Wingreens Farms Baked Pita Bread Crisps Review
Wingreens Pita Bread

Wingreens Farms Baked Pita Bread Crisps Review

The Wingreens Farms Baked Pita Bread Crisps make for the perfect tasty and crunchy snack.

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The baked pita bread crisps by Wingreens Farms are definitely not a budget-friendly snack option. But if you wish to recreate a restaurant-style platter at home, go for this!

Pita bread is a type of round-shaped flat bread made using whole wheat flour. It is the staple carb source in the Middle East and neighbouring areas. One of the latest launches in the Wingreens products range, the Baked Pita Bread Crisps are loaded with a chili-garlic topping. These pita bread crisps resemble the shape and look of the traditional lavaash but are slightly thicker. 

We ordered a pack of the Wingreens Farms Baked Pita Bread Crisps and tasted them with various Wingreens Farms hummus and dips. How are the spice levels of these crisps? Are they crunchy enough? Keep reading to find out more about this Wingreens product.

Quick Review

The Pita bread crisps by Wingreens Farms are flavored with chili and burnt garlic bits. This triangular-shaped baked snack makes for a healthy munchy.

MRP – Rs 150/-*

Net weight – 100 grams

*Price at the time of review

Tabular Data About Wingreens Farms Pita Crisps – Ingredients, Shelf life and more.

Ingredients Wheat flour (80%), Refined Oil, Salt, Garlic (1.2%), Chilli Flakes (0.34%), Mixed Spices.
Shelf Life Best before 45 days.
Dietary Specifications This is a vegan-friendly snack.

These Pita bread crisps are baked, not fried.

Price and net weight Rs 150/- for a 100 gram box.
Energy (Kcal) 285 Kcal

Wingreens Farms Baked Pita Bread Crisps: Detailed Taste Test & Review

Price and packaging – These baked pita bread crisps are packed in a transparent box. One box containing 100 grams is priced at Rs 150/-

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Dry inspection – The first observation we made before even opening the pack was the generous chili flakes and burnt garlic bits on the top. These pita bread crisps have a larger-than-nachos triangular shape.

After opening the pack, we observed how these baked crisps were much thicker than lavaash. There were around a dozen pieces of the Wingreens Farms crisps.

Wingreens Pita Bread
Wingreens Farms Baked Pita Bread Crisps - Chilli Garlic

Taste Test – The ingredient list of Wingreens Farms Baked Pita Bread Crisps has nothing to hide. The chili and garlic bits added on top add to the visual appeal as well as enhance the flavor of the pita bread crisps.

These baked crisps are thicker than lavaash which gives them some firmness. Whether it’s a flavored dip or a thick hummus or even a tangy salsa, these pita bread crisps can easily pick them up without breaking or becoming too soggy.

That being said, the thick and sturdy texture of the baked pita bread may feel a little too hard for a few people.

We used these during our Wingreens Farms Hummus And Dips Review, and noticed that these pair nicely with almost all of them.

Wingreens Farms Hummus And Dips Review
Basil pesto being tasted with Wingreens pita chips.


  • Triangular shaped chips
  • Baked, not fried.
  • Larger chunks than nacho chips.
  • Lots of burnt garlic and red chilli flakes on top.


  • Sturdy enough to hold dip and hummus. 
  • Delicious garlic and chilli flavor.
  • Balanced seasoning.


  • These pita bread crisps are a little too hard.


Wingreens Pita Bread
These baked pita bread chips are large triangular pieces.

First things first, this Wingreens Farms snack seems a little too pricey for the quantity we get. But, for a person who doesn’t mind paying a few extra bucks for a tasty baked chip or a non-fried alternative might go for this. 

We think because these pita bread crisps are flavored with chili and garlic, they would pair well with a plain yogurt dip or even something rich in herbs.

A great addition to a mezze platter or a cheese platter, these pita bread crisps by Wingreens Farms are very versatile.

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