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patanjali namkeen biscuit review

Patanjali Namkeen Biscuit Review – Crunchy & Tasty

Patanjali Namkeen Biscuits are salty and showcase a pronounced crunch. Here we discuss our likes and dislikes of the product.

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Patanjali Namkeen Biscuits are crispy and have a delicious taste. We appreciate the fact that the brand makes use of 64.3% of atta without any other kind of flour. The use of clarified butter is an added plus. If only the use of edible vegetable oil (palm oil and palmolein oil) could have been avoided.

The multiple choices of biscuits available in the market today is commendable. From sweet to savory, the options are endless. While some love the usual sweet biscuits, there are yet others who love savory ones. 

Recently, we got our hands on Patanjali Namkeen Biscuits. We reviewed the product to test the seasoning, crunch and the list of ingredients. Find all this information and much more covered in our Patanjali Namkeen Biscuits review.

Team Mishry loves the fresh and milky taste of Patanjali Doodh Biscuits.

Here is a short table that highlights a few product details of Patanjali Namkeen Biscuit : 

Patanjali Namkeen Biscuit  Product Details 
Price  Rs. 10 
Net Quantity  80 gm 
Main Ingredients  Wheat flour (64.3%), Edible vegetable oil (palm oil & palmolein oil), Dextrose, Liquid glucose, Malt product, Invert syrup. 
Mishry Rating  3.67
Shelf Life  6 months 

Our Review Factors

What are we expecting from Patanjali Namkeen Biscuits? We expect these biscuits to have a crisp bite and a non-crumbly texture. Since these are namkeen biscuits, the salt levels should be balanced.

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

We tested the Patanjali Namkeen Biscuits on the following review parameters :

1. Taste 

The taste factor covers different elements. Since these are savory biscuits, we looked at how balanced the salt levels are. Are there any other spices or herbs that we could taste? Is there a prominent taste of fat? Do these biscuits taste fresh? 

2. Texture 

Since these are made using atta, we checked how different the texture is from regular maida ones. Is it smooth or crumbly? Is the overall bite crisp? Are they light on the palate? Any greasiness observed while holding them? 

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3. Nutrition Label 

Main Ingredients

The pack mentions that these are made using 100% whole wheat atta. Does the ingredient list highlight the same? We check here for the sources of fat used. Are there any stabilizers or preservatives present? 

Nutritional Information

The nutritional information covers the calories, protein, fat, sugar and other aspects. Per 100 gm, Patanjali Namkeen Biscuits offer 451 kcal. 

4. Other Observations 


How evenly are these baked? Do they depict uniformity in shape and size? Any broken ones found? 


Are the biscuits placed in a tray? Is the pack secure and resealable? 


What is the pricing of this product? Economical, competitive or overpriced? 

Patanjali Namkeen Biscuit – Detailed Review

In this section, we discuss our experience with the product, its pros, and cons : 

Product Inspection: Patanjali Namkeen Biscuits come in a red color foil pack. The biscuits are placed securely in two individual transparent packs. The 80 gm quantity includes 31 biscuits. These are round in shape and have micro holes in the center. The sides of the biscuits are serrated. All the biscuits are baked evenly and have a medium thickness. Except for one to two biscuits, the entire pack was unbroken and intact. 

the outer and inner packaging of patanjali namkeen biscuits
We liked the packaging of Patanjali Namkeen Biscuits.

Our findings : 

Taste: Taste-wise, Patanjali Namkeen Biscuits are salty. It is slightly similar to that of cheesy savoriness (biscuits contain added cheese flavor). The presence of chili and cumin add a flavorful twist here. It amps up the taste of a regular tasting salty biscuit. A mild touch of sweetness is present too. 

Texture: These biscuits are not as smooth as those made using maida. Nonetheless, they are super crispy. The added oil and clarified butter lend a nice crunch to these biscuits. These are slightly oily and feel greasy on the hands. That being said, they do not feel heavy on the palette. 

Nutrition Label: Lastly, talking about the ingredient list we found that these biscuits contain about 64.3% of atta and no other kind of flour has been used here. There are two sources of fat added – clarified butter and edible vegetable oil (palm oil and palmolein oil). We appreciate the use of clarified butter since it is a good source of fat. However, the use of palm oil and palmolein oil could have been swapped with better alternatives.

It also contains added flavor (cheese) and artificial flavoring substances (butter) apart form stabiliser, soya lecithin, invert syrup, liquid glucose and dextrose.

a closer look at the patanjali namkeen biscuits
Macro shot of Patanjali Namkeen Biscuits.
Taste -4/5
Texture - 4/5
Ingredients - 3/5
Packaging - 4/5
  • These biscuits are super crispy. 
  • The addition of chili and cumin lends a delicious taste. 
  • They do not feel oily on the palette. 
  • The pricing of the product is economical. 
  • All the biscuits are baked evenly.
  • These biscuits were slightly greasy to touch. 
  • The use of edible vegetable oil (palm oil and palmolein oil) could have been replaced with better sources of fat.

For people who are ardent fans of savory biscuits, we recommend  you to try Patanjali Namkeen Biscuits. Have them as it is or dip them in a hot cup of tea, we bet you cannot stop at a single one.

Your quest for the Best Digestive Biscuits ends here..

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Patanjali Namkeen Biscuit.

No. These namkeen biscuits are not too spicy.

Yes. Patanjali Namkeen Biscuits do contain preservatives. It contains dextrose that is used to increase the shelf life of the product.

If you love having savory biscuits with tea or coffee, these biscuits will make for a delicious addition.

After opening the biscuits, it is best to store them in an air-tight container to retain the freshness and crispness.

Patanjali Namkeen Biscuits have a shelf life of 6 months.

Final Words

To conclude, we liked the overall taste and texture of Patanjali Namkeen Biscuits. The hint of chili popping in between adds a nice kick to these biscuits. It contains 64.3% of atta and includes clarified butter. These biscuits will make a delicious pair with a hot cup of tea or coffee.  

Are you a fan of savory biscuits? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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