Types Of Oats: Steel Cut and Rolled Oats| What's The Difference?
The different types of oats

Types Of Oats: Steel Cut and Rolled Oats| What’s The Difference?

Since there are more than one-type of oats available in the market, it is a complex task to know which one is the right choice for your meal.

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Though most of the people are not aware of this fact, oats, which are known for their extremely fibrous nature and are protein-rich, are available in different types. But, before we going any further and explaining to you how all of these types are different, we would like to reiterate that all oat-types are healthy. With benefits such are weight-loss and lowering of cholesterol levels, there is not a single oat-type that appears to damage the health of its consumers. Apart from that, they are all rich in minerals and contain an adequate amount of iron, zinc, and selenium, which in fact help with the maintenance of blood pressure.

Now, let us go on to discuss in detail the various forms in which oats are available, distributed or sold.

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Types Of Oats


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1. Steel-cut  Oats

Also known as Irish and Scottish oats, steel cut oats are lightly processed as compared to the roll oats. Moreover, as the name suggests, these oats are sliced with the help of a blade, thus it gives them an appearance similar to that of rice grains. Considered to be chewier in texture, these oats are the perfect candidate that one can add to a homemade bowl of hot soup, as they absorb less water as compared to the other types.


2. Rolled Oats

The procedure for making rolled oats varies significantly from the procedure followed for steel cut oats, as in order to prepare rolled oats, the whole grains are first steamed and then pressed flat.


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Rolled-oats themselves are present in three different forms:


A. Instant Oats

Normally consumed as a secondary ingredient in dishes, this type of oats are mushy in texture.


B. Quick-Cooking Oats

These are one of most widely consumed form of oats. They are roasted, dried and then rolled, and are thinner in appearance as compared to other forms of rolled-oats.



types of rolled oats
The quick oats are much thinner as compared to the other types of oats


C. Old-Fashioned Oats

As they named suggest, these oats are enjoyed better in an old-fashioned way, in the form of oatmeal. Their preparation process is similar to that of any other rolled oats and includes steaming, flattening by the roller, and then flaked into a thin structure.

Now that you are aware of the different forms in which oats are consumed, it would help you in making a more informed decision while choosing the right type of oats for your meal. Like we always say, staying informed is staying healthy.


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