Details About The A2 Cow Milk Brands In India
A2 cow milk brands in India

Details About The A2 Cow Milk Brands In India

This article includes the list of A2 cow milk brands in India, its benefits, and A2 milk cows. Read on to gather the complete information.

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For thousands of years, milk has been enjoyed throughout the world. At least every kid in her/his childhood is fed milk twice a day by their mothers. It has become essentiality of consuming milk since childhood. With time some have reduced the intake while some have continued to drink milk for its health benefits. Human beings consume milk that comes from cows, sheep, and goats. Many milk brands are available in the Indian market. But which one is suitable for your family? Don’t worry. We have got it all covered. This article gives you the details about A2 cow milk brands in India.

Details About The A2 Cow Milk Brands In India
Milk contains essential nutrients such as Calcium and Vitamin D


A2 cow milk brands in India: A2 Milk India

Milk in India is marketed in many ways and forms. They take milk from animals such as cows o goats.

Vegan people who avoid dairy products consume milk made from plants such as almonds or soybeans. Milk contains essential nutrients such as Calcium and Vitamin D. However, some milk brands include oxytocin and hormones, which are harmful to your health. To provide good quality milk, manufacturers have introduced A2 milk in India.

A2 cow milk brands in India: What is A2 milk?

So, what is so special about A2 milk?

It is 100% pure cow milk, which is fresh, and it is delivered from ‘farm to door’. A2 cow is treated well by the farm, and that produces a superior quality of the milk. The milk is natural and tasty.

Milk contains proteins like casein and whey. One-third of milk’s protein contains beta-casein, which includes both A1 and A2 beta-casein.

A2 protein is easy to digest. A variety of cow’s milk is A2 milk that lacks a form of casein protein called A1. It mostly has the A2 milk form.

Benefits of A2 milk

Details About The A2 Cow Milk Brands In India
It contains Vitamins and Minerals, omega3, Vitamin D, A, and B12. Omega3 helps in cleaning cholesterol deposits in blood vessels.

What are the A2 milk benefits? Let’s find out-


It contains Vitamins and Minerals, omega3, Vitamin D, A, and B12. Omega3 helps in cleaning cholesterol deposits in blood vessels.

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A2 milk has strontium that increases immunity and protects the body from harmful radiation. It also has anti-cancer properties. It is full of calcium, proteins, magnesium, and iodine. It also contains phosphorous, potassium, and riboflavin.

Let us see the percentage of Vitamins and Minerals

  • Vitamin D- 33%
  • Vitamin A- 25%
  • Calcium- 15%
  • Protein- 12%


Milk from A2 milk brands can be digested easily.

  • It does not cause bloating and stomach inflammation.
  • It cures an irritable bowel.
  • BCM-7 protein is present in A1 milk, and that causes a problem to digest milk.
  • Good for Lactose tolerant people

A2 milk is like the structure of natural milk. So, it is more edible than the A1 type of milk.

The content of omega3 is high in A2 milk, but it maintains a balance between omega3 and omega6.
So, without any gastronomical discomforts, you can drink A2milk and enjoy its benefits.

Every glass of A2 milk has 8 grams of protein.

You can get enough amount of protein. So, fitness enthusiasts can mix A2 milk with some chocolate shake after a tiring workout.
So, next time, don’t spend on expensive protein shakes. Consume A2milk to repair and replenish your muscles.

Builds strong bones

To build strong bones in children and adults, A2 milk is the best option as it is an excellent source of calcium.
You can consume it regularly for healthy bones.

If you are not a regular milk drinker, you can add it with your cereals, oats, smoothies, shakes, and baked stuff.

To relish all the benefits, it is suggested to drink one or two glasses of milk every day. You can opt for any of the A2 cow milk brands in India and avail the benefits.

History of A2 milk

Let us look into the history of A2 milk.

The body affects differently by the A1 and A2 proteins. When the small intestine digests A1 protein, it produces beta-casomorphin7 (BCM-7), a peptide. The BCM-7 is absorbed in the intestine, and it then passes into the blood. BCM-7 causes stomach discomfort, and people experience symptoms similar to lactose intolerance. A2 milk’s structure is that of human breast milk, like milk from goats, cows, and buffalos.

