Vahdam Teas Green Tea Review

Vahdam Teas Green Tea Review

We reviewed eight different types of green tea by Vahdam Teas. Let us find out more about their taste, aroma, and quality.

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Shopping for green tea is not a simple job anymore. Green tea is a loved beverage and most people have made green tea a part of their daily diet, thanks to the many benefits of green tea. With the increasing demand for green tea in the market, the supply is sure to increase as well. More brands and more flavors. But, not all green teas are worth your money. Are they?

We reviewed Vahdam Teas Green Tea Sampler which has 8 different flavors of green tea. We tested them for their aroma, flavor, packaging, and the variety a single sampler kit offers. Here is our #FirstImpression.


What You Need To Know About The Vahdam Teas Green Tea



*As per information on the pack and product website


  • This sampler kit contains 8 different green tea flavors.
  • A sampler kit contains 1 tea bag of each flavor.
  • These are certified organic products.



#FirstImpression Of Vahdam Teas Green Tea

Price and packaging – The Vahdam Teas Green Tea Sampler Kit is priced at Rs 119/-. The box contains 8 individually wrapped tea bags of different flavors. The teabags are pyramid-shaped and made using nylon mesh and we could see the tea leaves and other dominant ingredients in each flavor. Keeping the fact in mind, that green tea needs space to plump up or bloom to release its aroma and flavor, the size of the teabag and the amount of tea (2 grams) in each bag is perfect. A thumbs up for no staple pins on the tea bags.

How we tested – Green tea should not be steeped in boiling water, ‘freshly boiled water’ is always a better option. The steeping time and water temperature play a big role in the final taste of the green tea. We followed the instructions given on the pack. All the green teas in the Vahdam Green Tea Sampler have similar brewing instructions. We used freshly boiled water and steeped them according to the minutes written on individual sachets.


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Vahdam Teas Green Tea Sampler


Flavor Notes – Green Tea By Vahdam Teas

We had a delightful and aromatic experience offered by the sampler pack, over the days we reviewed all the 8 flavors. The great thing about the sampler is that it has something for everyone. Lemon, mint, ginger, moringa, chamomile – a wholesome variety. These are all 100% certified Organic by both USDA and Indian bodies.

Premium quality tea bags (no staple-pins used), filled with top ingredients made for clean flavors in all. The teas taste subtle and natural, indicating the fine quality of tea leaves used without any bitterness.


Here are some of our top choices:


Lemon Ginger Green Tea

Ingredients include green tea (24%), ginger, tulsi, orange peel, black pepper, and natural lemon flavor. This green tea has an aroma similar to that of freshly grated lemon zest. The flavor of the green tea is fresh and warm. The ginger and lemon flavor combination is usually a safe one and works beautifully well here too.


Ginger Mint Green Tea

The ingredients include green tea, ginger, lemongrass, spearmint, and peppermint. Ginger and mint are an unusual green tea combination and we were a little doubtful if this would work. Interestingly, they compliment each other fully and bring about a flavorsome cup of green tea. The zesty flavor of ginger and minty aroma is unmissable.


Chamomile Mint Citrus Green Tea

The ingredients in the chamomile mint citrus green tea include lemongrass, orange peels (20%), green tea, chamomile, peppermint, and spearmint. Usually mint is a very overpowering flavor and you cannot taste anything apart from that. But here you can actually smell and taste the subtle notes of chamomile. You cannot really taste the orange peels but the overall flavor is very nice and gentle.



Sweet Himalayan Green Tea

Ingredients include green tea (40%), turmeric, cardamom, ashwagandha, shatavari, and stevia. The Sweet Himalayan Green Tea by Vahdam Teas has a sweet turmeric aroma. Flavor-wise, we could only taste green tea and stevia. It didn’t work for us much but this could be a great green tea for people who like to add a sweetener to their green tea. Given how wonderful all the others taste – we expected more. Let’s just say this was our least favorite amongst all the variants in the sampler.


Mint Melody

Mint Melody is a mint lover’s delight – it’s sweet and aromatic and has a distinctly refreshing feel. But mint can also overwhelm. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen here. Even though we tried this as a hot cup of tea, we think that drinking this as a cold beverage, iced with a few other flavors such as lemon, would make for a delicious cold beverage too.


Who Is This Sampler Kit For?

These are premium teas, undoubtedly, and would be appreciated by green tea lovers who want to experiment with flavors or for those who have an eye for good quality green teas.


Vahdam Teas Green Tea Sampler Kit

The green tea sampler kit by Vahdam Teas is a great starter pack for anyone who is looking into experimenting with new flavors of green tea.

MRP – RS 119/-*

Number of tea bags – 8

*Price at the time of review

Our review of Vahdam’s Green Tea sampler pack was a pleasant and aromatic one. The quality of leaves used is premium and clearly match up to international standards. The flavors are fresh and varied, and totally recommended by us.


* This is a sponsored post. The samples used during the reviews were paid for by the brand or were given at a discounted price.

* This, in no way, affects our review and opinions about the product. Our review remains true to our real experience.

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