A Mum's View On Cornitos DIY Kit (Hara Bhara Kebab Wrap)
cornitos diy kit hara bhara kebab wrap review

A Mum’s View On Cornitos DIY Kit (Hara Bhara Kebab Wrap)

Mishry Mum Garima Shukla shares her thoughts on her experience of trying Cornitos DIY KIT (Hara Bhara Kebab Wrap). Here is a detailed overview regarding the same.

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Over the years, the market has been flooded with several brands offering DIY KITS. Recently, Mishy Mum Garima Shukla reviewed the Hara Bhara Kebab Wrap DIY kit from Cornitos.

The Cornitos DIY kit includes Salsa dip, Hara bhara kebab mix, spice mix and tortilla wraps. However, if you prefer adding a few additional vegetables or condiments you can do so. All the instructions to prepare the wrap are clearly mentioned behind the back of the pack.

cornitos diy kit hara bhara kebab wrap packaging
Cornitos DIY Kit Hara Bhara Kebab Wrap packaging

For preparing the kebabs, I made a dough using the kebab mix. With this mix, you can easily prepare around 12 kebabs. I fried the kebabs till they turned out to be brown and crispy.

As per the instructions, I heated the tortilla wraps. I added my homemade chutney, onion, tomato, and a little bit of sauce apart from what came in the DIY kit.

The final wrap turned out to be delicious. This kit contains 6 tortilla wraps. If you are an ardent lover of Hara Bhara Kebabs, then you must try the Cornitos DIY KIT (Hara Bhara Kebab Wrap).

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the wrap ready to eat
The Hara Bhara Kebab Wrap ready to eat

Overall I found the product to be economical. It is an easy way to prepare hara bhara kebabs with minimal time. Thumbs up for the convenience offered. 

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