Ching's Secret Instant Noodles Review - 4 Flavours Tried
Ching's noodles review

Ching’s Secret Instant Noodles Review – 4 Flavours Tried

These instant noodles come in delicious Desi-Chinese flavors. In our Ching’s instant noodles review, we tried four flavors of these instant noodles.

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We all love instant noodles. Not only do they cook, well, instantly, but they can be customized in so many ways. Do you love cheese? Add that! Some fiber? Some color? Add veggies! Need an Indian touch? Spices! Italian touch? Herbs! The list of options here is endless. But what if you don’t want to go through this whole process and simply eat the instant noodles?

The Ching’s Instant Noodles are here for you! The pack of masala that comes with these instant noodles is made using ‘secret’ recipes. From schezwan to hot garlic, these Ching’s Instant noodles have the desi-Chinese taste and street style experience. But do we like all 4 flavors? Which one was voted as the best flavor in our Ching’s Instant Noodles Review? Slurp…let’s find out!

Ching’s Instant Noodles Review: Our Parameters

Visual appeal is as important as taste at Mishry. Like most instant noodles, Ching’s Instant Noodles were packed like a dry noodle cake. All the packs come with a seasoning mix inside. Here are the other parameters that helped us declare the best flavor of Ching’s noodles.


How is the tastemaker? Is the seasoning balanced? As this is a Desi-Chinese instant noodle flavor, the intensity of garlic and spices was also a major factor.


How is the texture of the noodles? Did they cook well or were they too squidgy? 

For our review, we cooked all the flavors according to the instructions given on the pack. We did not add any extra seasoning, cheese, herbs, or vegetables to this pack of instant noodles. We tasted all the four variants of Ching’s Noodles twice. Once when they were hot and once when they were cold to check for the intensity of flavors.

Quick Review

Ching's Noodles review

Love desi-Chinese? These Ching’s Instant Noodles are here to your rescue!

MRP – Rs 15/-*

Net weight – 60 grams

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*Price at the time of review

Ching’s Noodles At A Glance – Everything You Need To Know

Ching’s Secret Instant Noodles give the convenience of bringing street-style desi-Chinese taste within the comfort of your home. The following table is a quick comparison of the 4 Ching’s instant noodles flavors we tried – 

Flavors  Ching’s Secret Schezwan Noodles Ching’s Secret Singapore Curry Instant Noodles Ching’s Secret Manchurian Instant Noodles Ching’s Secret Hot Garlic
Ingredients 32.5% mixed spices, 2.4% dehydrated vegetables, tomato powder, yeast extract. 30% spice mix, 2.6% vegetables, citric acid, sunflower oil. 10% mixed spices, 6% dehydrated vegetables, garlic bits, soy sauce powder. 6% mixed spices, 20% dehydrated vegetables, corn flour, tomato powder.
Price Rs 15/- (60 grams) Rs 15/- (60 grams) Rs 15/- (60 grams) Rs 15/- (60 grams)
Calories per serving 69.4 Kcal 270.8 Kcal 67.7 Kcal 72.3 Kcal
Spice Level Spiciest Not spicy at all Moderately spicy Second most spicy
Flavor Hot and spicy Flavor notes are very curry-like Reminds you of street-style Chinese Bold garlicky flavor

Ching’s Secret Instant Noodles Review – 4 Flavours Compared

Chinese flavors in a pack of instant noodles? We were pumped for Ching’s instant noodles review and taste test. Each pack contains 60 grams of the product and is priced at Rs 15/-. We cooked the four flavors like regular instant noodles. The Ching’s Instant Noodles cooked well. Scroll further to find a detailed description of each flavor and also the one we think is the best flavor of Ching’s noodles.

Ching’s Secret Singapore Curry Instant Noodles

Ching's Noodles review
Ching's Singapore Curry Noodles

The Ching’s instant noodles in the Singapore curry flavor definitely nailed the curry-taste. While cooking too, a dominant curry aroma enveloped the test kitchen. Visually, the Singapore curry flavor had a turmeric yellow shade. In addition to this, there were some specs of curry leaves.

The flavor is sadly a little unidimensional. There are quite a few spices added. However, we couldn’t taste them individually. After a few bites and REALLY looking for flavors, we could taste a bit of asafoetida and fenugreek.

What left us a tad bit confused was the ‘Singapore’ tag. Typically, Singaporean cuisine is characterized by strong spicy flavors. And among the 4, we found this Ching’s instant noodles flavor to be the lowest on the spice scale. If this was labeled as just a ‘curry’ flavor, we wouldn’t have compared it to a bowl of a typical Singaporean curry.


  • Ching’s Secret Singapore Curry Noodles come in a white wrapper pack. Inside the pack are a cake of noodles and a tastemaker.
  • The instructions to prepare this pack of Ching’s instant noodles are given at the back of the pack.
  • The yellow color of the prepared noodles is very turmeric-like.
  • One serving (60 grams) of the Ching’s Secret Singapore Curry Instant Noodles provide 270.8 Kcal.


  • This Ching’s instant noodles flavor has a rich curry flavor and aroma. 
  • The curry flavor has hints of fenugreek.
  • The noodles cooked well and did not get squidgy.
  • Even after getting cold, these did not stick to each other and retained their flavor.