In 2000 in New Zealand, a scientist founded the A2 milk company. They provide milk from cows that produce A2 milk protein. To ensure that the cows are producing A2 protein, the company tests the DNA of their cows by using a hair sample. The company checks the milk after production to make sure it does not contain any A1 protein.

The difference in percentage between A1 and A2 beta-casein protein depends on the herds of cattle and between countries and provinces.

The cattle of Asia and Africa produce only A2 beta-casein, while the western world has an A1 version of the protein. In Europe (except France), the US, Australia, and New Zealand, A1 beta-casein is the most common type produced by the cows. 70% of Guernsey cows produce milk that contains A2 protein.

Holsteins and Ayrshires produce A1 and A2 proteins. The percentage ranges between 46-70 percent.

What are the types of cows available in India?

From India and South Asia, popular breeds of cattle have emerged, for example- Nelore cattle, Brahman cattle, Guzerat cattle, and Zebu

Before we talk about A2 cow milk brands in India, let us know about India’s cows. For various purposes, many cows and buffalo breeds are used in India. From India and South Asia, popular breeds of cattle have emerged, for example- Nelore cattle, Brahman cattle, Guzerat cattle, and Zebu.

Some of the milk-producing desi cow breeds in India

  • Gir cow breed in India
  • Sahiwal
  • Red Sindhi
  • Rathi
  • Ongole
  • Deoni
  • Kankrej
  • Tharparkar
  • Hariana
  • Krishna Valley

These are the desi cows in India and the best cow breeds for milk in India.


Gir is considered to be the best breed of cow for milk in India. It is one of the principal Zebu breeds that originated in India. The breed is also known as “Bhodali”, “Desan”, “Gujarati”, “Kathiwari”, “Sorthi” and “Surati”. Gir is named after the Gir forest. It is the geographical area origin of the breed. It is named after the Gir forest, the geographical area of origin of the breed. Locally Gir or Gyr is used to improve other breeds like the Red Sindhi and the Sahiwal.

To develop the Brahman breed in America, Gir breed was used. Since it is a Bos indicus breed, it can resist hot temperatures and tropical diseases, which is why it is frequently used in Brazil and South American countries. Gir breed is often bred with Friesian cows to make Girolando breed. This breed is known for its milk-producing qualities.

It is distinctive in appearance as it has a rounded and domed forehead. Its long pendulous ears and horns spiral out and back. This breed is the only ultra-convex breed in the world. The color of Gir ranges from red through yellow to white.

Gir has originated from Gujarat state, which is on the southwest side. Then it has spread to neighboring countries like Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

  • The average weight of Gir is 385kg, and height is 130cm. In the case of bulls, it weighs 545kg, and its height is 140cm.
  • Calves at birth weigh about 20kg.
  • It has a record production of 3182 kg at 4.55 fat in India.

The cattle population of Gir in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat was about 9,15,000 in 2003. When fed less, it will still yield an ample amount of milk. It is resistant to various diseases.

Countries like Brazil, the USA, Venezuela, and Mexico export Gir due to their special qualities and are bred there successfully. In other countries, they are also used for beef production.

Gir is the best breed of cow for milk in India. It is one of the principal Zebu breeds that originated in India.


Let us see the benefits of Gir cow milk

Officials and scientists recommend drinking Gir cow milk for its advantages.

  • Gir cow milk contains amino acids, and it is suitable for curing joint pain, obesity, and asthma.
  • It contains omega-3 fatty acids that help in preventing heart-related diseases.
  • Gir cows have A2 proteins, which is good for sensitive stomachs.
  • It has vitamins, minerals, calcium, magnesium, and antioxidants.
  • Gir cow A2 milk is produced organically bereft of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Gir cow milk benefits can improve our immunity system and strengthen our body parts. It can be said it is the best cow in India.


This is an endangered species of the cow which is very popular among farmers. Sahiwal breed is originated in the dry Punjab side, which lies along the Indian-Pakistan border. The breed is also known as ‘Lambi Bar’, ‘Lola’, ‘Montgomery’, ‘Multani’, and ‘Teli’. From the Sahiwal area in the Montgomery district of Punjab, the breed has derived its name. It is a breed of ‘Zebu cattle,’ and in India and Pakistan, Sahiwal is one of the best dairy breeds.

