Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale: Best Deals On Appliances (2023)
amazon great indian festival sale 2021

Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale: Best Deals On Kitchen & Home Appliances (2024)

Unmissable deals, unmissable discounts, check out the kitchen appliance offers on Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale.

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16 Best Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale Deals on Kitchen & Home Appliances

The sale kickstarts the festival shopping season. Thousands of products, hundreds of brands, with countless promising deals! 

Everything from pantry staples to everyday essentials, electronics, home and kitchen appliances, activewear, cosmetics, accessories, will be offered at discounted prices. 

This sale will begin a day early for Prime members. Additionally, different payment modes will further increase the rate of discount offered along with benefits like cashback. 

Here is Team Mishry’s curated list to ensure you make the most efficient yet exciting splurge of the season. 

wonderchef nutriblend

1. Wonderchef NutriBlend

Why Does Mishry Recommend This?

From dried spices to tough nuts, this compact blender is a complete kitchen machine. Functions of a mixer, grinder, chopper, juicer, can all be performed with this one appliance. 

  • This blender comes with four unbreakable jars.
  • It draws a power of 400 watts.
  • This compact blender offers a speed of 22,000 RPM.
  • German standards have been followed for the manufacture. 

2. Maharaja Hand Blender

maharaja hand blender

Why Does Mishry Recommend This?

This hand blender is equipped with super sharp stainless steel blades that make mashing, pureeing, and blending convenient. This beginner-friendly blender works at the push of a button.

  • It has a compact structure which makes storage easy.
  • The detachable food makes cleaning and maintenance effortless.
  • It draws a power of 175 watts.
  • This blender is equipped with a silent yet powerful motor.

3. VARADA Air Fryer

varada air fryer

Why Does Mishry Recommend This?

This air fryer is suitable for small to medium-sized families. With the 360-degree rapid air frying, this air fryer has an LCD display with easy-to-operate buttons. 

  • The temperature range on this appliance starts from 80 and goes to 200 degrees celsius.
  • It draws a power of 1500 watts.
  • This vibrant red air fryer comes with dishwasher-safe accessories (large tong).
  • It has a 4.5 L capacity.

4. Mealthy Electric Cooker

mealthy electric cooker

Why Does Mishry Recommend This?

This electric pressure cooker has a large 6 L capacity. Best recommended for quick one-pot meals, this electric cooker has 14 cooking programs.

  • You can prepare up to two dishes at once.
  • All essential accessories come with the electric cooker. 
  • There are recipes listed on the brand’s mobile applications.
  • It is equipped with a sleek, easy-touch control panel. 

5. DR MILLS Electric Grinder

dr mills electric grinder

Why Does Mishry Recommend This?

This electric grinder is a compact appliance. Coffee beans, nuts, seeds, dried spices, this is a one-stop-shop for all grinding needs. The lid has a safety switch and the device will not start functioning unless the lid has been properly put in place.

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  • This grinder is made of stainless steel.
  • It has a compact mug-like structure. 
  • There is a cord winder at the base.
  • Equipped with non-slip feet, this grinder works with a push operation. 

6. Kent Egg Boiler

kent egg boiler

Why Does Mishry Recommend This?

This efficient egg boiler boils up to six eggs at once. It has a stainless steel body with three boiling modes. Once the water completely evaporates, the device automatically shuts off.

  • This egg boiler supports soft, medium, and hard-boiling eggs.
  • The body and heating plate are made of stainless steel.
  • This appliance consumes minimal energy- 400 watts.

7. Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner

eureka forbes vacuum cleaner

Why Does Mishry Recommend This?

This vacuum cleaner comes with three reusable dust bags. It features powerful suction control, three swivel wheels, easier handling, and great mobility. It is recommended to be used over carpet/upholstery surfaces. 

  • This is a lightweight and compact home appliance.
  • It draws a power of 1200 watts.
  • This vacuum cleaner comes with the main unit, a flexible hose pipe, a carpet brush, two nozzles, and four paper bags. 
  • Once the dust bag is full, an indication appears. 

8. KENT Grill

kent grill

Why Does Mishry Recommend This?

This sandwich grill doubles as a panini press. The height on this appliance is adjustable which ensures preparing a variety of dishes. The plates are coated with non-toxic ceramic. 

  • This is made of BPA-free material.
  • This sandwich grill has ceramic-coating plates that make cleaning easy.
  • The compact structure ensures minimal storage space requirement. 
  • This lightweight appliance weighs 1.6 kg.

9. Urbanhouse Dosa Tawa

urbanhouse dosa tawa

Why Does Mishry Recommend This?

This dosa tawa is dual-handled. This 12-inch tawa is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil. It is made of pure cast iron that promotes quick and even absorption of heat. 