  • Flavor-wise, there is nothing ‘Singapore’ curry-like about this variant. 

Best Suited For

We think the Ching’s Secret Singapore Curry Instant Noodles would be relished delightfully by people with a low chili tolerance as the spice levels are minimal. And the curry lovers? We recommend this to you!

Ching’s Secret Schezwan Instant Noodles

Ching's Noodles review
The spicy pack - Ching's Schezwan Noodles

In one word, the schezwan-flavored Ching’s instant noodles were SPICY. If you have ever relished a spoonful of schezwan sauce atop your meal, you know how the heat feels.

Unlike other flavors from Ching’s instant noodles range, the schezwan flavor offered different layers of textures. It starts as a bowl of spicy noodles with some crunchy bits of carrots. This paired well with the overall taste. 


  • These Ching’s instant noodles are the spiciest.
  • The heat that comes from anything schezwan flavored is present.
  • The addition of parsley and carrots enhance flavor and texture.
  • One serving (60 grams) of the Ching’s Secret Schezwan Instant Noodles provides 69.4 kcals.


  • The Ching’s Secret Schezwan Instant Noodles cook well.
  • The spice and heat match that of schezwan sauce.

Best Suited For

If spice is the flavor your tongue enjoys the most, go for this! In addition to this, if you want to hop on the spice challenge trend and are unable to get your hands on international spicy noodles, these Ching’s instant noodles are almost as spicy.

Ching’s Secret Manchurian Instant Noodles

Ching's Noodles review
Manchurian flavored instant noodles by Ching's Secret.

Ever relished a bowl of packaged instant soup? Now imagine the same flavor but with noodles. The garlicky-Chinese aroma resembles that of a manchow flavored instant soup.

When we looked at the dry seasoning mix, it looked similar to the others. However, the aroma instantly reminded us of a warm bowl of Manchurian gravy. As we added this to the boiling noodles, there was a generous amount of dried garlic specs.

Taste-wise, this pack of Ching’s instant noodles has a very industrial Manchurian flavor. Even though the garlic and spice are spot on, there is something very artificial about the flavor of these instant noodles. 


  • This flavor of Ching’s instant noodles smells exactly like Manchurian gravy. 
  • There is a generous amount of garlic bits in the seasoning mix.
  • One serving (60 grams) of the Ching’s Secret Manchurian Instant Noodles provides 67.7 Kcals.


  • These Ching’s instant noodles are high on the garlic flavor.
  • The Manchurian-like taste in these instant noodles hits the spot.
  • The Ching’s Secret Manchurian Instant Noodles are not too bland nor too spicy.


  • This pack of noodles is very industrial to taste.

Best Suited For

Kids, adults, and anyone who loves the desi-Chinese cuisine.

Ching’s Secret Hot Garlic Instant Noodles

Ching's Noodles review
Ching's Secret Hot Garlic Noodles

These Ching’s instant noodles are hot and spicy. When compared to the other flavors in the range, these are the second most spicy. The garlic flavor is unmissable. But what adds to the overall spiciness are the red chilies.  


  • This pack of instant noodles is best before 9 months from the date of manufacture. 
  • One pack contains 60 grams.
  • One serving of these Ching’s instant noodles provides 72.3 KCal of energy.
  • This flavor is loaded with garlic and red chilies.


  • These Ching’s instant noodles offer a bold kick of spicy flavors.
  • The ‘hot garlic tag is justified. 

Best Suited For

If you love garlic but aren’t sure about your spice tolerance, this flavor is what you should go for.

Ching’s Noodles Best Flavour – Our Picks

Ching's Noodles review
The Hot Garlic noodles were a favorite!
Ching's Noodles review
The Singapore Curry flavor was also liked by all.

From all the four variants, we chose Ching’s Singapore Curry and Hot Garlic Instant Noodles as our Top Picks for their flavor blend. The Hot Garlic and Singapore Curry noodles make for a tasty snack for when you’re craving something substantial that makes you feel full.

All the noodles cooked well and none of the noodles became rubbery or sticky. Even when we tasted these cold, none of the noodles lost their flavor intensity. 

The Manchurian flavor noodles did not win because of their industrial taste and the schezwan was unidimensionally spicy to be loved by us as much as the hot garlic one.

FAQ Section

1. Which Ching’s Noodles are best?

As per our taste test, Team Mishry chose the hot garlic and Singapore Curry flavor as the tastier pack of instant noodles.

2. Are Ching’s Noodles fried?

No. The Ching’s Instant Noodles are not deep-fried. These need not be deep-fried while cooking either. 

3. Is Ching’s noodles healthy?

The noodle cake is made using ingredients like refined wheat flour and refined palm oil. If ‘healthy’ is what you’re looking for, then packaged, processed products must be replaced with fresh, homemade snacks and meals.

Summary – Ching’s Instant Noodles Review

Our Ching’s Instant Noodles Review was a success! While we enjoyed a few flavors, the others left us a little confused. All-in-all, this was a slurpy taste test. After multiple tasting sessions, we decided that Ching’s Hot Garlic and Ching’s Singaporean Curry flavor are tastier than the Manchurian and schezwan flavors.

Depending on which flavor of the Ching’s instant noodles got your mouth watering the quickest, grab a pack and let us know whether the spice levels got your nose running!

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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