Wingreens Farms Complete Products List Reviewed By Mishry
wingreens farms products list

Wingreens Farms Complete Products List Reviewed By Mishry

From ready-to-use sauces and dips to travel-friendly snack packs, Wingreens Farms is spreading smiles among customers and making farmers and women financially independent.

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Wingreens Farms Pvt Ltd is a Gurugram-based food company that started as a part of the Women Initiative Network. In 2008, Anju and Arjun Srivastava partnered up with the women and farmers of Tauru in Haryana.

From dips and sauces to instant cake mixes, the Srivastavas have been the helping hand farmers needed while generating 8-digit revenues. What drove them was how farmers had the land but no cash liquidity to use the land productively. Initially, Anju Srivastava had no idea how agriculture and farming work. However, she was determined to learn it. With the help and financial support of her husband, Arjun Srivastava, they turned this dream into a reality by producing an exceptional range of Wingreens products.

Despite the extreme weather conditions in Northern India, they managed to produce exquisite herbs and marketed them as Wingreens sauces and dips.

The following article contains products from Wingreens Farms that Team Mishry reviewed firsthand.

The intention, thought, and efforts are exceptional but do we recommend these Wingreens Farms products?

Wingreens Farms Products – List of Fresh & Fun Healthy Snacks

Here’s the list of fresh healthy snacks by Wingreens Farms which we reviewed.

1. Wingreens Farms Muesli

The Wingreens Farms Company recently added ready-to-eat breakfast cereals to the range of the Wingreens products.

wingreens farms muesli
Wingreens farms muesli

1.1 Wingreens Farms 5 Grains Muesli

The multigrain muesli is available in two variants- 5 grains and Multigrain Cranberry Almond. Both these Wingreens products are packed in a brown-colored paper bag.

1.2 Wingreens Farms Multigrain Muesli

During our Wingreens Farms muesli review, we noticed how all ingredients stood separately and were not clustered into balls like granola. Talking about the texture, the multigrain muesli had the perfect balance of chewy and crunchy textures.

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They tasted fresh, and more or less, both variants were similar. We recommend you choose one based on whether you like raisins or cranberries more.

2. Wingreens Rosemary Dry Herbs

Getting international herbs like oregano, basil, thyme, and others is no longer challenging. Wingreens introduced packed herbs that are not crushed!

wingreens rosemary dry herbs
Wingreens rosemary dry herbs

For our Wingreens Farms rosemary dry herbs review, we bought the Rosemary leaves variant from the herbs range of Wingreens products. A 30 grams pack is priced at Rs 125/-.

Right as we opened the resealable pouch, the signature strong rosemary aroma was noticed. Additionally, the leaves were not powdered or broken. Upon dry tasting them, we observed how fresh they felt.

We made 3 dishes over 7 days using the Wingreens Farms Rosemary Herbs. The taste and fresh aroma left us delightful. However, we think this experience could have been a 10/10 if some specification regarding the herb drying process was mentioned.

3. Wingreens Farms White Sauce Premix

If you are looking for a quick fix for that bowl of creamy pasta, here’s a shortcut! We all know preparing the perfect white sauce requires skill and patience. And lots of it!

wingreens farms white sauce premix

Perfecting the consistency and flavors can sometimes even rattle the best of chefs. This Wingreens Farm sauce is offered in a powdered form.

During our Wingreens Sauce review, we noticed the white sauce powder was loaded with dried herbs. As mentioned in the pack, we added 5 tablespoons of the powder to 200ml of water. The mixing process was surprisingly easy; there were no lumps at all. We boiled a handful of tagliatelle pasta. The only seasoning we added was a pinch of salt.

This ready-to-use white sauce by Wingreens Farms gets a thumbs up from our side. Whether it is taste and aroma or consistency and ease, this sauce had it all!

4. Wingreens Farms Naan Chips

We have grown up snacking on potato and banana chips. Lately, with the revolution in the food industry, brands have launched beetroot, okra, jackfruit, coconut, and several other varieties of chips we would never have imagined.

Wingreens Naan Chips
Wingreen Farms Naan Chips

Wingreens India brought the ‘Naan chips’ with a twist on the classic naan in three flavor variants- Butter Garlic, Tez Tandoori, and Chatpata Pudina.

We tasted all three variants of naan chips for the taste and texture and here’s our favorite! The Wingreens Farms chips are made using 5 flours- refined wheat, whole wheat, oats, malted barley, millet. These chips have the crispiness and crunch you would expect.

