What Can You Substitute For Rosemary?

What Can You Substitute For Rosemary?

Rosemary is antioxidant-rich, and helps delay aging. Here are the best substitutes of rosemary.

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A fragrant and versatile herb, Rosemary is a native Mediterranean herb used in cooking continental recipes, perfumes, etc. Rosemary belongs to the mint family, commonly known as Lamiaceae. At times, due to n number of reasons, we run out of our favorite herbs. So, if you are searching for a rosemary alternative, you are in the right place.

Rosemary is an excellent source of vitamin B-6, calcium, and iron. Rosemary has been used since ancient times, and earlier, Rosemary was initially used to relieve muscle pain and boost memory and the immune system. Rosemary is also used for improving the circulatory system as well as hair growth. Studies suggest that it often helps in improving memory and healing dementia.

The Rosemary herb is either used wholly for cooking or in the form of a dried powder extract; in the case of teas, the rosemary tea is either made of fresh or the dried leaves.

Rosemary was also used by Romans and Greeks to show that they will remember the departed soul; they would throw Rosemary in the graves. As stated earlier, Rosemary can improve muscle memory, so the earlier Greek students used to wear Rosemary in the hair.

In Tudor, Bridesmaid would give Rosemary to the groom, and the bride used to wear Rosemary to show that she will always remember her family.

Rosemary also has antioxidants, which means they help prevent aging and work as a fantastic body defensive.

Now, let us take a look at the rosemary alternatives and some tips you need to keep in mind before finding Rosemary Substitute.

First of all, if you are unable to find Rosemary in the whole form, you can substitute dried Rosemary with fresh Rosemary. (Here’s how to dry rosemary). The best part about dried form rosemary is that the flavor is more concentrated, so the requirement is also shallow.

Now the fact that it is concentrated, use the thumb rule, if you are making a dish which requires a teaspoon of the fresh Rosemary, then you will have to replace it with about a quarter to the three-quarters of a teaspoon since the dried form will be a lot more effective.

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Another thing while substituting Rosemary with the dried form is to add the herbs while you have started cooking, as dried herbs take a lot of time in hydrating and then release their flavors. Make sure that you have added a pinch of the dried herb initially and then slowly add more toll the time you don’t reach the desired taste.

How to make dried Rosemary at home?

Take some fresh rosemary, wash it, and then dry the springs.

Take the springs and then tie them up at the base and hang them in an area that is dried yet ventilated.

Or, you can dry the springs by chopping them off the herb and laying them on a baking sheet then storing them in the freezer preferably overnight

Once they are dried, please keep them in a ziplock, and your dried Rosemary is ready.

What Can You Substitute For Rosemary?
The inverted handing method is quite common when it comes to drying other herbs as well.

What to use instead of Rosemary?

In case if you don’t have dried Rosemary or even the fresh ones, you cause other herbs instead now, these herbs have their flavors and aroma; they work well in some dishes. In some cases, they give Rosemary little hints in those dishes in which Rosemary is commonly used.

Substitute for Rosemary

1. Thyme

If you are wondering, “can I use rosemary instead of thyme” yes, you define can. Thyme as an herb is beneficial. Thyme has antimicrobial properties. There is a variety of thyme available in the market, but all of them have the same fragrance: earthy, citrus, pungent, and sweet.

The best part of thyme is that it works amazingly with other herns. Thyme and Rosemary belong to the same mint family, and it can be used in cooking lambs, pork, chicken, beef, soups, fish potatoes, and other vegetables.

In case of lamb, mix thyme and bay leaf, peppermint in equal forms, and season the lamb the way you season it with Rosemary.

Thyme can overpower the dish, so it is better to use less thyme than Rosemary, use a half teaspoon in the starting, and then increase it as per your taste buds.

The last thing that you need to keep in mind is that thyme can substitute Rosemary, but Rosemary cannot substitute thyme because Rosemary has a very distinctive flavor.

2. Savory

Savory, which tastes like pepper, is also another member of the mint. Savory works well with eggs, fish, and all sorts of meat dishes. It can also be used for cooking beans, lentils, etc.

Savory is available in two types during summer and winter. The winter savory has a taste of pine and sage, and the summer savory has sweet ad spicy taste.

Savory is also called as the herb of love. It is believed that savory was used for making love potions, and ancient Romans used to make them. This is why European monasteries banned the cultivation of savory thinking that will affect the monks living there.

Savory has a lot of benefits, like any other herb. It works an excellent antiseptic and helps in digestion, and this is why it is used in making beans dishes.

If you are planning to substitute Rosemary with savory, use a half teaspoon at first and then increase it as per your requirements.

3. Sage

Though sage has a very different taste, it works well in substituting Rosemary. Sage can successfully replace Rosemary in dishes involving eggs and meat. It also works amazingly as a poultry seasoning.

Use the equal amounts of fresh sage in case of fresh Rosemary, and the same measurements work well for the dried sage and dry Rosemary.

