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aashirvaad instant suji halwa with jaggery review

Aashirvaad Instant Suji Halwa With Jaggery: Why We Don’t Recommend It

Aashirvaad Instant Suji Halwa with Jaggery let us down on all major parameters. More details on what didn’t work for us in the review.

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Aashirvaad instant suji halwa with jaggery is an RTE dessert we do not recommend. It has an undesirable taste and aroma. The only pros are balanced sweetness and good-quality packaging.

Warms the soul, nourishes the body, Suji halwa is one of the tastiest, richest, melt-in-the-mouth desserts we can’t seem to get enough of. Ghee-roasted suji, crushed nuts, with the lingering aroma of cardamom, we bet you’re drooling as you read (because we definitely are!)

Roasting semolina (suji) is what lends richness and intense flavors to the end product. Additionally, adding warm water/milk and stirring the mix again until it forms a flowy, gloopy texture is an arm workout in itself. For the days you lack the patience or strength, instant/RTE halwas are the way to go. Earlier we reviewed ITC Masterchef’s Royal Halwa and loved the flavors. 

From RTE breakfast meals to RTE desserts, we ordered the single-serve cup, and here is our Aashirvaad Instant Suji Halwa with Jaggery review. Hit or miss, let’s find out in the review.

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Aashirvaad Instant Suji Halwa With Jaggery – What You Need To Know

aashirvaad instant suji halwa with jaggery
This RTE halwa comes in a container with a enclosable lid.

Everything you need to know about Aashirvaad Instant Suji Halwa with Jaggery is discussed in this section. 

1. Packaging

In a container with a reclosable lid, a pack holding the dried halwa powder, and a foldable spoon are included. 

2. Main Ingredients

Jaggery (36.7%), Semolina (35%), Milk Solids, Cashewnuts (3%), Nutmeg and Green Cardamom (0.1%) are the key ingredients used. 

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3. Taste

How close does this come to the homemade counterpart? Could we taste the richness of ghee? What about the sweetness? 

The aromatic spices?

4. Aroma

What was the most prominent aroma in this RTE halwa? Was it ghee or cardamom and nutmeg?

5. Texture

Did it have a thick and flowy texture or does it form lumps? Did we need to adjust the water to halwa mix proportions?

6. Appearance

Unlike kada prasad (atta halwa), Suji halwa has a lighter appearance even after being roasted. But since this is sweetened with jaggery, did it turn darker? 

7. Nutritional Information

Per 100 grams, this RTE halwa offers 450 Kcal, 8.6 grams of protein, 72.3 grams of carbohydrates (38.8 grams of which is sugar), and 14 grams of sugar. 

8. Price

A 70-gram cup is priced at Rs 75. 

9. Shelf Life

This has a shelf life of almost nine months. 

Aashirvaad Instant Suji Halwa With Jaggery – Detailed Review

Our experience with Aashirvaad Instant Suji Halwa with Jaggery is discussed in detail below. 


Aashirvaad Instant Suji Halwa with Jaggery Product Details
Price Rs 75
Net Quantity 70 grams
Calories 450 Kcal
Shelf Life Nine months


Inside the container with a lid, we found a pack of dried suji halwa mix with a foldable spoon. The powdered mix comes in a foil pack that is sealed. This container has a measurement marking on the inside which acts as a guide for the level of hot water you need to add.

We added 65 ml of boiled water as instructed on the pack. To this, we added the powdered mix. This looked like a coarse blend of semolina, jaggery, and some cashews. It has a light beige appearance. We mixed the contents well, put the lid back on, and waited for eight minutes, as recommended. The powder mixed quite effortlessly into the water.

Eight minutes later-

Our first observation was that this halwa does not look appetizing. It had a very off-putting brown appearance. To add to this, there was an overwhelming aroma of nutmeg which we did not appreciate. 

It is suggested to mix the contents after the wait period of eight minutes and while doing this, we observed that at the bottom the halwa retained more water. Irregularity in consistency, this was another let down. 

Similar to the aroma, the taste is overloaded with nutmeg. The texture of the halwa is so thick and gloopy, it barely feels like suji. We could taste some ghee as well, but it had an undesirable taste. 

The only positive here was the balanced sweetness. 

aashirvaad instant suji halwa jaggery packaging
The container is sealed.
aashirvaad instant suji halwa jaggery mix in a bowl
The mix is packed in a foil wrapper.
foldable spoon comes with aashirvaad suji halwa
Cutlery is included.
overhead look of suji halwa in a bowl after preparing
Eight minutes later, our halwa was ready.
suji halwa in a bowl after preparing
It looked very gloopy.
closer look at aashirvaad suji halwa in a bowl
Unappetizing and uninviting!
aashirvaad suji halwa on a spoon
Here’s a closer look at the prepared halwa.


  • A 70-gram cup is priced at Rs 75.
  • It has a shelf life of approximately nine months.
  • Main Ingredients- Jaggery (36.7%), Semolina (35%), Milk Solids, Cashew Nuts (3%), Nutmeg and Green Cardamom (0.1%).


  • The packaging is travel-friendly. 
  • Sweetness is balanced. 


  • The texture is quite odd, it does not feel like semolina.
  • Nutmeg adds an overwhelming taste and aroma, ruining the experience.
  • An undesirable aftertaste of ghee was noticed too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Aashirvaad Instant Suji Halwa with Jaggery.

1. Does this halwa contain any artificial flavor enhancers?

This contains 0.1% of nutmeg and green cardamom. 

2. Does this halwa contain preservatives?

No, it contains no added preservatives. 

3. How to store this halwa after unpacking?

If you haven’t mixed the powder in water, you can store the pouch in a cool, dry place. 

4. Is suji halwa healthy to consume?

Since suji halwa is typically prepared with large quantities of ghee and sugar, portion control is advised. 

Final Words

Disappointing! Our experience with Aashirvaad instant suji halwa with jaggery was unfortunately a negative one. Neither texture nor taste, this RTE halwa gets a thumbs down from Team Mishry. 

How do you like your halwa? Topped with nuts and dry fruits or without it?

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