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Top 3 Ready-To-Eat Chicken Momos Available Online in India

Juicy, succulent stuffing and thin casing – Prasuma’s Original Chicken Momos are our Top Pick.

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There are very few foods that bring out a collective squeal of excitement when presented in front of you. Momos being one of them. Momos, in India, are available in a variety of stuffings – from vegetables, paneer and soya to a meaty mutton or chicken stuffing. Earlier we reviewed three brands of frozen vegetarian momos and picked a clear winner. Chicken momos were next!

As momos pick more pace in the frozen food aisle, we ordered three popular and easily available brands of chicken momos for our review – Prasuma, WOW! Momos and Sumeru. We tested them using two methods and the Original Chicken momos by Prasuma as the best frozen chicken momos. We Also Recommend the Chicken Darjeeling momos by WOW! Momos. 

Best Ready-to-Eat Momos Online- Everything You Need To Know

ready to eat chicken momos variants
The brands of chicken momos we tried.

This section discusses the brands we reviewed to find the best packaged chicken momos. We also throw light on their availability, sizes, price range and packaging.

1. Reviewed Brands

For our review we picked three easily available brands in Delhi NCR through online portals – 

  • Prasuma Momos
  • WOW! Momos
  • Sumeru

Due to unavailability or limited availability, brands like SteamUp Momos Fattiger and Momo King, weren’t a part of the review.

2. Available Sizes

All the brands have different sized packages. You can choose as per your requirement. 

  • Prasuma’s Original Chicken Momos come in two sizes – 10 pieces and 24 pieces.
  • WOW! Momos comes in two sizes – 10 pieces and 20 pieces. 
  • Sumeru Chicken Momos comes in a single sized pack of 8 pieces. 

3. Price Range

A portion of frozen chicken momos containing 8-10 momos/pack are priced between Rs 115/- and  Rs 175/-.

4. Packaging

Depending on the amount of momos inside, frozen chicken momos come in two types of packaging – tray packs and pouch packs.

Best Frozen Chicken Momos- Our Review Factors

To review the non-vegetarian frozen momos, we set four broad parameters

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1. The Stuffing – Flavor

The stuffing of chicken momos should be juicy and succulent. We wanted to check if the stuffing of the momos was juicy and tender. Are the momos well seasoned? How are the spice levels? Any dominant spice or herbs?

2. The Casing – Thickness And Texture 

An extremely thick casing can feel doughy and reduce the overall experience of eating a momo. If the casing is too thin and delicate, it can lead to a lot of breakage.

During our review we wanted to check how thick or thin the casing/wrapper was. If the casing is on the thicker side, is it too doughy and undercooked? Does it have uniform folds? Was the casing seasoned on its own?

3. Stuffing To Casing Ratio

A big, juicy, wholesome bite is what makes momos a satisfying treat. Without that balance in the stuffing to casing ratio, you might feel disgruntled. Are there any empty pockets in the momos? Is the casing to stuffing ratio balanced and satisfactory?

4. The Chutney

The momo chutney is actually that supporting character which binds the whole storyline together. Momo sauce/chutney is an essential part of the whole momo eating experience, making this a crucial element in our review process. This shouldn’t be a mild, sweet sauce. It is supposed to be spicy with a prominent garlicky punch. 

We wanted to check if a momo dipping sauce was provided by the brand or not. If yes, how many sachets do they provide? What is the color and consistency of the sauce? How does it taste – sweet, spicy, tangy?

5. Value For Money

Is the pack of frozen momos priced competitively? Does the pricing justify the pricing of the product? If the product is priced higher than its competition, why?

6. Appearance

What is the shape of the momos? How are they folded? Any pieces of momos that burst open? Is there any uniformity in shape and size?

Best Ready-to-Eat Chicken Momos – Detailed Review

For our best ready-to-eat chicken momos, we compared the price, shelf life, quantity of momos, chutney sachets per pack and ingredients.

Frozen Chicken Momos Brands Buy Now
Prasuma – Top Pick Add To Cart
WOW – Also Recommended


To review the best frozen chicken momos we tested them using two popular methods of cooking – steaming and deep frying. We did not use pan-frying or microwaving method to test the momos as Sumeru momos cannot be cooked/heated using those techniques.

For the steaming method, we used a rice cooker. We oiled the steaming plate well and placed all the momos and steamed them as per the time mentioned on the pack. We deep fried the momos in refined oil on medium flame. Once they were golden brown, we drained the excess oil and served them.

The chutneys were served alongside their own brand of momos. 

ready to eat chicken momos in a steamer
Our first batch of chicken momos in the steamer.