  • This circular dosa tawa is dual-handled. 
  • It is devoid of any chemical coating.
  • This heavy-bottomed tawa ensures even heat distribution.

10. Butterfly Electric Kettle

butterfly electric kettle

Why Does Mishry Recommend This?

This electric kettle has a 1.8 L capacity. It needs 1500 watts of energy to operate efficiently. It is strategically designed for maximum user safety with automatic shut-off, boil-dry protection, and overheat protection. The cord length is adequate.

  • This electric kettle has an ergonomically designed mouth that allows easy pouring.
  • The interior, filter hole and lid are made of stainless steel. 
  • The handle remains cool even when the kettle is heating.
  • The cordless base is a commendable feature.

11. Bajaj Water Heater

bajaj water heater

Why Does Mishry Recommend This?

This water heater is equipped with multiple safety systems that protect against dry heating, overheating, and overpressure. It has a 3 L capacity and draws a power of 3k watts. It has an elegant white surface, fit to suit most kitchen and bathroom spaces.

  • The mounting accessories are included in the box.
  • The outer body material prevents rust and corrosion. 
  • There are multiple safety systems.
  • Two other variants are also available. 

12. H Hy-Tec Barbeque Grill

h hy-tec barbeque grill

Why Does Mishry Recommend This?

This barbeque grill comes with a charcoal tray, food grill,and eight good quality skewers. It is made using high heat-resistant painted food-grade metal. Overall, this product can be easily folded and cleaned which makes storage and maintenance effortless. 

  • This lightweight barbeque is easily portable.
  • The material is rust-resistant.
  • Essential accessories are included.

13. Panasonic Rice Cooker

panasonic rice cooker

Why Does Mishry Recommend This?

This olive green rice cooker has a 2.2 L capacity. You are recommended to open the lid only after a minimum of 15 minutes to ensure quick and even cooking. A maximum of 1100 g of raw rice can be prepared at once. Post-cooking, you will get 5.4 L of cooked rice (in terms of volume)

  • The pot of this cooker is made of anodized aluminum. 
  • In addition to cooking, this has a keep-warm function that retains heat for up to five hours.
  • This BIS-approved electric cooker draws a power of 750 watts. 
  • This is ideal for bachelors. 

14. Pinnacle Vacuum Flask

pinnacle vacuum flask

Why Does Mishry Recommend This

This double-walled flask bottle has a copper interior. Vacuum insulation and high-grade stainless steel are commendable features of this bottle. It has a 1 L capacity. The flip lid doubles as a cup. 

  • This bottle has a 1 L capacity.
  • It comes with a protective cover. 
  • This flask has a copper interior that retains heat better.
  • The flip lid ensures easy pouring. 

15. Sujata Mixer Grinder

sujata mixer grinder

Why Does Mishry Recommend This?

This 900-watt mixer grinder comes with three jars. The 22000 RPM operation ensures maximum retention of flavor and aroma. The motor on this mixer grinder is equipped with double ball bearings for better performance. 

  • This mixer grinder is shock-proof. 
  • It offers three varying speeds.
  • This appliance comes with three unbreakable jars. 

16. Kuvings Cold Press Slow Juicer

kuvings cold press juicer

Why Does Mishry Recommend This?

With patented JMCS technology, this slow juicer has a powerful 240-watt motor. This powerful motor works silently and this appliance can be used as a slow juicer, smoothie maker, sorbet/ice-cream maker. It is manufactured using quality raw materials like 100% pure copper wound motor, BPA-free plastic, and 304/316 stainless steel. 

  • This cold press juicer retains all nutrients as it gently squeezes the ingredients. 
  • It can be used with fruits, leafy vegetables, and nuts to prepare milk. 
  • Ultem and Tritan materials have been used. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on appliance deals on the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale

1. When does Amazon great Indian festival sale start?

This sale starts on the 3rd of October. Prime members get a 24- hour early access to the deals. 

2. Is cash on delivery available for home appliances on Amazon great Indian festival sale?

Payment options are product-subjective. However, paying online may get you added discounts. 

3. What to look for when buying appliances on Amazon great Indian festival sale?

Following are some key points to keep in mind during the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale :

  1. Keep a check on Amazon’s Lightning Deals.
  2. Look for tags like ‘Amazon’s Choice’ and ‘Best Seller’ 
  3. Read consumer reviews and check ratings.
  4. Also consider alternative options, if needed.
  5. Read the return/exchange policies. 

4. Can appliances purchased on this sale be returned?

The return/exchange policies would differ from seller to seller and also the product. 

Final Words

Here are some of the Mishry Top Picks we recommend you to buy this festive season. Whether it’s a new addition or an upgrade, the deals on home and kitchen appliances are unmissable. 

Start wishlisting now!

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