Happy Homes: Indulge In An Array Of Home Products On Amazon Prime Sale Day

Happy Homes: Indulge In An Array Of Home Products On Amazon Prime Sale Day

The biggest sale of the year, Amazon Prime Day Sale is here. From large appliances to daily essentials, grab the best deals on all your favorite items.

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The kitchen is one territory that needs to be armed all the time, not only with what’s necessary but also with little accessories and tools that make your time in that space easy. And if you’re looking at getting new stuff or making some changes in the kitchen, here’s the chance. Take a look at the amazing deals on the Amazon Prime sale that is slated for 6th and 7th August, 2020. You won’t be able to resist most of them.

Farkraft Glass Jars

This is a set of six glass jars of 500 ml capacity each. The jars come with an airtight cap and can also be used in the microwave. The rust-proof lid and the glass body make this product durable as long as you handle the jars carefully.

3d Creations Aluminium Espresso Stove Percolator

Made from aluminum, this is a stove-top espresso percolator that can brew up to six cups of coffee. The interior is non-reactive and keeps toxic substances and odors away. It has a permanent filter basket and a handle for easy usage. Moreover, the matte finish gives it an elegant and modern look.

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Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

The Prime Day Sale offers a great deal on this coffee roaster that comes with a conical burr grinder. The powerful DC motor enhances starting torque and grinds coffee beans faster and of better consistency. The outer burr is rotatory while the inner burr is fixed.

Cloudsell Hexagon Glass Jar

This is a set of 12 glass jar that are perfect for storing all kinds of spices, herbs or dry fruits. The airtight tin cap prevents moisture from seeping inside the jar, keeping the products safe and fresh. The wide mouth of the jars makes cleaning an easy task.

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Diamond Stainless Steel Thermoware Casseroles

This is a set of three casseroles of 1.5 liter, 2 liter and 3 liter respectively. Made of stainless steel, the casseroles are PUF-insulated that maintains food temperature for longer duration. They come with a handle for easy carrying. The lid and the casserole are designed beautifully to add a sophisticated look to your kitchen and dining table.

These products are usually a little expensive but can prove to be rather important in your kitchen. Make the most of this opportunity and grab them as soon as possible.

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