1. Prasuma Chicken Momos Original – Mishry Top Pick

We ordered the 24 piece pack of Prasuma Chicken Momos (original). They come in a resealable pack. None of the pieces were sticking to each other and neither did they break. They all were a uniform crescent shape. 

When steamed, the filling is made of minced chicken and binds well.  When we deep fried them, the casing became crispy and browned evenly. We liked how juicy and well seasoned the chicken stuffing is. Another factor that Prasuma aces is the consistent thin casing. The only thing that could be improved is the casing to filling ratio. 

The main reason Prasuma trumped the other two brands is the fact that this had the tastiest meat and the best casing.

Coming to the sauce! Taste and consistency wise, it is closer to a tomato ketchup than a fiery-red momo sauce.

Earlier, we reviewed all the flavors of Prasuma Momos. You can read the details here.

prasuma chicken momos in a plate
Prasuma Chicken Momos.
closer look at prasuma chicken momos in a plate
Closer look at the Prasuma Chicken Momos.
steamed prasuma chicken momos in a plate
Steamed chicken momos by Prasuma.
cross sectional view of prasuma chicken momos
The chicken stuffing of the Prasuma Momos.
fried prasuma chicken momos in a plate
Deep fried chicken momos.
prasuma chicken momos sauce texture
A look at the momo sauce given by Prasuma.


  • A pack of 10 pieces is priced at Rs 175/-. A pack of 24 pieces is priced at Rs 295/-.
  • Number of chutney sachets – 2 sachets in a 10 piece pack, 4 sachets in a 24 piece pack
  • Calories per piece – 41.50 Kcal
  • This is preservative free.
  • The momos are fully cooked and just need to be heated.
  • The momos can be heated using four methods – In a microwave, in a steamer, pan-fry and deep fry.
  • Shelf life – Best before 9 months from packaging.
  • Ingredients – Chicken meat, Refined wheat flour (maida), Water, Onion, Butter, Spices and condiments, Flavor enhancer, Emulsifier, Acidity regulator.
  • Made from hormone and antibiotic residue free chicken.
  • Allergen advice -Contains wheat and may contain traces of soybean and celery.
  • This packet of momos contains Monosodium Glutamate.

What We Liked

  • We liked the thin, uniform casing of the momos.
  • The chicken stuffing is juicy and delicious.
  • The seasoning is spot on.
  • We liked the crunch of the casing when we deep fried them.

What We Didn’t Like

  • There are two things that need improvement – the casing to stuffing ratio and the momo chutney.

Best Suited For

Frozen momos pack in a lot of convenience when you do not want to order in or make them at home from scratch. If you are looking for a chicken momo without it being too spicy, this is the option for you.

2. Wow! Momo Chicken Darjeeling Momos – Also Recommended 

We ordered the 10 piece WOW! Momo Darjeeling Chicken Momo for our review. The 10-piece pack contains two sauce sachets. The orange-yellow pack is resealable. None of the pieces were broken.

When we steam the momos, the chicken meat becomes plump and binds well. Upon frying the casing becomes crispy. Flavorwise, the seasoning is a little underwhelming. We liked the perfect balance between the casing and stuffing.

The sauce that comes with WOW! Momos has a very unidimensional chilli heat that hits the back of the throat. People who love a very spicy chutney might like it, we did not like it as much.

wow chicken momos in a plate
WOW! Momo Chicken Darjeeling Momos.
closer look at wow chicken momos in a plate
Closer look at the WOW! Chicken Momos.
steamed wow chicken momos in a plate
Plate of steamed WOW! Chicken Momos.
fried wow chicken momos in a plate
Deep fried chicken momos by WOW! Momo.
wow chicken momos sauce texture
A look at the sauce of the chicken momos.


  • A pack of 10 pieces is priced at Rs 155/-. A pack of 20 pieces is priced at Rs 275/-.
  • Number of chutney sachets in a pack of 20 pieces is 4. The 10 piece pack has 2 sachets.
  • Calories per 100 grams – 225.68 Kcal
  • No added MSG.
  • No added preservatives.
  • Shelf life – Best before 9 months from packaging.
  • Ingredients – Chicken, Refined wheat flour, Margarine and fat spread, Onion, Coriander, Ginger, Black pepper, Refined oil, Maltodextrin powder, Iodised salt, Flavor enhancer, Yeast extract, Flavour, Soya flour, Nature identical flavoring substances, Anticaking agent, Starch, Flour treatment agent
  • Allergen advice – Contains wheat and may have traces of soya.
  • The momos can be made using a number of ways – Microwave, Steaming, Deep frying and pan frying (Kothey momos).

