Vahdam Teas Detox Kahwa Review

Vahdam Teas Detox Kahwa Review

Two words for the Vahdam Teas Detox Kahwa – unusual and unexpected. Read our review to know more.

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When someone says kahwa, we immediately transport ourselves to the Kashmir valley in a pheran, sipping on freshly brewed kahwa from a samovar. As the weather changes, a cup of kahwa loaded with aromatics is always a good idea. And, what if it helps you detoxify too? Even better.

Vahdam Teas has launched a new Detox Kahwa Green Tea, but with a twist. It also has rock salt apart from the usual ingredients. We reviewed the Vahdam Teas Detox Kahwa for its packaging, set of ingredients, aroma and flavor. Let us find out if its anything close to the kahwa we expect.


What You Need To Know About The Vahdam Teas Detox Kahwa

*As per information on the pack


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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings
  • The shelf life is 24 months.
  • It is a certified USDA organic product.
  • Vegan, keto-friendly and gluten-free.
  • Each box contains 15 sachets of individually packed tea bags.


#FirstImpression Of Vahdam Teas Detox Kahwa

Price and packaging – Vahdam Teas Detox Kahwa comes in a green and orange-yellow box. A single box containing 15 tea bags is priced at Rs 225/-. Each tea bag is individually wrapped. The tea bag is pyramid-shaped and looks very premium. The tea bag is made of a nylon mesh and is of an appropriate size which gives the ingredients space to plump up and infuse properly. No staple pins are used in the teabags. Read more about what makes staple pins in tea bags unsafe.


Vahdam Teas Detox Kahwa


Ingredients – The Vahdam Teas Detox Kahwa (Active green tea with spices and rock salt) contains the following ingredients – ginger, green tea, rock salt, black pepper, tulsi, clove, citric acid, and cumin oil. A traditional kahwa usually includes cardamom, saffron, and almonds which were missing in this version. A surprising entry in this beverage is rock salt.

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What is active green tea?

Active Green Tea is a high-potency green tea extract that is full of antioxidants like polyphenols. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is a plant compound (catechin) that is found in green tea which has been speculated to reduce inflammation, aid weight loss, and help prevent heart disease.

Instructions to make it – According to the instructions given on the pack-


  • Heat 200ml of freshwater to 80-90 degrees Celsius.
  • Switch off the heat and add in 1 Teabag.
  • Let it steep for 3-5 minutes.
  • Remove the tea bag, pour, and enjoy.
  • You can add a sweetener if you wish to.

Flavor notes – Let’s put it out there – this is the most unusual, and yet refined packaged kahwa we have had. The most distinct feature is that it is salty instead of sweet. Each and every ingredient added, aids in the detox process.


Vahdam Teas Detox Kahwa

We tried the beverage as per the instructions and we liked the aroma which is very different from the commercial kahwas we have had. The ones we have consumed earlier were either over-sweet or had an overwhelming aroma of saffron and cardomom. And there is lots of sugar added.

Detox Kahwa Green Tea by Vahdam Teas has clean flavors and each ingredient talks to you. This is a lovely mild colored kahwa and even when we kept the bags dipped in the water for a long time, it did not become bitter or did not feel like it was coating our palate. This is a flavor that you wouldn’t want to have on a daily basis. It is a detox drink and you would want to have it occasionally.


Brewing our cup of Vahdam Teas Detox Kahwa

With almost every Vahdam Tea we have had over time, we have always appreciated the quality of ingredients used, the shape of the teabag, and the teabag size to content balance. If you are in need of a detox or want to experiment with flavors, this is a great option.


Vahdam Teas Detox Kahwa

An unusual kahwa that is made using quality ingredients.

MRP – Rs 225/-*

*Price at the time of review


* This is a sponsored post. The samples used during the reviews were paid for by the brand or were given at a discounted price.

* This, in no way, affects our review and opinions about the product. Our review remains true to our real experience.

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