iD Instant Filter Coffee Decoction Review – Lets Brew It
coffee decoction

iD Instant Filter Coffee Decoction Review – Lets Brew It

The iD filter coffee has a more complex taste than the regular instant coffee powders. We loved how we could choose the intensity of the coffee based on our preferences.

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iD Filter Coffee is extremely convenient to make at home. Just pour the instant coffee decoction, add hot milk and sugar, and VOILA - a steaming cup of filter coffee at home within a matter of minutes.

A blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans are finely ground and brewed overnight to make the most authentic cup of filter coffee. In this blend, a small proportion of chicory is added that enhances the aroma, color, and flavor and makes it the traditional Udupi kaapi. However, some days we lack the patience for waiting overnight for a warm cuppa. Those mornings when you need a caffeine boost with the bold filter coffee taste, the iD instant filter coffee decoction is your knight in shining armour.

The iD instant filter coffee does just that. From 20 ml single-use sachets to a 150 ml filter coffee-shaped pack of filter coffee decoction, iD filter coffee was created when authenticity shook hands with innovation. We bought both variants to test them for convenience, taste, and affordability. Do we like this coffee decoction? Is this iD filter coffee a coffee lover’s delight? Let’s find out!

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Quick Review

coffee decoction

Hassle free, delicious filter coffee at home, now within minutes.

MRP (Box Pack) – Rs 60/-*

Net weight – 5 sachets, 20 ml each

iD Instant Filter Coffee Decoction Review

First things first, this coffee decoction mixed seamlessly with the milk. Unlike traditional filter coffee, we didn’t need to grind coffee beans and brew them overnight. The iD instant filter coffee decoction tasted very authentic.

We tried the iD filter coffee with whole milk, skimmed milk, coconut milk and slim milk over a span of two weeks.

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

The flavor was richer, more complex, and definitely different when compared to instant coffee. That being said, we are not comparing this instant filter coffee decoction to freshly ground/roasted coffee.

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coffee decoction
iD Filter Coffee Packaging
coffee decoction
iD Instant Filter Coffee Liquid

Different people prefer their coffee differently. Some like it milky, some prefer black, some love the overloaded sweetness, some love their coffee strong. What did it for us with this iD instant filter coffee  was the liberty we had to adjust intensity. All we had to do was add warm milk and some sugar to instantly teleport us to Southern India.

Sugar or no sugar, full fat or toned milk, you can customise this as per your preferences. If you haven’t tasted the traditional Udupi kaapi, this will make for a decent first experience. 

coffee decoction
Kaapi yum! iD's Filter Coffee is big on convenience.


  • This is a ready-to-use filter coffee decoction.
  • The iD instant filter coffee decoction comes in single-use (20 ml) sachets and a 150 ml cup-shaped pack.
  • This instant filter coffee is made using a blend of coffee and chicory powder.
  • iD filter coffee is made using single origin coffee beans.
  • The iD filter coffee is preservative free and contains zero colors or artificial flavors.


  • The iD instant filter coffee decoction is a travel-friendly option,
  • This instant filter coffee can be adjusted to suit individual preferences.
  • The iD instant filter coffee decoction will be appreciated by those trying it for the first time.
  • This is an affordable option for filter coffee lovers.
  • It contains 80% coffee and 20% chicory, and nothing else.


  • The iD filter coffee cannot be compared to freshly ground coffee.

User Review 

‘With the iD instant filter coffee decoction, I brought the typical South Indian restaurant coffee taste and experience home! The decoction has a thick and lucious consistency. One 20 ml sachet provides an exceptional caffeine kick. Additionally, it tastes great with hot water too.’

iD Instant Filter Coffee Decoction – Varieties in Packaging

There are two variants of the iD instant filter coffee available online. The single-serve sachets contain 20 ml of the decoction and are sold in a pack of 40. The filter coffee cup-shaped pack holds 150 ml and is sold in packs of 2 and 4.

Packaging Type 1 – Single Serve Sachets

coffee decoction
Single Serve Sachets come in a box packaging.
  • If you aren’t sure that filter coffee is for you or you wish to have a warm cup of traditional filter coffee at work, the 20 ml single use sachets are for you.
  • A 20 ml sachet can be added to 100-150 ml of warm milk.
  • You can increase or reduce the quantity of milk depending on the strength you prefer. 

Packaging Type 2 – Cup Shaped Deconcotion

  • If you take your cuppa coffee seriously or the evening coffee sessions include the entire family, grabbing the 150 ml pack would be the better option.
  • You can measure the decoction and reseal the pack.
  • You can use this for upto 10 days after the date of opening. 

iD Instant Filter Coffee Decoction Varieties – Comparison Chart

The iD Filter Coffee comes in two different packaging. The contents within this pack are exactly the same.


Packaging 1 (Box pack)

Packaging 2 (Cup Shaped pack)

1. Net Weight 20 ml x 5 150 ml
2. Package Dimensions 16.6 x 13.4 x 9.2 cm 25.65 x 32.77 x 30.23 cm
3. MRP (Rupees)  Rs 60/- (5 sachets) Rs 95/-

Final Words

An instant filter coffee decoction that offers the same great taste? Ah, yes! The iD coffee decoction can be the new contender to your homemade filter coffee but without the grinding and brewing process. A blend of coffee and chicory, filter coffee is made by adding a few teaspoons of the powder mix to the second last container of the coffee press. Boiling hot water is slowly poured to the same and finally, the press is placed on top and the container is sealed shut to let the coffee brew to perfection overnight. 

If you find this process relaxing, you could skip this review. However, if you don’t own a filter press and still want to know the hype, give this coffee decoction a go. 

Would you switch your daily cup of coffee with the iD instant filter coffee decoction? Let us know in the comments below.

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