What We Liked

  • We liked the thin casing of the momos.
  • The stuffing to casing ratio is the best in WOW! Momo.
  • The coriander in the momo stuffing is pleasant.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The seasoning of the chicken stuffing needs some improvement.
  • The chutney has an extremely unidimensional heat which is not tasty.

3. Sumeru Chicken Momos

Sumeru’s chicken momos are halal and come in a single sized pack which holds about 8 round shaped pieces of momos. 

This has soya in it which dominates everything else. It overshadows the presence of chicken meat and reduces its flavor. The momo stuffing was very rubbery and devoid of meaty juiciness. Our Sumeru Chicken Momos review was done using two methods, steaming and deep frying. Both methods had a disappointing result.

The chutney too, was very liquidy with oil floating on top. It’s not a well blended sauce and we do not recommend this. In fact when we tried dunking in the sauce, the chutney didn’t really stick to the momo.

sumeru chicken momos packaged contents
Sumeru Chicken momos come in a tray pack.
closer look at sumeru chicken momos in a plate
Closer look at the chicken momos by Sumeru.
Steamed chicken momos by Sumeru
Steamed chicken momos by Sumeru.
sumeru chicken momos sauce texture
The chutney is thin and lacks flavor.
cross sectional view of sumeru chicken momos
Cross sectional view of the Sumeru Chicken Momos.
fried sumeru chicken momos in a plate
Deep fried Sumeru Chicken Momos.


  • The price of the Sumeru Chicken Momos (200 grams/8 piece) is Rs 115/-.
  • The shelf life of the momos is 9 months.
  • Number of chutney sachets in a pack is 2.
  • It comes with a single disposable plastic box that holds the momo sauce.
  • Energy per 100 grams – 322 Kcal
  • Ingredients (Wrap) – Refined wheat flour, Water, Refined soybean oil, Soy protein, Corn starch
  • Ingredients (Stuffing) – Chicken meat (25%), Onion, Soya TVP, Edible vegetable fat, Iodised salt, Black pepper, Broth powder (Salt, Dextrose, Maltodextrin powder, Yeast extract, Sugar, Corn starch, Nature identical flavoring substances, Refined soybean oil, Anti caking agent, Flavor enhancer, Acidifying agent, Spices and condiments, Artificial flavoring substances, Soybean oil, Ginger, Green chilli, Garlic, Coriander.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The casing is the thickest.
  • We did not like the stuffing at all. The chicken to soya ratio is highly mismatched.
  • The seasoning is not delicious.
  • The meat is not tender or juicy.
  • The texture and flavor of the chutney and the momos need a lot of improvement.

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

Why did we choose Prasuma Original Chicken Momos as our Top Pick? Why do we Also Recommend WOW! Darjeeling Chicken Momos?

We chose Prasuma Original Chicken Momos as our Top Pick because it has the thinnest, most consistent casing. Along with that it has the most well-seasoned and tastiest chicken filling.

We also recommend WOW! Momo Darjeeling Chicken Momos because of its thin casing. The chicken to casing ratio was the best in these momos. It was a minor step-down from Prasuma because of the seasoning of the stuffing. At no point did either of the brands feel doughy or undercooked.

The chutneys by both the brands did not work for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on the best ready-to-eat frozen chicken momos.

1. Do these momos contain Atta or maida?

All the three contenders of frozen chicken momos have a refined wheat flour (maida) casing.

2. Are these momos microwave safe?

While you can heat the Prasuma Momos in a microwave, it is not recommended as it hardens the casing too quickly. 

3. How to deep fry these ready-to-eat momos?

Deep frying the momos is very simple. Like most ready-to-eat frozen foods, you just need to dunk them in hot oil on medium flame until crisp and brown. There is no need to thaw these momos.

4. Is it healthy to eat frozen Chicken momos?

Frozen chicken momos surely pack in a lot of convenience but they aren’t particularly healthy. It is not recommended to consume them regularly as some variants contain MSG and are made using maida. A fresh, homemade meal is incomparable. 

5. How long should I keep the momos after opening the seal?

Re-seal the pack properly and make sure you store it correctly. For more details on storage of momos read the label carefully.

Final Verdict – Best Frozen Chicken Momos

Chicken momos are juicy and succulent and pack in a lot of flavor, making them one of the most popular street foods in India.

In our quest to find the best frozen chicken momos, we picked three popular brands. After testing them using two popular methods we chose Prasuma Original Chicken Momos as our Top Pick. We Also Recommend WOW! Momo Chicken Darjeeling Momos. 

Which frozen momos brand have you tried before? Let us know in the comment section.

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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