Tried The Haldiram Kesaria Thandai? Here's Our Honest Review

Haldiram Thandai Kesaria Review – Best Holi Dry Fruit Syrup

Our review of Haldiram Thandai kesaria helps save you from the tedious task of collecting several ingredients and then converting into a thandai recipe.

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Haldiram Thandai Kesaria is a nice and refreshing concentrate of almond and saffron along with spices

Thandai is a traditional exotic drink made for the occasion of Holi festival in the North Indian States, and at some places, it is also served during Mahashivratri. Thandai is served as a welcome drink to guests during Holi as it is a nourishing beverage and provides instant energy because it’s enriched with dry fruits and sugar. We reviewed Haldiram Thandai Kesaria in our test kitchen so that you can decide if you would like to serve it as a welcome drink to your guests this year on Holi 2021.

Some people may ask, What is Thandai? Thandai is predominantly served in North India to combat the upcoming high temperatures which rise up to 50 to 55 degrees. Thandai is a traditional Indian beverage that celebrates the indulgence of exotic spices and dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts, assorted melon seeds, poppy seeds, flavored with spices like black pepper, cardamom, fennel seeds, cinnamon, and saffron.

The aroma of cardamom, the distinctive flavor of saffron, and the addition of cinnamon make the thandai a special drink.

Our review of Haldiram Thandai Kesaria helps save you from the tedious task of collecting several ingredients and then converting them into a thandai recipe.

Haldiram Thandai is available in two flavours: Haldiram Thandai Kesaria and Haldiram Badam Thandai.  Have you ever tried Haldiram’s Thandai and which flavor did you like most? We reviewed four thandai drinks to find the Best Thandai Brand In India.

What’s also popular during the colorful festival Holi is Gujiya! We reviewed three popularly available gujiyas to find the tastiest one.

Haldiram Thandai
Flavor Refreshing concentrate of almond & saffron along with spices


Ingredients Sugar, Water, Almonds, Khus-khus, Watermelon Seed, Cucumber Seed, Aniseed, White Pepper, Cardamom, Rose Water, Kewra Water

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Net Contents 750 ml
Price Rs. 300
Synthetic food colors Yes
Shelf Life Best before nine months from the date of manufacturing

Haldiram’s Thandai Kesaria is a well- packaged Thandai. The glass bottle is inside the signature hard cardboard cover by Haldiram’s. Thandai Kesaria is a dry fruit syrup and could work well as a nice summer cooler. All you have to do is add chilled milk and a few cubes of ice, making it convenient too. 

Thandai  Kesaria is a thirst quencher and can be used not just for Holi but also as a beverage for all summer months. Approximately 25 servings will be made out of the 750 ml pack.

As the festival of Holi marks the onset of summers, a drink like thandai makes sense. Thandai gives a cooling effect on hot summer days as it is laced with cooling ingredients from our kitchen. The thandai with these ingredients uplifts the mood and helps in making people indulge in the festival with more zeal and enthusiasm. 

Haldiram’s Summer Coolers Thandai Kesaria Dry Fruit Syrup

Haldiram Thandai

While reviewing Haldiram Thandai Kesaria (not the Haldiram Badam Thandai) in our test kitchen, we followed the serving suggestion mentioned on the bottle.

Through the Haldiram Thandai Kesaria review, we found that the consistency to be very thick, even thicker than Bikano. Haldiram Thandai Kesaria consistency is good to fill you up but not very convenient to drink.

You may want to dilute Haldiram Thandai Kesaria with more milk as portions of the thandai get glued to the inside of the glass. Since the consistency is not free-flowing, it lacks the convenience of drinking from the glass.

As expected, Haldiram’s Thandai Kesaria has a very kesar-like aroma which perhaps comes from the added flavors – natural and nature-identical substances as mentioned on the pack.

The amalgamation of three strong ingredients: kewra water, rose water, and kesar seem too high and confusing. The aroma seems a bit too overpowering and did not give a very ‘natural’ feel.