  • Both internally and externally, it is known for its high resistance to parasites.
  • It is tick-resistant and heat-tolerant.
  • It produces an average of 2270 kg of milk during lactation.

They are exported to Africa, the Caribbean, and Asian countries due to their heat tolerance and high milk production. Oxen are more useful for slow work as they are docile and lethargic. Followed by Red Sindhi and Butana breeds, Sahiwal is the most promising breed that produces a high milk quality.

The color of these cows is red, varies from mahogany red-brown to more greyish red.

The color of these cows is red, varies from mahogany red-brown to more greyish red.

Let us see the Sahiwal cow milk benefits

  • Other breeds have 3% fat, whereas Sahiwal milk contains 5-6% fat.
  • It contains three types of proteins- alpha, beta, and globin.
  • Sahiwal milk contains an allele that acts as a boon to cure diseases like cholesterol, diabetes, and heart problems.

Sahiwal is considered to be the best Indian cow breed for milk.

Red Sindhi

This breed has originated in Pakistan. They are found in India, Pakistan, Canada, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Africa, and many other countries.

  • The breed is red, hence the name red Sindhi.
  • It is a compact build and middle-sized breed.
  • Annually these cows produce 3500kg of milk.
  • They are docile and distinctive dairy animals.
  • The average weight of the female is 340kg, and males weigh 420 kg.

The color of these cows is deep, dark red. It varies from dull yellow to almost dark brown.

Advantages of Red Sindhi cow

  • The milk contains 5%of fat.
  • Daily it gives 12 liters of milk.
  • They can endure extreme climatic and environmental conditions.


Rathi is the best cow and an important breed of cattle indigenous to India. It is used for milk production and also for draft purposes. This breed is originated in the northwest Rajasthan districts of Bikaner, Ganganagar, and Hanumangarh.

  • It is a medium-sized animal and brown.
  • It can adapt well to any environment.
  • On average, they produce 1560kg of milk per lactation.


The name is taken from the geographical area in which it is produced. It is used for both work and milk production.

What are the Indian cow’s milk benefits?

Details About The A2 Cow Milk Brands In India, a2 milk india
One of the main benefits of desi cow milk is that it has high calcium content.

Indian cow and milk have a lot of benefits

High Calcium Content

It is a well-known fact that calcium is essential for the growth and development of bones. One of the main benefits of Indian or desi cow milk is that it has high calcium content. Indian cow milk contains calcium, which has many advantages. It protects colon cells from the chemicals that may cause cancer. Cow milk India prevents migraine headaches. At the time of the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, it helps to reduce PMS symptoms.

It prevents obesity in children and adults. It helps to oxidize body fat, and that decreases the secretion of parathyroid hormone. Thus, the level of the hormone is maintained at a low rate.

The calcium present in desi milk is highly beneficial against breast cancer. It helps in regulating the blood pressure for the function of the cell membrane. It is beneficial for blood clotting and muscle contraction.

Rich in Protein

It contains a high quantity of rich protein, which is vital for your body.

Gout is a common type of arthritis, and desi milk proves helpful to fight that. It contains riboflavin and vitamin B12, which help to produce energy in your body. These vitamins also provide cardiovascular protection.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 produces red blood cells and prevents anemia.


The cow milk in India has a rich quantity of iodine, which is an integral component of the thyroid hormones.

Vitamin A

One suffers from the common cold, ear infections, rheumatoid arthritis due to a shortage of vitamin A. Desi milk has vitamin A to protect against toxins and helps in the growth of epithelial and mucosal tissues.


The body requires potassium for the contraction of muscles and nerve transmission. If you take one cup of desi milk, it will provide 10.8% of potassium to your body.

It prevents kidney stones in your body as milk is rich in calcium and potassium.

It helps in the full development of nerve cells and prevents anemia. To metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, boosts the cells.

So, these are the Desi cow milk benefits which are extremely helpful for your body. You can opt for any of the available A2 cow milk brands in India and reap the benefits.

What are the A2 milk brands in India?

Amul deshi A2 cow milk, a2 milk india
It prevents kidney stones in your body as milk is rich in calcium and potassium.

Let us now talk about the A2 cow milk brands in India.

