Dripping In Luxury: Check Out The Amazing Discounts On Premium Serve-Ware At The Amazon Prime Day Sale

Dripping In Luxury: Check Out The Amazing Discounts On Premium Serve-Ware At The Amazon Prime Day Sale

From silver-plated ice cream goblets to bowls and spoons painted in gold, the Amazon Prime Day Sale gives you the chance to indulge in attractive discounts on premium serve-ware.

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Amazon Prime Day Sale on August 6 and August 7 is laden with huge discounts on luxurious silver and gold-plated gift items which you might want to buy for yourself or your loved ones. Who can tell when a special occasion pops up, right? These collections of serve-ware are not only useful but attractively designed as well. Stock them up while they’re at reduced prices.

1. Jaipur Ace Silver Gold Plated Ice Cream Set

This is a four-piece brass set comprising ice cream cups and serving spoons, designed in a traditional way to give your desserts a touch of royalty. The cups are fashioned after goblets and can be used to serve other kinds of desserts as well. The set also comes with a square tray for easy serving. The brass has been plated with gold and silver which makes it visually appealing.

2. Ayurveda Copper Silver Plated Bowl Set

This is a set of two bowls and spoons and one tray, and has been designed with an antique finish. The silver plating on copper makes the whole set look very elegant. The set is extremely durable and aesthetically attractive.

3. Indicraftsvilla : Silver/Gold Kamal Bowl Set

This is a set of two bowls and spoons with a uniquely designed tray. The bowls are designed like the lotus with alternate silver and gold-plated leaves.

4. Taluka Silver Gold Plated Duck Shaped Mouth Freshener Bowl

This duck-shaped bowl is divided into two sections for serving mouth-fresheners and is perfect for when you’re hosting a formal sit down dinner. It comes with one spoon and you can use it as a decor piece as well. Nestled in a protective red box, this gold-plated bowl makes for a wonderful gift.

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5. Indian Art Villa Embossed Leaf Design Gold Plated Serveware

This is a set of two curved bowls and spoons with leaf-shaped edges and an octagonal tray. Each bowl weighs 100 gm while the tray weighs 270 gm. This product is made of copper and stainless steel. The intricate gold plating and design on all the items give the set an extremely rich look.

All of these products come packed in a red/blue velvet box for easy gifting. You won’t even have to buy wrapping paper and they are suitable for almost any occasion.

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