Amazon Prime Day Sale: Great Deals On Products By Women Entrepreneurs
Amazon Prime Day Sale: Great Deals On Products By Women Entrepreneurs

Amazon Prime Day Sale: Great Deals On Products By Women Entrepreneurs

This Amazon Prime Day Sale, enjoy great deals and offers on products by women entrepreneurs including pickles, cooking oils, snacks, etc.

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The much-awaited Amazon two day sale on August 6 and 7 is here with exciting offers on a large range of products, and one of them being products by women entrepreneurs supported by Amazon through its 2017 initiative – Amazon Saheli. This initiative brings hard-working women entrepreneurs and workers to the forefront where they can sell their products across the country. The sale has astonishing discounts on these products and by purchasing them you not only get to enjoy homemade flavors but also contribute towards the development of these entrepreneurs.

Amazon Prime Day Sale is all set to feature some small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs). Products from SMEs startups and women owned small business will be launched and available on Amazon Prime Day Sale. Here are some of the best products by women entrepreneurs. Many startups to be launched on the Amazon Prime Day Sale, starting on 6th August at midnight.

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Best Products By Women Entrepreneurs

1. Anubhuti Sweet Lemon Pickle

This is a 250g jar of sweet lemon pickle that has been prepared by women in Mulshi, a small village in Maharashtra. The product is free from any preservatives or artificial flavors or colors. All the ingredients in this products have been sourced from local farmers belonging to the biodiversity-rich Mulshi valley.

These women at Anubhuti are self-led. They have come together as a group that has dealt with caste, class, gender, language and ethnicity-based discrimination, who now through these businesses aim to empower each other in order to bring a positive change.

2. SIRIMIRI Premium Toasted Millet Muesli

Savor the mixed goodness of 13% almonds and sunflower seeds, 22% ancient grains, 13% black raisins and 21% Australian rolled oats in this nutritious delight. This pack of muesli is gluten-free and does not contain any added sugars or other chemicals. You can eat this muesli with milk or yogurt.

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Sirimiri was started by Vijaya Rajan, a Bengaluru-based entrepreneur, with the intention to produce healthy snacks that are devoid of any preservatives and sugar. In the year 2015, Vijaya’s husband was training to swim across the English Channel. She derived the idea of healthy snacks to help him keep his energy levels high.

3. Varya’s Gluten Free Namakpare

This is a 200g pouch of two packs of namakparek, a popular snack in North India. These namakparek bites are made from rice and gram flour sprinkled with ajwain and salt. They make the best teatime accompaniment, thanks to their crunchy texture. What’s even better is that they’re completely gluten-free.

Varya is a women-led initiative to promote healthy food for all. All Varya products are 100% gluten-free and packed with utmost hygiene.

4. Express Feast Ready to Eat Lemon Poha

This ready-to-eat poha has no preservatives or artificial flavors in it and tastes exactly the way it would if it were cooked at home. This pack can make up to four cups of instant poha and is extremely easy to make. Just add some hot water and it’s ready to be eaten.

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Express Feast is led by a mother and daughter-in-law duo – two dynamic ladies who bring a wide range of authentic flavors of Southern India alive. Their products are not only homemade, but also healthy as they are devoid of preservatives and artificial colors.

5. Natturano Premium Cold Pressed Peanut Oil

This is a 100% natural, cold pressed, unrefined peanut oil to retain the rich nutrients and natural aroma of the oil. This oil is Keto-friendly and a healthy alternative for daily cooking.

Natturano is an innovative initiative that focuses on the whole concept of farm-to-plate. It aims at solving farmer distress and trains women farmers to deliver healthy farm products to our kitchen.

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