Sage is well known for improving mental performance, and it also helps in improving the blood sugar levels in people who have diabetes.

4. Marjoram

Marjoram is an excellent alternative of rosemary, although it may look like oregano, the taste of marjoram is entirely different. The flavor of marjoram is sweet and citrusy, and it also pines hints in it. In other words, marjoram is a very versatile herb.

Marjoram is an excellent source of vitamin, c, a, and k. it also has calcium and iron. Marjoram also has anti-microbial anti-inflammatory properties.

If you are making dishes that are mushroom-based and are short of, then marjoram will be perfect rosemary alternative. It also works perfectly with tomato-based recipes, poultry stuffing, and even with sausages.

5. Tarragon

Tarragon is available in the USA and various parts of Asia as well as Europe. This citrusy and bittersweet herb belongs to the sunflower family and is a perfect rosemary alternative in dishes involving poultry and fish. Tarragon is also used in French recipes with ingredients like eggs and cheese.

Since tarragon has an intense flavor, use just the half amount, which means you only require a teaspoon of tarragon.

6. Bay Leaf

Bay leaf is one herb that works well with tomato sauces, meats, and poultry dishes, bay leaf belongs to the laurel trees, and is very famous amongst Asians.

While using bay leaves, make sure that you leave it in the pan while you are cooking, and then remove them before you serve. You can also tear the leaves into halves, and it helps in releasing more oils.

You need two bay leaves at max, for adding the flavors. While using bay leaves, make sure that you let it simmer along with the dishes as they release their flavor very slowly.

7. Basil

If you are making an Italian dish or dishes with a tomato base, you can easily substitute basil with rosemary. You will have to add a little more basil that you would add the rosemary.

One thing you need to keep in mind while using basil is that there are a variety of basils available in the market that have different flavors. For example, there are basils with lemon flavor and basil with cinnamon flavor. So make sure that you use a little bit before adding the entire amount of it.

8. Caraway Seed

Caraway seed though is a native of central Europe now can be found in the areas of the Mediterranean and middle east. Carraway is a great rosemary substitute as they are aromatic, and their flavor is quite distinctive.

Caraway seeds are pretty small, and they are a bit pungent. This is why it better to use them in smaller quantities. Caraway seeds are perfect for cooking sausages or other meals that require strong seasoning. Caraway seeds belong to the carrot family, and their roots also are edible.

Caraway seeds can also be used in making fish, salads, pork, and sausage meals. Since they have a spicy bent, they work well with other variety of dishes too.

Caraway seeds are rich in copper, magnesium, potassium, selenium, and fiber. They also enhance the formation of red blood cells, regulate the growth of body help in developing it. It is also known to fight neurological diseases. Lastly, caraway seeds are rich in vitamins A, E, and C.

What to use instead of rosemary?

You can always use the herbs as mentioned above instead of rosemary while you are cooking, make sure that you are using it in proper amounts and the way it should be used. There is a perfect ratio which is needed to be followed. Otherwise, the dish will spoil, and all your efforts will be in vain.

Can you use dried rosemary instead of fresh?

As stated above, yes, you can use dried rosemary instead of fresh and vice-versa. Just make sure that while you are using dried rosemary instead of the fresh rosemary, you will have to use less rosemary. 1 teaspoon of dried rosemary is equal to 1 tablespoon of fresh rosemary. The dried rosemary will have an intense and concentrated flavor; please keep the measurements in mind as it is easy to overdo it.

Understanding Herb Substitutions.

Herb substitutions take place when you are out of a specific herb, or at times you don’t feel like using that herb and are looking for a substation. The best substitution for rosemary is basil, thyme a, marjoram, etc. if you have these in your spice rack, then you are sorted.

The herbs, as mentioned earlier, will work well as a substitution or as a rosemary alternative. Just make sure that while replacement, the flavor is not going to be the same as the original flavor. They either harmonize it or give a hint of the original flavor.

Before you begin the substitution, use the half amount and then increase and adjust it as per your requirement. You are free to adjust and add any other herbs which you feel like. Just make sure that it tastes good.

Rosemary Substitute In India

Because of globalization, finding herbs is not a difficult task nowadays, but. Basil, bay leaves, and thyme, which are easily available in India, works as a perfect substitution of rosemary in India.

Alternative of fresh rosemary

If you are looking for fresh rosemary alternatives, then oregano and basil will do the job for you, you can use the same amount of oregano and basil as you do for rosemary.

Dried Rosemary Substitute

If you are looking for dried rosemary substitute then, thyme, savory, and tarragon will be a perfect alternative of dried rosemary. Use half a teaspoon and then increase it as [per your requirement.

Bottom Line

Not only cooking, but rosemary is also a herb that is beneficial for a lot of things. A lot of cosmetic industries use rosemary as an ingredient, as it is a great anti-oxidant. Rosemary in dishes enhances its flavors and makes it taste a lot better.

The herbs mentioned above are a great rosemary substitute; all you have to make sure that you are accurately using them, with proper measurements.

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