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Top 9 Navratri Snacks to Stock Up On In This Festive Season

Fasting is known to regulate your diet and provide numerous benefits to your body, thus making it crucial. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t eat at all. Here are some delicious options you must try.

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Fasting is supposed to be a refreshing break for your body and not a situation where you need to starve yourself, feel anxious, or feel weak and frail. Even when you are fasting, there are tons of new snack items that you can try to keep your spirits up. As the festive season is about to commence soon, here’s a quick list of the top 9 snacks that you can stock in your kitchen to fight hunger and boredom in your fasting days. We have gone through hundreds of snacks to compile this list of fasting Namkeen products that will add variety and keep you suitably nourished through the fast.

Top 9 Healthy and Fast Friendly Navratri Snacks

These 9 tasty and popular Navratri vrat snacks, fast friendly snacks which can be eaten during fast. This guide will surely help you with options to look for while fasting snacks shopping.

1. Charkha Aloo Fariyali Mixture 

Shree Namkeen offers a 400-gm pack of delicious snack mixture.

shree namkeen charkha aloo fariyali mixture - upwaas mixture, indore special
shree namkeen charkha aloo fariyali mixture – upwaas mixture, indore special

It is crunchy in taste with just the right amount of flavors that you can munch on without getting bored. The mixture contains potatoes and peanuts that can be eaten while fasting. The delicious taste won’t make fasting a difficult task anymore.

2. Arab Roasted Makhana (Fox Nuts)

Prepared in olive oil, this is a set of four jars of roasted arab makhanas, also known as foxnuts, that come in different flavors.


arab roasted makhana (fox nuts)
arab roasted makhana (fox nuts)


The Arab makhanas are roasted and flavored using sendha salt, that makes this snack perfect for fasting. With no artificial flavors, this snack doesn’t make you worry about any side effects.

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3. Pearl’s Superfood Buckwheat Seeds

This is a pack of two 400 gms buckwheat seeds, also known as kuttu.

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pearl's superfood buckwheat seeds
pearl’s superfood buckwheat seeds

Rich in proteins and fibers, this nutrient-rich snack gives you enough energy to make your way through the day despite fasting.

4. Farmology Fasting Cookies

This is a pack of 250 gms, containing cookies with a sweet and finger-licking taste.


farmology fasting cookies
farmology fasting cookies


The cookies are made of rajgira and singhada flour, sugar, ghee, and coconut powder, making them an absolutely suitable snack while fasting.

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5. Ronak Fasting Rice

This is a special kind of rice that is used to make khichdi during fasting days.


ronak fasting rice
ronak fasting rice


It is a great source of energy and keeps your stomach full. The ingredients are packed hygienically and are of great quality.

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6. Dry Fruit Hub Sabudana Papad Plain

This is an appetizer pack of 400 gms, which contains gluten-free sabudana papad.


dry fruit hub sabudana papad plain
dry fruit hub sabudana papad plain


They can be eaten with different flavorful toppings and dips as well.

7. Sattviko Falahari Combo – Roasted Makhana

This is a dream combo for sabudana and makhana lovers.


sattviko falahari combo - roasted makhana
sattviko falahari combo – roasted makhana


It is a mix of roasted makhanas and sabudana that has been prepared using all the ingredients one can consume during fasting. The gluten-free and low-fat snack makes your fasting days even better.

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8. Shree Namkeen Sabudana Fariyali Mixture

This is mouth-watering mixture of sabudana, peanuts and potato.


shree namkeen sabudana fariyali mixture
shree namkeen sabudana fariyali mixture


This mixture provides both taste and flavor, without any preservatives or harmful chemicals. It tastes sweet and can be consumed during fasting days.

9. Tassyam Superfood Seed Mix

This is a 250-gm jar, containing six different seeds.

tassyam superfood seed mix
tassyam superfood seed mix

The jar doesn’t have any preservatives or additional ingredients, making it suitable for fasting days. The seeds are of pumpkin, quinoa, flax, watermelon, muskmelon & sunflower.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After reading this Navratri snacks list, here we have answered a few most asked questions by our readers

Navratri snacks are healthy to consume. They are made from healthy ingredients. Some of the snacks are baked rather than fried. Few of the snacks mentioned above are free from artificial flavor and preservatives.

It is advisable to read the ingredient list and nutritional value of the product before consuming it.

During Navratri, most of the vegetables are consumed except onions, leeks, shallots, mushrooms and garlic. 

Most people consume veggies like potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomato, cucumber, carrot, spinach, pumpkin, lemons, yams, etc.

No, there is no need for refrigerating snacks. Once opened, store them in an airtight container and keep them in a cool place.

All the above 9 products are not spicy. They are mild in taste but are tasty and flavorful, which makes them a good option for snacking during Navratri fast.

No, this is because aloo bhujia contains ingredients like table salt and oil which may not be fast-friendly. Instead, you can relish other snacks like nuts, seeds, dry fruits, dates.

Final Words

This list of Navratri namkeens will ease down your efforts on food shopping during the festive days. These products are available both offline and online, grab it as per your convenience. We hope that we added a little joy in your fasting days by listing you this tasty namkeen.

What are you waiting for? Grab these snacks while you still can!

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