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nescafe sunrise liquid coffee decoction review

Nescafe Sunrise Liquid Coffee Decoction: For An Instant Cuppa

Adjust the strength as per your choice – from milky and sweet to super strong. Nescafe Sunrise Liquid Coffee Decoction makes for a quick caffeine fix.

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Nescafe Sunrise Liquid Coffee decoction is strong on aroma but not so much on the palette. The good thing is, you can adjust the strength of your coffee as per your liking. It mixes seamlessly and is a travel friendly option.

Coffee decoctions are the caffeine version of meal prep. These help cut down on the grinding and brewing process. All you need to do is add some milk and sugar as preferred and voila!

Though everyone has a cult favorite, amongst a large section in India, coffee is synonymous with Nescafe. Earlier we reviewed the Nescafe Gold Blend and even though it is essentially classified as instant coffee, it has a fuller, richer taste. Trying yet another caffeine-based product from the brand, here is our Nescafe Sunrise Liquid Coffee Decoction review.

Is it worth the buy?

Nescafe Sunrise Liquid Coffee Decoction- What You Need To Know

nescafe sunrise liquid coffee decoction
This decoction is packed in a vibrant bottle.

All you need to know about Nescafe Sunrise Liquid Coffee decoction is discussed here. 

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1. Packaging

The decoction is packed in a PET bottle. It has a reclosable flip lid. 

2. Main Ingredients

Water, Roasted, and Ground Coffee are the main ingredients. 6.3% of the coffee content comes from Chicory. 

3. Taste

Premium coffee has a rich, strong, and smooth taste. Does this ‘premium’ decoction come close to this? 

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Additionally, this concoction contains 6.3% Chicory. Did it impact the taste? If yes, was it positive or negative?

How is the overall strength of this coffee? Find out more in our two-stage taste test. 

4. Flavour

Of the total coffee content, 6.3% is Chicory. The what, why and how of Chicory are explained in the paragraph below. 

What is Chicory and why is it added to the decoction?

Just like coffee beans, the roots of Chicory plants are ground. These look identical, taste similar, but showcase different aromas. 

When powdered, both have a deep brown and coarse appearance. Taste-wise, both are bitter but Chicory does not have the flavor of the coffee. Chicory is strong and nutty too, but it also has some undertones of over-cooked caramel sauce or burnt sugar. 

The tiniest pinch of salt is added to elevate sweetness in desserts, half a teaspoon of ground coffee is added to brownies to enhance the chocolatey flavors, similarly, Chicory is added to instant coffee powders (decoction in this case) to complement the original coffee flavor. 

Nescafe Sunrise Liquid Coffee decoction is made with 80% coffee and 20% Chicory. 

5. Aroma

We checked the aroma in two stages, just the decoction and when mixed with milk. Does that inviting caffeine aroma change? If so, was it milky or just reduced? 

6. Consistency

Is this decoction super flowy like water or does it have some structure or body? Does it change the consistency of the final beverage? 

7. Nutritional Facts

Per 100 ml, you get 20 Kcal of energy, of which 3.9 grams are carbohydrates and 1 gram is protein. There is no sugar or fat in this.

8. Price

A 240-ml bottle is priced at Rs 140. 

9. Shelf Life

This has a shelf life of nine months. 

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Nescafe Sunrise Liquid Coffee Decoction – Detailed Review

Our experience with Nescafe Sunrise Liquid Coffee decoction is explained in this section of the review. 


Nescafe Sunrise Liquid Coffee Decoction Product Details
Price Rs 140
Net Quantity 240 ml
Main Ingredients Water, roasted and ground coffee (6.3% Chicory)
Calories 20 Kcal/100 ml


This coffee decoction does not contain any sugar. The decoction is a blend of nutty and earthy aromas. Since ground coffee beans and ground chicory root seem almost identical in this form, distinguishing and identifying which of the two was more prominent in terms of aroma was almost impossible. 

Visually, the decoction looked like a shot of espresso without the foamy layer. It had a deep brown appearance. 

Our taste test was conducted in two stages- decoction + milk and decoction + milk + sugar. We followed the proportions mentioned on the bottle.

Stage 1- To 20 ml of the decoction we added 100 ml (almost one teacup) of hot milk. We used Amul’s toned milk for both parts of the review. The decoction mixed into milk quite seamlessly, and minimal stirring was required. Next, we observed that the aroma too had turned a bit milky. The aroma and taste of coffee reduced significantly and the milkiness took over. This coffee-like bitterness wasn’t too strong. 

Stage 2- The same process of preparation was followed, but additionally, we added one teaspoon (around 6.5 grams of sugar) to the cup. Taste and aroma were almost identical, the key difference being this second cup was sweeter. 

We recommend adding an additional 5-7 ml of the coffee decoction for a stronger cup. 

PS- Ensure the bottle is stored vertically. We stored it horizontally and noticed some spillage. 

nescafe sunrise liquid coffee decoction packaging
It has a seal under the lid.
nescafe sunrise liquid coffee decoction in a glass
This coffee decoction has a rich aroma.
liquid coffee decoction after mixing into milk in a glass
Before and after adding in milk.
closer look at coffee decoction after mixing into milk
Here’s a closer look, we tasted the coffee without sugar first, and later added some sugar.


  • A 240 ml container of the decoction is priced at Rs 140/-.
  • It has a shelf life of nine months.
  • Main Ingredients- Water, roasted and ground coffee (80% coffee, 20% chicory)


  • This decoction is very aromatic. 
  • It is quite convenient to prepare.
  • Milk blends seamlessly with the decoction. 
  • You can customize the strength as preferred. 


  • The recommended recipe does not yield a strong cup. 
  • This may seem slightly overpriced. 

Best Suited For

If you don’t have access to a running kitchen, this decoction can be a good start to the day. Bachelors and those living as paying guests may find this beneficial. Additionally, this can be added to desserts too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Nescafe Sunrise Liquid Coffee Decoction.

1. Does this coffee decoction contain flavour enhancers?

The coffee decoction contains nature identical flavoring substances. 

2. Does this coffee decoction contain preservatives?

Yes, it contains INS 211. This preservative is typically added to acidic foods and beverages. 

3. How many cups of coffee can be prepared from one pack of liquid coffee decoction?

Assuming you add 20 ml of decoction to a cup, you can prepare upto 12 cups. 

4. What is the date of manufacture of this coffee decoction?

Our bottle was manufactured in July 2021. 

Final Words

We had a positive experience with Nescafe Sunrise Liquid Coffee decoction. It makes your daily cuppa just the slightest bit easier and gives you the liberty to choose how strong a cup you want. Instead of taking along a large pouch/jar of coffee powder, you can take this decoction with you to work or college. 

What’s your preferred way to consume caffeine – Espresso, latte, or frappuccinos? 

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