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vegetables that start with letter s

List of Vegetables That Start With S

‘Rasode mein kaun tha’ might be an unsolved mystery, but these vegetables definitely deserve a spot in every rasoda i.e your kitchen.

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Vegetables are a constant in our lives, and why not? It is because of these vegetables that we are successfully able to do our daily work without any disruptions. While there is an abundance of vegetables around us, most of these vegetables, especially leafy vegetables, contain an important mineral that is required for our physical fitness. Yes, we are talking about iron. Iron helps in transferring oxygen to all the parts of our body and thus ensures efficient functioning. Without enough iron, our body is bound to feel lethargic easily. Iron is also required for healthy hair and skin. These enormous benefits of iron push us to consume more vegetables that are rich in iron. 

Below we have focussed on vegetables that start with S. Most of these vegetables of letter S are root or leafy vegetables, rich in iron.

Vegetables Beginning With S

Let’s not beat around the bush anymore. Here is a list of all the vegetables, starting with S.

1. Salad Savoy

salad savoy
Salad Savoy [ Image Credit: ]
This is one of the first vegetables of letter S. This is a unique vegetable that grows on violet and white flower-like heads. It has a sweet flavor similar to cabbage and broccoli and is rich in vitamin C, A and K.

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2. Salsify

salsify vegetable
Salsify vegetable [ Image Credit: ]
Its scientific name is Tragopogon porrifolius. It is the most commonly grown plant of the genus Tragopogon. This vegetable is rich in carbohydrates and has low fat.

3. Samphire

samphire vegetable
Samphire Grass [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
It is a salt-tolerant plant that grows in the sea and therefore tastes like the sea. It is also crispy in texture.

4. Scorzonera

Scorzonera Vegetable [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Among other vegetables that start with S, is a taproot vegetable Scorzonera. Its scientific name is Scorzonera hispanica. The skin of the taproot vegetable is black. It is also known as serpent root or viper’s herb.

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5. Sculpit

This is a green-colored herb that can be added to several dishes for flavor and can also be eaten as a salad. It is easy to grow and is mainly used in Europe.

6. Sea Beet

sea beet
Sea Beet [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Its scientific name is Beta vulgaris subsp. Maritime. It is a perennial plant with dark green and shiny leaves. 

7. Seagrape

seagrape vegetable
Seagrape Vegetable [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Its scientific name is Coccoloba uvifera. It is usually found in the beaches of America and the Caribbean. It can be eaten raw, cooked or fermented.

8. Sea kale

sea kale
Sea Kale [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
It grows mostly in Europe and is of the family Brassicaceae. Its scientific name is Crambe maritime. 

9. Sea Lettuce

sea lettuce
Sea Lettuce [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Of the genus Ulva, this is an edible green algae. It is eaten raw and also adds a distinct flavor to soups.

10. Shallot

Shallot [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This vegetable is similar to onion and closely related to garlic, clove and chive. The outer skin is golden yellow or slightly red in color while the inner flesh is off white. 

11. Sierra leone bologi

sierra leone bologi
Sierra leone bologi vegetable [Image Credit: Wikipedia[
This is a vegetable found in Africa and has leaves similar to spinach. Its scientific name is Crassocephalum biafrae.

12. Skirret

skirret vegetable
Skirret root vegetable [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
It is grown as a root vegetable that has edible stems as well. Its scientific name is Sium sisarum. It has long white roots and tastes sweet.

13. Snap Pea

snap pea
Snap Pea [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
It is a type of pod pea that has thick walls. They can be eaten whole and can also be eaten as salads.

14. Snow Pea

snow pea
Snow Pea [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Its scientific name is Pisum sativum var. Saccharatum. Both seeds and pods of this vegetable are edible. The stems and leaves of the plant are also used in cooking sometimes.

15. Soko

soko vegetable
Soko Vegetable [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This vegetable is rich in calcium and helps in maintaining blood pressure. Its scientific name is Celosia argentea. It is also known as lagos spinach.

16. Sorrel

sorrel vegetable
Sorrel Vegetable [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Its scientific name is Rumex acetosa, and it is from the family Polygonaceae. It can be added in soups or served as appetizers.

17. Sour Cabbage

sour cabbage
Sour Cabbage [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
It is a vegetable food preserve, made using sea salt. In simpler terms, it is a food preservative that has salted cabbage.

18. Soyabean

Soyabean [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This vegetable is widely cultivated in East Asia. Its scientific name is Glycine max. Soyabean is a rich source of proteins for all vegetarians.

19. Spinach

Spinach [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Its scientific name is Spinacia oleracea, and it is rich in vitamin C, manganese and iron. The leaves of the spinach plant vary in size and shape.

20. Scallion

Scallion [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
The vegetable is similar to onion but is milder in taste. The leaves are also chopped and used as a vegetable that can be added to salads or salsa.

Spring Onion is another name for scallion.

21. Squash Blossoms

squash blossoms
Squash Blossoms [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Also known as courgette flowers in the UK, this vegetable can be eaten raw and can be fried as well according to your taste and liking.

22. Summer squash

summer squash
Summer Squash [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This is a greenish-yellow vegetable that has several other varieties, including zucchini, cousa squash etc.

23. Swede

swede root vegetables
Swede root vegetable [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
This is a root vegetable, and its scientific name is Brassica napobrassica. It is also known as Swedish turnip and its leaf part is also edible. 

24. Sweet Potato

sweet potato
Sweet Potato [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
Another root vegetable that starts with S is sweet potato. Its scientific name is Ipomoea batatas and it grows on the dicotyledonous plant.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered most asked FAQs about the vegetables that commence with letter S.

1. Which of the vegetables starting with the letter S are rarest?

Sea kale is a rare plant that grows wild along the coast. It is found in abundance where it grows locally. It is native to Europe and the British Isles.

2. Which of the vegetables that begin with the letter S are common in India?

Here’s the list of some of the vegetables that are commonly available in India and start with S.

  • Sweet Potato
  • Spinach
  • Soyabean
  • Scallion

3. Which of these vegetables are available throughout the year?

Vegetables such as soybean, shallots, samphire and snow pea are available throughout the year.

Final Words

These are all the vegetables starting with S.

We hope we haven’t skipped any of the vegetables beginning with S. Add all these vegetables of letter S to your diet to keep your body active throughout the day. 

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