Svasth Life (A2 milk Bangalore)

  • It delivers from their farm to your family.
  • It collects fresh organic south Indian cow milk.
  • The government insures the cows’ safety, and the milk is collected from those cows only.
  • The farm has a safe and hygienic environment for delivering pure and healthy milk.
  • The milk is tested from the farm for any kind of impurities.
  • The quality is checked, and the price is Rs 84/- for 1litre and Rs 43/- for a half liter.

There is a good demand for this milk brand and it is counted among the good A2 cow milk brands in India.

Whyte farms (A2 milk in Delhi)

They have high breed desi cows fed a high quality, organic hay, and grass, grown organically.

  • No hormonal injections are given for maximum production of milk.
  • They pasteurize milk with PHE technology.
  • The cows roam freely inside the barn, and when they are tired, they rest in their barns, which have fans water sprinklers.
  • They remain happy and contended and produce high-quality A2 milk in Delhi.
  • The price of 1litre is Rs 70/-.

This falls in the category of good quality A2 cow milk brands in India.

Desigo A2milk

The Desigo milk is fresh, natural, pure, and free from artificial processing. After collecting the milk, they cool down the milk in containers at a unique temperature. It follows a unique chilling method that keeps the milk bacteria-free and fresh until it reaches your door.

  • They don’t use plastic bottles to deliver your milk. Instead, they use old-fashioned glass milk bottles. They consider it to be environmentally friendly and keeps the nutrients naturally intact. Desigo recycles the glass bottles used by the customers.
  • They carefully clean and sanitize the bottles, refill, and deliver them to you again. 96% of the total bottles are successfully recycled.
  • The price of 1litre is Rs 60/-.

Thus, it is rightly a part of pure A2 cow milk brands in India.

Amul deshi A2 cow milk

Amul desi cow milk is the most hygienic milk available in the market. Amul A2 milk is pasteurized milk that meets the standards.

  • It should be refrigerated below 8degree Celsius for storage.
  • The milk’s shelf life is 48 hours from the packaging date if kept below 8 degrees Celsius.
  • The milk can be consumed directly or in tea, coffee, sweets, desserts, buttermilk, and ghee.
  • Each 200ml contains 62.0kcal energy, 3.5g total fat, 4.7g of total carbohydrate, 3.1g protein, 102mg of calcium.
  • Amul A2 milk price of 500 ml is Rs 28/- and Rs 56/- for 1litre.

This is considered one of the best A2 cow milk brands in India.

Indus milk

  • It is 100% natural fresh milk.
  • It is obtained from desi breed cows.
  • The milk has no preservatives or processing.
  • It is hygienically milked and packed.
  • Indus milk contains tryptophan, which is an amino acid. It helps you to sleep.
  • The milk is easily digestible and improves immunity.
  • It contains original beta-casein A2 protein, three antioxidants, and omega-6, which is an anti-cancer agent.
  • The price of 1litre is Rs 38/-..

Indus milk is one of the most bought A2 cow milk brands in India.

Humpy A2 milk

The milk is collected from the Indian desi Gir cows. The name is humpy because their cows have prominent humps. A vein is present in the hump called Surya Kethu Nadi. It draws vitamin D from the sun and comes within healthy milk.

  • It does not contain A1 protein and only has natural A2 protein.
  • The milk is wholesome and nutritious and contains colostrum, which is found in mother’s milk.
  • The price of 15litre is Rs 1,485/-..

This is one of the preferred A2 cow milk brands in India.

How to identify Desi cow milk?

Desi cow milk is safe, fresh, and organic. With our evolving technology, the production of desi cow milk has increased. The cows are nurtured and fed by the farms. The farmers use an automatic milking machine to check the health of cows. The produced milk is kept in a clean and neat environment. Daily the cows undergo veterinary checkups.

The Desi milk is untouched by the human hands, and it is chilled and delivered from the farm to customers’ homes. Thus, you can go for any of the available A2 cow milk brands in India without any second thoughts.

Desi cow milk is safe, fresh, and organic.



Individuals are more focused on healthy eating for healthy living. Natural and organic food items are buzz now and have proven to cure diseases and live healthily. So, there is an increase in demand for Desi milk in India. It has been found that milk is contaminated with bacteria and harmful chemicals.

As milk forms one of the most important foods to include in the diet, one must not neglect it. Thus, this article includes the details of A2 milk cows, the definition of A2 milk, its benefits, its history, and a list of A2 cow milk brands in India.

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