4.1 Wingreens Farms Naan Chips Butter Garlic

Flavor-wise, our favorite was the Butter garlic variant. It delivered on the original butter-garlic flavor.

4.2 Wingreens Farms Naan Chips Chatpata Pudina

Every bite of chatpata pudina naan chips is irresistible. You can taste the freshness with the minty flavor.

4.3 Wingreens Farms Naan Chips Tez Tandoori

This crunchy naan chips is ready to dip into Dal makhani or Butter Chicken. The chips are smoky and spicy.

However, this Wingreens product did not get 5/5 Mishrys as most pieces were broken. To sum it up, all three variants have a bang-on taste, but the broken pieces are not something anyone wants.

5. Wingreens Farms Pizza & Pasta Sauce

Somedays even waiting 30 minutes for the pizza to get delivered, seems too challenging. This Wingreens Pizza sauce is the quick fix you have been waiting for. We tested six popular brands of ready-to-use pizza sauce, and the Wingreens Pizza and Pasta sauce won second place.

wingreens farms pizza & pasta sauce
Wingreens farms pizza & pasta sauce

The Wingreens Pizza sauce had a buttery richness when we dry-tasted it without any pizza bread. Step two, pizza party!

We applied the recommended amount of the pizza sauce and sprinkled some cheese on top before baking. We followed a rather simple recipe because the addition of other ingredients could have resulted in a biased review. The Wingreens Pizza n Pasta sauce spread effortlessly on the bread.

Made using 41% tomatoes, this sauce had tanginess and balanced salty and sweet flavors. In addition to this, the buttery flavor acted as a great taste enhancer!

6. Wingreens Farms Appitas

Since no one willingly wants to compromise on taste for health, food brands have been coming up with healthier and even lower-calorie alternatives to fried and fat-rich snacks. The Wingreens Farms Appitas are baked pita chips made using multigrain flour.

wingreens farms appitas
Wingreens farms appitas

We tasted two variants- Jalapeno and Sour Cream and Onion to hop on the bandwagon.

6.1 Wingreens Farms Appitas – Jalapeno

Talking about the taste, the Jalapeno variant from the Wingreens Farms Appitas starts strong on the flavor, but by the end of the bite, all we could taste was the dough. The spice level is high, and we think this would pair well with a yogurt-based herby dip.

6.2 Wingreens Farms Appitas – Sour Cream and Onion

The sour cream variant had a lovely flavor and texture. There was a pronounced cheesy taste but these chips nailed the salt level. If only these had the classic square shape, we would have enjoyed them a lot more.

These pita chips are made with a combination of wheat, millet, barley, and oats flour. The chips are extremely crunchy, thanks to the blend of flours used. However, these do not look appealing to the eyes as the pieces are broken and have an uneven thickness.

7. Wingreens Farms Chips and Dips

Who can say no to a snack that travels well? Neatly packed chips that come with a dip? Say hello to your new travel buddy!

wingreens farms chips and dips

We tried wingreens farms dips and chips; the Parmesan chips with Cheesy dip, Jalapeno chips with Sweet chili dip, and Cheese chips with salsa sauce. Our experience with these wingreens farms dips and chips packs was a positive one. The flavors make a good pair and compliment each other well.

Two most loved products from the Wingreens Farms range- dips and chips are now packed and marketed as one. Each pack contains flavored chips that are baked (not fried) and a dip that pairs well.

8. Wingreens Farms Achaari Sauce

From dry sandwiches to homemade Frankie rolls, adding an Indian touch enhances the taste and elevates the experience. Made using sunflower oil, this Wingreens Farms sauce is a perfect blend of unique flavors that are part and parcel of Indian meals.

wingreens farms achaari sauce
Wingreens Farms Achaari Sauce

Homemade achaar is characterized by its signature tanginess and spicy flavors. This Wingreens Farms sauce does just that. Spicy and tangy! The texture is spot-on too. It wasn’t too runny or too lumpy. We think this Wingreens Farms achari sauce can be used in parathas and even dry snacks like mathris or chaklis.

Final Words

Voila! The list of Wingreens Farms products you didn’t know you needed is here. From tasty sauces to chunky dips, and unique chips that come with dips of their own, Wingreens India is genuinely innovative. Whether you want to get your hands on some good quality herbs or a cake premix for a quick celebration, Wingreens Farms products are worth a try!

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