Glass And Stainless Steel Storage Containers To Buy During The Amazon Republic Day Sale

Glass And Stainless Steel Storage Containers To Buy During The Amazon Republic Day Sale

Check out the Amazon Great Republic Day Sale for unbelievable discounts on Storage essentials.

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From large electronic appliances to accessories, this sale is bound to make you go gaga over the discounts that are offered. From the 20th to the 23rd of January, customers all across India are seeing almost every product at reduced prices. Prime members got early access to the sale starting on the 19th of January 2021.

Amazon Great Republic Day Sale offers discounts on ACs, smartphones, accessories, cleaners, kitchen essentials, that include appliances, cookware, and storage containers too!

You can buy small kitchen appliances and large kitchen appliances during the Amazon Republic Day Sale.

Storage containers including stainless steel storage containers, plastic storage containers, glass storage containers can be bought during the Amazon Republic Day Sale 2021! 

Stainless-Steel Containers

Stainless-steel containers for kitchen storage have been used for generations in Indian homes. Whether it’s whole grains or flour, even liquids like oils and ghee, every ingredient can be safely stored in stainless-steel containers. Customers will get sets of stainless-steel containers starting at Rs 499. These containers are available in sets of 2,3,6, and 9. The stainless-steel containers vary in capacity, which makes them the perfect fit for all kitchen items.

Plastic Containers

Plastic containers don’t just enhance the shelf life of your snacks, but they are also a neat way of organizing your kitchen. Plastic containers with steel lids, tall jars, square-shaped storage boxes are all included in this sale. Customers will see sets of 6 storage containers starting at Rs 399. Other combos with over 12 pieces that have containers varying in sizes are offered at 30-40% off as compared to the pre-sale price. 1 kg – 10 kg containers are offered in single pieces or sets.

Glass Containers

Glass storage containers for the kitchen are a must-have. These containers instantly add to the plush factor. Expensive nuts and seeds deserve dedicated stylish containers for storage. This is what makes glass containers the best dry fruit storage containers. Matka shape or flat-based, glass containers are offered at 50-70% off.

Amazon Republic Day Sale

Water Bottles

Hydration is key! The Amazon Great Republic Day Sale offers massive discounts on water bottles for storage and consumption. Stainless-steel, copper, plastic, and even glass bottles, there’s a discount offered on all single pieces and sets. Whether it’s a set of assorted color water bottles or transparent ones, during this sale, customers will see water bottle sets starting at Rs 265.

From smaller 600 ml bottles to sturdy 1.5 L bottles, there is a 35-50% off on water bottles during the Amazon Great Republic Day Sale.

You can buy kitchen appliances on discounted prices during the Amazon Big Republic Day Sale!

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Lunch Boxes

Whether it’s a snack or a wholesome 3-course meal, this Amazon Sale is the best time to invest in a fancy lunch box. Stainless-steel boxes that retain the food temperature or leak-proof tiffins for curries, and even lunch box sets with a carry case, these sets are offered at affordable prices that start at Rs 289. Even the premium quality double insulated lunch box sets are offered at discounts ranging from 20-30%. Amazon Great Republic Day Sale will also offer discounts up to 45% on lunch box sets made with borosilicate glass.

Buy best utensils for everyday cooking during the Amazon Republic Day Sale 2021!

Spice Racks

A spice rack is a fancy yet essential piece of equipment you need in your kitchen. Instead of looking all over your pantry, a spice rack stores all the essential spices conveniently. Single-layer to 3 and 4 layer spice racks that remain stationary or revolve for easier access are all available at discounted rates from the 20th to the 23rd of January. Customers can choose from spice racks that come with containers or just the stand. The spice racks start at Rs 349, whereas spice racks with containers have a 30-50% discount on the original prices.

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