Black pepper kick is strong, but it still does not cut the sweetness.

Our Haldiram Kesaria Thandai review captures findings from our detailed review of 4 popular thandai brands conducted in our test kitchen. We found that Haldiram Kesaria is the sweetest amongst all the four brands of Thandai we reviewed.

Features Of Haldiram Thandai Kesaria

  • Thirst Quencher
  • Refreshing Concentrate of Almonds & Saffron along with Spices
  • Summer Cooler
  • It does not need refrigeration.
  • Shelf life of Haldiram Thandai Kesaria is nine months.


  • Ease of making
  • Ready in three easy steps
  • Sold in a glass bottle
  • Available online so ease of availability


  • High on sweetness
  • Very Thick Concentrate
  • Strong aroma of Kewra water

Why Should I Choose Haldiram Thandai Kesaria? 

Holi is a spring festival celebrated in India. Holi is celebrated to mark the end of winter and to welcome spring. People gather together in groups and use dry colours known as gulal or abeer to apply on each other’s forehead, cheeks, neck etc, and then they greet each other with a hug, which depicts love and harmony for one another.

Holi is a festival to remind all enmity to be forgotten and become one by playing colors and rejoicing together. Thandai is served to quench the thirst of people visiting each other’s places for holi.

Haldiram’s Thandai kesaria will be a good companion in your kitchen this holi, when unexpected guests arrive.

Thandai can be made at home too.

Making thandai at home is a long process, and means a lot of forward planning. At times like these, thandai premixes like Haldiram Kesar Thandai can come in handy.  Here are three reasons why you should choose Haldiram Thandai Kesaria:

  • Ingredients used in Haldiram Kesariya Thandai

Haldiram kesar thandai ingredients are quite similar to the ingredients which are being used in homemade thandai.

  • Sweet Taste

Haldiram’s Thandai kesaria has a sweetness level which people with a sweet tooth will love.

  • Convenience and Ease of Making

You just need chilled -pre-boiled milk, and you are sorted.


Haldiram Thandai Kesaria is one of the most popular thandai drinks, majorly because it is widely available pan India and is a good choice for large families. Here are some questions related to Haldiram Thandai Kesaria.

1. Why is thandai perfect for Holi? 

Holi is a time when we welcome summers, and the onset of warmer and longer days. So when you out in the sun, playing with colors, and water, a refreshing drink like thandai can help replenish depleted energies.

2. Which flavor is better, Haldiram Badam Thandai or Haldiram Thandai kesaria?

It really depends on personal choice. If you prefer the aroma and taste of saffron/kesar, then go for Haldiram Badam Thandai.

3. Which is better, thandai made at home or store bought?

Nothing can beat the freshness and flavor of homemade thandai, especially when you use a tried and tested recipe like we have mentioned in this article.

But, if you have a shortage of time then premixes like Haldiram Badam Thandai or Haldiram Kesar Thandai can help.

4. Is Haldiram Badam Thandai healthier?

Thandai is a drink to have for holi and also in the scorching heat of Summers. It certainly is a healthier option to have instead of having aerated beverages.

5. What is Haldiram Shahi Thandai Price?

Haldiram’s syrup Shahi Thandai is Rs. 290/- for a 750 ml bottle.

Haldiram Thandai

Final Words

Apart from the traditional thandai there are other flavors too which can be made at home.

1. Badam Thandai – made with spices and dry fruits such as almonds

2. Badam kesar thandai – made up of almonds and saffron

3. Bhang Thandai – Full fat milk, fine paste of soaked dry fruits and spices mixed with cannabis(Bhang) making it an intoxicating drink. Bhang Thandai is a delectable drink available during the festival of Holi and Mahashivratri.

4. Rose Thandai – also includes rose petals apart from other typical ingredients of thandai.

Holi is incomplete without Thandai. 

Which is your favourite Thandai? 

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