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pankaj's eggless cake rusk review

Pankaj’s Eggless Cake Rusk Review – With A Fruity Twist

Pankaj’s Eggless Cake Rusk features the uncomparable rusk taste. The unique texture of chewy, fruity bits and the softness make it a good pick!

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4 / 5
4 / 5


Pankaj’s eggless cake rusk makes for a toothsome snack. Balanced sweetness paired with a variety of textures, we recommend trying this at least once.

While Europeans devour their coffee with cake, India has a special place for rusk with garma-garam chai. In a fix over what to pair your beverage with? Mishry’s got you!

Earlier this week, our team stumbled upon a loved evening snack – Cake Rusk! What does this taste like? The texture? Is it more like a slice of cake or a piece of rusk? We got our carton from a local store and here’s our Pankaj’s Eggless Cake Rusk review.

Buy or bye-bye, let’s find out!

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Here’s all you need to know about Pankaj’s Eggless cake rusk. 

1. Packaging

This cake rusk is dual-packed. A tray holds approximately 15 pieces. This has no lid and is placed inside a pack. A sturdy carton holds this packed tray.

The cake rusks are stacked neatly in the tray. We were delighted to see no broken pieces. Additionally, they looked consistent, in terms of size and color. 

pankaj’s eggless cake rusk
The cake rusk is dual packed in a carton and tray.

2. Main Ingredients

Wheat Flour, Sugar, Bakery Shortening, Edible Veg Oil, Candied Fruit Cuts (9%), Whey Protein Concentrate (5%), Skimmed Milk Powder, Salt, Raising Agents, Class II Preservatives. Contains Added Permitted Natural and Synthetic Food Color and Added Artificial Flavoring Substances (Mixed Fruit) are the main ingredients used. 

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3. Taste

What do we look for in a piece of cake rusk, taste-wise? Balanced sweetness and no prominent taste of the fat used. 

Is Pankaj’s eggless cake rusk an amalgamation of these two renowned tea-time snacks or something completely different?

4. Texture

Cake rusks are typically baked twice. The first baking round lets it reach the cake-like sponginess. It is then cooled and baked again to achieve a crisp texture.

Crisp or cake-like? Retains the crunch or turns soggy? We tasted this cake rusk by itself and with a dunk test. The results revealed…

5. Appearance

Was any piece broken or cracked? What about the size and overall appearance? Do all pieces look well-baked?

6. Price

A 250-gram carton is priced at Rs 130/-.

7. Shelf Life

It has a shelf life of four months. 

8. Nutritional Information

Per 100 grams, Pankaj’s eggless cake rusk offers 523 Kal which is divided as 8.5 grams of protein, 66 grams of carbohydrates (of which 23 grams is sugar), and 25 grams of fat. 

Pankaj’s Eggless Cake Rusk – Detailed Review

Pankaj’s Eggless Cake Rusk Product Details
Price Rs 130
Net Quantity 250 grams
Shelf Life Four months
Calories 523 Kcal


Emitting a vanilla aroma, we could see bits of candied fruit throughout. Texture-wise, the cake rusk was crisp like a regular rusk. It has a softer bite in comparison, paired with a crumbly texture as you chew. 

In terms of taste, this hit all the correct spots! The sweetness was well-balanced. You’d think the candied fruits and sugar would make the sweetness unbearable, but that was not the case. The salt cuts right through the sweetness, balancing the flavors out. The candied fruits taste add a unique sweetness with light chewiness. 

Unlike classic rusk, cake rusk can be had without tea or milk too. But as promised, we performed a dunk test with a glass of warm milk. On dunking for exactly three seconds, we observed the cake rusk had softened ever so slightly, but it didn’t break or turn too soggy. 

pankaj’s eggless cake rusk tray packaging
All neatly stacked!
pankaj’s eggless cake rusk overview
No broken pieces and they look well-baked.
pankaj’s eggless cake rusk side view
Setting up for the review.
pankaj’s eggless cake rusk closer look
Here's a closer look at the cake rusk.
pankaj’s eggless cake rusk dunk test
We relished these with a glass of warm milk.
pankaj’s eggless cake rusk cross sectional
This has a unique texture!


  • A 250-gram carton is priced at Rs 130.
  • It has a shelf life of four months.
  • The main ingredients are Wheat Flour, Sugar, Bakery Shortening, Edible Veg Oil, Candied Fruit Cuts (9%), Whey Protein Concentrate (5%), Skimmed Milk Powder, Salt, Raising Agents, Class II Preservatives. Contains Added Permitted Natural and Synthetic Food Color and Added Artificial Flavoring Substances (Mixed Fruit).


  • The pleasant vanilla aroma is inviting.
  • All flavors are well in sync with each other.
  • The candied fruits taste fresh and are added adequately.
  • This cake rusk brings the best of both- rusk and cake. 

Best Suited For

Not just with your cup of tea/coffee/milk, Pankaj’s eggless cake rusk can be had as a mid-meal snack if you’re craving something sweet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Pankaj’s eggless cake rusk.

1. Can this cake rusk be paired with tea or coffee?

Yes, this cake rusk can be paired with warm beverages. 

2. Is consuming cake rusk everyday healthy?

We recommend limiting the intake of packaged and processed food items. 

3. Is this cake rusk a vegan food item?

No, it is not vegan as it contains skimmed milk powder. 

4. What is the protein content of each of the cake rusks?

One piece would have approximately 1.4-1.5 grams of protein. 

5. How many cake rusks are there in total in one pack?

A 250-gram carton holds 15 pieces. 

Final Words

In conclusion, Mishry’s got nothing but good things to say about Pankaj’s eggless cake rusk. A lot like rusk, a bit like cake, this cake rusk had a commendable taste and texture. We also liked the freshness and the addition of the candied fruit cuts!

Have you tried cake rusks before?

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