honey by Anveshan has a luscious dark golden color. It’s clear honey, and we could not see any free-floating parts. The consistency is thick, but it flows easily. 


Did you know that the color of honey has nothing to do with purity? Depending on the flowers the bees feed on, the color of honey may vary. So honey can go from almost colorless to a dark, amber golden color.

5. Flavor

The flavor of the honey depends on the flowers the bees buzzed on. If it’s multi-floral honey, the taste may vary from lightly floral to more fruity.

Anveshan’s multi-floral honey has a warm, fresh aroma and sweet taste. There is no bitter or sour aftertaste.

6. Serving Recommendations

This multi-floral honey can be drizzled over a stack of pancakes, be added to green/milk teas, with smoothies/milkshakes, oatmeal, and granolas.

7. Nutritional Information

Per 100 g, this honey offers 290 kcal of energy. There are 77 g of carbohydrates (76 g of which is sugar which is naturally occurring, not added).

8. Available Sizes

The honey is available in two sizes -250 grams and 500 grams.  

9. Price

The 250 g jar is priced at INR 250. 

Anveshan Raw Multi-Floral Honey – Detailed Review

Here are some more details about Anveshan Ayurvedic honey. 

Anveshan Multi-Floral Honey Product Details
Price INR 250
Quantity 250 g
Ingredients 100% natural honey
Shelf Life Six months


Our Anveshan Honey review was performed over stages. First, the dry testing, checking its color and consistency. Then we tasted the honey raw. How does it taste? Is it too sweet?  Lastly, we added a (teaspoon) of this multi-floral honey to our cup of green tea.

anveshan honey bottle contents in a glass jar
It comes with the honey dipper/wand.
anveshan honey texture
This honey is thick but flowy.
closer look at anveshan honey texture and consistency
This raw honey looks clear.


  • This chemical-free honey is the wildflower variant. 
  • It is a good source of antioxidants like flavonoids.
  • This product is a result of quality products that come straight from farms. 
  • This multi-floral honey can be added to DIY face packs. 
  • Glass jars of 250 g and 500 g are available.
  • This product has a shelf life of six months. 


  • The honey has a beautiful dark golden color.
  • The honey is clear.
  • It has a thick consistency but is flowy.
  • We liked the warm, fresh taste and aroma of the honey.

Best Suited For

If you’re looking for a jar full of pure honey, Anveshan is a brand you could consider. It is made with wildflower honey and is devoid of added chemicals or sugar.

This unprocessed honey is completely raw and unfiltered. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Anveshan Raw Multi-Floral Honey.

1. Is it true that this honey is adulterated and the consistency is very thin?

No, this honey is 100% raw, pure, and unprocessed.

2. Can this honey also be applied to hair and face?

Yes, it is safe for external use. However, performing a patch test first is advised. 

3. Is this honey FSSAI certified?

Yes, this honey is FSSAI certified. 

4. Can this product be consumed by children below 3 years?

Yes, it can be given to young kids (over one year) as a cough suppressant and an alternative to refined sugar, upon your doctor’s advice.

Final Words

Anveshan’s honey is clear and has a luscious dark golden color. It is a raw, unfiltered, multi-floral honey that we loved adding to our cup of green tea and over a stack of pancakes. 

We enjoyed this sweet treat by Anveshan. Have you tried the multi-floral honey by Anveshan yet?

Psst..Do you think crystallized honey is unsafe to consume? Read this and bust this myth!

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